Will the FBI investigate cases of organized gang stalking? Sure they will–AFTER people die. The bizarre double homicide plot by Spear Tip Security, Erik Maund, Gilad Peled–the usual suspects are always police, security contractors, and so on.

Getting away with murder, most of the time: how state, local police and the FBI turn a blind eye to security firms, outsource dirty deeds, as security “gang” Spear Tip Security, Erik Maund, Gilad Peled and their “gang” charged in the double homicide and charged with conspiracy to kidnap and murder Holly Williams, 33 and William Lanway, 36.

Conspiracy theory and gang stalking indeed!

Holly Williams, William Lanway
Holly Williams, 33 and William Lanway, 36 were murdered in December, 2021

The legitimate complaints of gang stalking online all trace directly to dirty cops, bad and unconstitutional policing practics, security firms, and hidden surveillance and other harassment that includes attempts on peoples lives. The FBI seldom takes these cases seriously, because frequently, they are “in on it,” as we see in the case of security and intelligence specialist James Baugh, the indicted eBay executive who said “I only did the illegal things that the FBI taught me to do!”

Yup–gang stalkers are 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with their community assets. Their tactics are on full display in the internet era exactly as we see in the Richard Moore case, or so many others across the country today.Its impossible to keep this form of police corruption under wraps with the advent of cel phone video, and easy to upload cameras footage.

The FBI doesn’t take these cases largely because their associates–and a surprising number of ex-FBI agents too*–, confidential informants, and networks of “community police” assets provide them tips, and other data about people they are surveilling or “keeping on the radar.” In other words–yeah, again, the FBI is “behind gang stalking” nearly 100% via direct covert action and selective prosecution oriented inaction.

But they are not the only ones “in on it” and its associated mayhem, such as mass shootings, and car crashings, and illegal policing known as “intelligence led predictive policing as we see in the Pasco County lawsuits Nope, they aren’t the only asshat agency doing ths stuff by far, because they have an army of dirty black bag job operators and other scummy little helpers in every community. Have a look at these soulless asshats here, and here and here, and here, and…to get an idea of the kind of morally bankrupt turds we are talking about–turds who enable these gangs to stalk people.

Related Story: FBI whistle blower and War on Terror diversity hire from Minneapolis, Terry Albury leaked the story of the “FBI’s Secret Rules,” detailing the lawlesness and anti-constitutional practices of that agency, and got jail time.

The case of the murder of attorney Abe Dabela provides some insight into the general complicity via non-complicity of the FBI, because as I have discussed elswhere, inaction is in fact action by default when it comes to police agencies of all kinds and their responsibility to the public and the taxpayer. The law does not discriminate between who gets to have their rights upheld in so-called “free societies” but in practice, that’s exactly what happens as these law enforcement agents and agencies place targets outside of the equal protection of the law.

Dabela’s murder entails several federal issues that the FBI could act upon, but has yet to show any interest. For starters, it could be classified as a federal hate crime, as Dabela was likely the only African American attorney in that entire area, and he just happens to pop up dead one day, night, shortly after messaging his sister that he was being stalked in a bar by a gang of firefighters–then is found late one night in a car crash, with a bullet behind his ear, and a muddy footprint on his back.

The feds can open an assessment on the faintest whim, and indict a ham sandwich (or a naanwich, to be inclusive) on any charge they want to, so federal issues like the blur between the gang that killed Dabela, combined with evidence of a corrupt sheriff, Douglas Fuchs of Sandy Hook fame, and a firefighter gang that could be investigated as a conspiracy case–but the Corporation has yet to take up the torch, because their fingerprints were all over Sandy Hook too–a barrel of rotten apples in a jurisdiction where the homicide took place–turning rotten apples into wine, and ca$h from the fed.

And so, in the case at hand, we can answer one part of the question that often appears in the online chatter in relation to gang stalking, and which I also touched on here in Texas, to whit “yeah, but where do the gang stalkers get all the cars?”

Texas auto dealer pays hitmen $750K to murder mistress & boyfriend after extortion threat

Christopher Koulouris:

Erik Charles Maund Texas auto dealer magnate indicted in murder for hire plot that led to his former mistress and her boyfriend killed after extortion threat. 

A married Texas man and the grandson of automotive tycoon allegedly paid nearly $1 million have his former lover and her boyfriend killed after they threatened to reveal his affair with the former mistress. …The bodies of the victims, 33-year-old Holly Williams and 36-year-old William Lanway, were found in a vehicle in April 2020, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Car dealerships are full of criminals and ex-cons who cannot get jobs in other places, but also full of cops too. Current and former police gravitate to car dealerships for many reasons (free coffee and donuts, for example), but one major reason is that the dealer’s have access to cars that do not have license plates, or have dealer plates that trace back to the dealership, so that any cop that would run the plates would instantly see that it is a cop-friendly dealer, or a dealer that allows their cars to be used as a covert motor pool.

