Alert!! An eye opener– academics are now arguing to put lithium in our water. The medical mafia’s score another win every time they get a paper like this published

It is undeniable that Big Pharmaceuticals and their international cabal’s have great influence over both police, and narratives of culture. And now, some of their pundits are attempting to put the drug lithium in our drinking water. Never mind the Swiss multi-national conglomerate Nestle’Corporation mafia and its snapping up and monopolizing of fresh water supplies everywhere, and keep your eyes on the movement to medicate people via lithium in water.

These are one and the same international-corporate mafia activity.

The astute reader might recall that lithum is a drug once used to treat so-called schizophrenics–and that it is at the center of technology, as the batteries of electric cars are also made from lithium.

Unrelated Story: Judge Trenga rules FBI/DHS/CIA domestic Terror Watchlist unconstitutional

The internationalist mafia has many ways of bringing people under control, whether by medical inducement, mass incarceration, mass injections for diseases it creates and patents, or by mass hysteria about other issues such as gun control, mental health and related smears, or the ever growing free speech suppression via claims that platforms like Twitter and Fakebook-Meta are “private” platforms despite CIA capital used to fund them at startup–that “freezepeach” does not apply, because “Section 230!!!” ( I am fully vaxxed. BTW, despite my awareness that it is all part of the international mafia plan.)

I have no illusions about the power of these people and their overt and covert organized activity. The state and federal, provincial and other governments, in full collusion with this world mafia, not only allowed them to kill over 500 thousand “useless eaters” who succumbed not only to opiod addiction, but also refuses to police the social problems caused by that same mafia’s manipulation of our laws and policies–a much longer discussion, but worth having.

SO, regardless of my personal “beliefs” I think it imperative upon societies to be aware of a growing police state trend: the trend towards discussions about putting lithium in the water supply.

Here are some links below where you can read about that building movement in academia to drug people via the water supply. One clue: it is all con’s and no pro’s for rational people, because lithium dulls the senses, and makes its victims complacent and docile–too dull to resist life threatening existential crisis.

But suffice it to say that I want to go on record stating the following: if the heads of these internationalist criminals and their drug mafia’s were prosecuted, or outright hunted down one by one and murdered, the world would be a much better place, because they bring absolutely NOTHING to the table as pertains to the most basic human right of existence, and they create nearly 100% of our wars, diseases, and social dysfunctions, including false mental health assertions.

And I do mean “kill them all like cockroaches,” if such a thing is possible (and it is possible) and if not, in the very least, medicate them, to stop the wholesale conquest of the world for their own benefits. And I do mean by whatever means necessary–most revolutionaries who have killed One Percenter’s knew exactly who the enemy of freedom is, and acted accordingly.


Yummy! Lithium is good for you! And, better for society andthe handy helpers of the One Percent who work in criminology, social engineering (psychology) and policing!

Let’s all eat some lithium now, ok–YOU first!

Lithium in drinking water

Lithium prevents suicide and other crime (lol…choosing suicide is a human right.) Go get those criminals with LITHIUM!

Lithium in drinking water and the incidences of crimes, suicides, and arrests related to drug addictions

Laura Ingalls Wilder would be so proud of her Prairie compatriots in Illinois!

The benefits of lithium in the drinking water supply, from the Illinois Stae Water Survey, and their Handy Helpers at!

3 thoughts on “Alert!! An eye opener– academics are now arguing to put lithium in our water. The medical mafia’s score another win every time they get a paper like this published

  1. I’ve started to see a trend. Doctors who treat the root cause of an illness end up driven out of their practice. Because they are using alternatives to big pharma.


    1. That is indeed a trend–and has been since the 1950’s or earlier.

      Women who chose breast feeding instead of formula were early targets of the medical mafia. Women who refused to circumcise their sons were also targeted.

      This targeting was able to completely destroy actual feminism and replace it with that modern monster that we see today, where women are only concerned about power for its own sake, and at the expense of families, and children’s needs.

      Take a look at the story of Kaylene Bowen, who used her kids Christopher as a medical mafia pin cushion–she’s in jail now, but there are A LOT of women loke her out there still.

      Men who resisted the draft, were active in the peace movement, or liked sex, drugs, or rock and roll were labeled delusional–many of those given shock treatments and medication after extensive stalking and harassment that led to institutionalization.

      Yes–the trend is well documented on the right wing, who does in fact call it what it is–a medical mafia.

      But also, many, many alt-left and progressives who use alt medicine’s and treatments get stalked too. There are many cases online of people who do Yoga getting stalked, a well as those who practice eastern medicine.

      The threat is real–and the medical mafia owns police and fire and all other “public sector” rats because their pension funds are tied to the narrative.

      AT first, it will strike you as odd to hear, but here is a fact: the corporate state and its global domination has recreated religion into a Jewish-christian “thing” on the surface, but beneath the surface it is literally just a sheep shearing thing–leading the flock to wherever the One Percent make money off of shearing the flock! True to Torah and biblical purposes too.

      It s usng people for profits, and as soon as the sheople wake up, these globalists move on to a new flock. Think of it as how religion has lost much of its power in the west, but has GAINED power in Africa, South America, the ME and so on–a new flock that was carefully created to become consumers, but also to become the next corporate experiment. Yikes.

      Are you familiar with what is called the “psychological meta-narrative?” Its an eye opener.


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