The science behind gang stalking claims: proving your claim with hypotheses, predictions, and evidence

Real Gang Stalking in Canada: the guy makes predictions, and then, the gang of stalkers appear! Validating the hypotheses is a crucial step in scientific analysis of gang stalking.

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So, as I often say, I seldom cover cases of gang stalking where there is no science to back it up. The Youtube channel “Real Gang Stalking” is one such credible example, and he provides scientific evidence that is often impossible to refute or debunk. This is the first person I have ever watched who makes scientific predictions about his situation–and then, as if on cue, gang stalkers appear to validate his predictions!

He goes shopping, and says on camera “Now watch as soon as I leave the store, their will be first responders doing some street theater right outside!” And sure enough, as soon as he leaves the store, there they are, exactly as predicted!

Or the video called “Street Gang Stalker where the stalker goes after assignment and how the stalker is also watched” where he says “So this little guy has been following me for a few blocks, and now I will turn the tables on him,” and sure enough he does.

He follows the ugly little stalker for about a mile, where he observes street theater–but then, as he turns the corner, he predicts the guy will disappear–and *POOF* the guy takes a turn into an alley, but right outside the alley? There sits the car, and in the car?

Yup–a guy on a computer!

The kind of rig that all undercover cops in stalker vehicles use–and inside the vehicle sits a guy with a classic police academy haircut–and the look on his face is priceless, as our target walks up to the undercover cop and says “Hey can you tell me if there are any good pizza places around here?”

Priceless gang stalker comedy gold, as the cops cover is blown!

Amazing, and often bizarre behavior, caught on cell phone video, and much of what online “targeted individuals” talk about too–but with solid evidence, based on hypotheses and prediction.

His case is one of many examples of how the provincial governments in Canada are using “gang stalking” under the thin disguise of community policing, and he catches police, EMS, and fore trucks in the harassment–which again, he predict and unlike so many claimants online who make unsupported and often bizarre claims about stalkers, his claims are validated time and again with science, and vieography.

The scientific method is the method of proof that is required to validate any claim. Sir Isaac Newton’s famus addage “what goes up must come down” is one such example.

 A man may imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, for if the things be false, the apprehension of them is not understandingIsaac Newton

In Newton’s hypotheses, he makes a “predicition” and then performs an experiment, and the experiment either validates or invalidates the prediction. So in his case we have all seen the experiment–the apple on the tree falls on his head, and so, that which grew up, did indeed fall down. And in so doing, he gave us the “law of gravity” which scientists have used ever since, including sending a spaceship to the moon.

See the source image

Obviously Newtons famous experiment wasn’t that simple, and the famous story is just a form of shorthand to explain the complexity of experimentation. But is is useful to explain the idea of a “hypotheses” from which we make predictions, and those predictions either come to pass, or they don’t.

Obviously not all scientists are 100%, and that is a GOOD THING, not a bad thing, because that is exactly whet science is about! Failing is every bit as important to science as succeeeding when we make predictions.

Too often we see #fakeTI’s like crackpot Midge Mathis–which is not her real name– and others like her online masquerading as “targeted individuals” with absolutely zero proof, zero science, and even less documentary evidence–these are actual stalkers, every one of them. They post the most bizarre claims about “directed energy weapons” and threaten lawsuits, yet never in my two decades of documenting these people, do they ever produce evidence of any kind.

Here below is Mathis after having a vanity procedure, called a chemical peel, and then masquerading online as a “TI”

Midge Mathis after getting a chemical peel, and claiming it was “directed microwave energy weapons!!!” For comparison, here are photos of actual radiation burns from Horoshima, where the US and its banksters vaporized some 90,000 people, and left the living with actual microwave energy burns. Image from Activist Post, a well known disinformation outlet.

These types of crackpots pollute the internet with unprovable claims, and co-opt the narratives of actual targets and drown out actual whistle blowers like NSA veteran and actual CIA/NSA/FBI target William Binney.

Read through this piece from Activist Post, to see how they misuse Binney’s comments, and then insert psychobabble and some b.s. about women and incels.The author of that piece Chevalier de Lorimier appears exactly nowhere else online other than that one article at ActPost, and the name itself derives from an actual person who attempted to throw the British Monarchy out of Canada in 1837-9, in a quest for Canadian independence known as the Lower Canada Rebellion.