Cars are a very central theme in gang stalking.

As we see in Moore’s case, a gang recently ran him off the road and totalled his car, and he was forced to attempt to rent a car. At some point, the state will benefit because Moore cannot afford to buy his totalled car from the police impound.He has also documented a local car rental firm that is using its offices as a makeshift fusion center, and a wrecker company stalking him too. In Dabela’s case, the car was the site of the homicide.

And, many targeted individuals–if not ALL actual targeted individuals, complain about mobs of cars that try to box them in on the freeways. Moore’s case also has excellent documentary evidence of that**, but others such as Real Gang Stalking document how these police-vigilante groups use cars too, including the slow stalk, the tinted windows stalk, and especially the weird one headlight trick where the car has a switch that can turn the headlight on or off as if the car is winking. Pure police-freemason b.s., caught on film.

Related Story: Lawrence Guzzino went from being a homeowner who complained of gang stalking to mainstream journalists, to being a homeless guy living in his car, and later, convicted for arson. His case is the source of the well known quote by Lt. Larry Richard of the Santa Cruz police department that “gang stalking predates the era of online social media.” The press had a heyday running the story about Guzzino being a mad bomber caught with fake bombs and women’s lingerie. The story was 100% fake news, as nothing he had was illegal, but in fact police were stalking him. Yet his case has largely disappeared online, though I saved a few copies of the materials that documented it.

So, what we see is how law enforcement at the local and state levels, and the FBI in the “intelligence sharing environment” have harnessed the resources of crucial infrastructure not to prevent terrorism, but to enable it, as these vigilante stalking groups go unpunished, and uninvestigated by the FBI.

Until someone gets killed, that is, in these ever increasingly bizarre homicides and mass shootings. And its more likely than less likely that the FBI will become involved when it involves multiple jurisdictions, because then, the “good old boys” and girls cannot cover their tracks as easily. SO, if they DON’T take on such cases that cross jurisdictions, they can lose face or fall into disrepute amongst their interstate peers, as one jurisdictions dirt–and its washes over into other jurisdictions.

It is at the junction of bizarre behavior by police, military mobs private contractors and their “community policing” assets that what is tolerable in one jurisdiction, spills out into another where we see this CYA on full display, and that, because basic gang stalker OPSEC such as “not keeping records” and only working with other corrupt stalkers who are also “in on it” breaks down.

I call that the keystone cops scenario, where one jurisdictions stalkers crashes into another, with hilarious consequences, most of the time, the “enforcement of law” and the following of due process being such a rare thing in these cases.Only then does any of that trite, unimportant “law” stuff seem to matter as the interstate badge flashing and ass-covering with protocol begins the sh!tshow that gets the agencies interest.

And that is exactly what happened here too.

Otherwise it was just another double murder, and murders happen every day in the US, and the FBI doesn’t lift a finger. Dabela’s murder is by far more interesting than the group involved here,, it involves a gang, and some bonus links to Sandy Hook, and as we see, no fingers lifting–as per expectation.

This post will be updated as I read through this case.

UPDATE: Look at this gang of security contractors, and compare it to ROGS Analysis for the following points

  • Israeli psychopaths working from within, or working for the Hollywood mafia, exactly as we saw in the Rose McGowan/Harvey Weinstein case
  • security contractors who are not only actual murderers, but also stalkers, harassers and more
  • how the local police and security firms are inter-connected, and how police overlook these “under the radar” companies full of stalkers, because they frequently work hand in black glove with them
Erik Maund, Gilad Peled charged with kidnapping, attempted murder
Look at these garbage people–note their faces, and the psychopathic affect in their eyes. Erik Charles Maund, a car dealership scion, the first photo, aged 46, and soon to go away for life, and Israeli National and dual citizen Gilad Peled, 47, the typical sociopathic Israeli IDF product–an international terrorist sent to America’s shores, with ZERO oversight or registration on the Department of States Foreign Agents list; and Bryon Brockway, 46–look at that guys eyes–a true sociopath; and Adam Carey,30 years old, just another typical short dicked small jawed dolt, trained in the US military as a stalker(the latter two are former US marines)–all have been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and murder Holly Williams, 33 and William Lanway, 36.

This gang was caught and is being prosecuted because the idiot in the first photo was massaging the ballsack of the security company online, by posting a positive review of their “services” just after they murdered the two people in our story. That little “innocuos review” led good FBI agents to his doorstep, and the indictments followed that.

You can read more about this case here, including how the FBI uses Open Source Intelligence and social media to catch gangs of stalking murderers.

*I can name about a dozen who are off the record discussing this. I named a few from the San Gabriel Valley CA awhile ago too.

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