So-called “human rights” activists like Mathis are part of a well organized, sexist movement that defines domestic violence as a “man problem” as if women cannot and do not initiate DV at greater rates than men. Further, she is allied with women who themselves have been implicated as stalkers, and also the notorious online crackpot Richard Lighthouse and Targeted Justice.

Have a look here at women online who use the terminology of “torture,” and “no touch torture” to describe domestic violence, but NONE of whom are on record speaking out against actual torture like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, or the case of the stalking and harassment of journalistJulian Assange. So, it seems there is a either a gender biased split in the definition of torture, parallel definitions of what it means to be “human,” or that these #fakeTI clowns are totally sich fucks who are full of shit, but wealthy enough to puke it all over the web.

None of those people or groups intervened in cases like Ahmaud Arbery’s stalking and murder by police, and none of them have gone on record anywhere about actual targets like Richard Moore, none of them are on record taking a stance against actual and demonstrated targets covered in main stream media–yet they are a powerful group of lobbyists who have rambled online for decades, and polluted the entire dialogue about targeted individuals, yet never get anything done other than network.

In fact, since the Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer for reporting on the Pasco County Sheriff’s department stalking and harassing targeted children and families in 2020, not a single peep out of any of these so-called activists about that case either.

For example, the search query “Midge Mathis and Pasco County Sheriff Lawsuits” returns zero pertinent results. The same for e the search term “Richard Lighthouse pasco county sheriff lawsuits” or any of the other well known internet polluters on this topic.

Related Story: Here is former NASA engineer Richard Lighthouse rambling on about the EnD of tHe WOrld!!!! He is a well known crackpot, and never ever has dome anything for anyone except promote his crackpot work. And he is allied with all of these stalker groups too.

You can try yourself–search these names, to see if they have ever once written about actual police or government targets other than themselves or their cronies: Ramola D./Dharmaraj, Karen Melton Stewart, Targeted Justice. Tomo Shibata, Katherine Horton and the rest–they smply are not interested in cases where targets like Arbery were literally stalked to death by gangs of current and former police, military, intelligence agents and prosecutors–and in Arbery’s case they actualy used an “electronic weapon” called a Taser to try to electrocute him two years before they murdered him.

That is quite telling isn’t it? A story where a gang of police and prosecutors, their neighbors and relatives stalked and murdered a guy, AFTER trying to electrocute him with a Taser–and not a peep out of all of those #fakeTI’s above.

As such, they ARE who the gang stalkers ARE, as compared to the case at hand of Real Gang Stalking, and the anonymous victim from Vancouver Canada, who not only can predicts when, and where these state-gangs will appear, but he also documents that they do other things that just sound bizarre–until you watch them do it, in real time, with cell phone video and timestamps.

He documents the following:

  • at one point, a police officer says on camera that he is indeed on a list, and that he will be on it for life–and there is nothing he can do to get off of that list!
  • cars tailing him
  • cars using switched headlights that can “blink” meaning that one headlight will be turned off and then turned back on
  • hand signals used by these people
  • constant mental healthcalls to his home by “concerned neighbors”
  • actual gangs of East Indians and other ME persons showing up at predicted times
  • police, firefighter, and EMS vehicles arriving at destinations at certain times
  • phony police calls and “noise harassment” by neighbors

The list of his predictions is extensive, and the results of his predictions about 80% correct, and the videographer even documents that not all of his predictions are or can be accurate. And that is the hallmark of any good scientist too–to know that no hypotheses is ever 100% correct, nor can it be; but that by testin, and retesting that hypotheses we can indeed come to sund scientific conclusions–and he has determined that he is being gang stalked.

The work, taken as a whole , it reveals the awful extent of the bizarro world of community gang stalking, and that states, provinces, and other jurisdictions that utilize it have a lot of time on their hands–and that their first reponders are milking the clock for billions everywhere these cases occur.

Further, many ask “what is mind control” in the gang stalking dialectic? And the answer is that when someone is harassed BY the state, in the ways that this videogrpher documents, it does in fact cloud a persons life, judgement, and thought processes. It is also what is called “no touch torture,” too.

Below are a few free and gratuitous meme’s about Sir Newton, for fun. Because actual targets need to learn to laugh at these asshats stalkers, while they are learning how to document them with scientific evidence, using free tools to research their stalkers, and sue them later.

And for the rcord? Sir Isaac Newton was a virgin when he died, lol. There’s salt in the yes of those who started the “incel terrorist movement,” and pther like Mathis and her sick crew of fundie’s who stalk young men and boys.

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