Prostitution and targeted individuals: its a real issue, full of fake pundits–Freedom For Targeted Individuals, Ella Free, Dr. Tomo Shibata, et al.

One of the underlying–if not the main themes–of “targeted individuals” and “gang stalking” is sex, sexuality, sexual epression; sexual commodity, sexual reproduction, and sexual purpose.

And, apparently, really bad sex, when we dive into the vaginormous chasm of the dialectic run by people like Ella Free, and her cabal of “electronics weapons and mind control–they are zapping me right now!!!” board of directors and associates. Free is behind a lot of the prostitution abolititionism, and gender biased narratives that link to the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) narratives too.

These masquerade as “targeted individual” dialogues online, and I assume a lot of the funding for so-called “human trafficking” pig trough too. Here is one example of their type of rhetoric, from a different organization that equates domestic violence with “torture,” which more often than not is some white fe,ale whose privilege was offended.

Here is one of her more common billboard images–a weeping white woman, which is the hallmark of her/their/its campaigns:

See the source image
Image Source: FFTI, one of those exact organizations. The image is ubiquitous with the world wide front groups who stage these hoaxes, most of which are prostitution and “women’s empowerment” related. My regular readers know what form of “empowerment” this is

Ella Free may or may not be a real person as far as I can find using open source intelligence (OSINT) directories of “real persons” such as ClustrMaps, or Spokeo. In earlier searches, I only found aged old ultra-conservative, religion affilliated women in the deep south. And her web presence can easily be located–she is all over the net.

In my opinion, like Eleanor White, who came before her, she is what is called “an intelligence cutout.” You can read more about that here, but simply, a cutout is an identity that anyone can assume online of off.

But what stands out most about her is that she/it/them/they are among the groups online who cause conflict, and never take up cases like the very well documented cases of Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked by a gang of prosecutors, retired police, and their relatives and associates until they murdered him and were sentenced to life in prison.

They never speak up about cases like Stanley Cohen, a civil rights attorney, and a friend and brother of Palestinians who said “they will target me until I die.

And they never–ever discuss cases like that of Richard Moore in Mississippi, who dcuments “gangs” of “stalkers” on film, rumbling their trucks over his lawn, and firing guns off in his yard in the deep of night.

So–what is a “targeted individual” if not men like those abpove, whose cases have been featured in the news?

I consider these women and their white knights a problem for actual targeted individuals, because they pollute the internet with so many unfounded claims and other garbage about “brain zapping” that they are like a garbage dump, with buried bodies just above the methane layer and between the leachate pipe, covering over the evidence of actual cases of gang stalking, while reaping the rewards of actual victims are entitled to.

Here’s a diagram of the anatomy of a garbage dump–see if you can spot the leachate collection pipe:

See the source image

These women and their enablers are everywhere in the gang stalking dialectic, dumping heaps and heaps of meaningless gibberish all over the internet, along with many others who NEVER take a stand for real, documented cases of “targeted individuals” of the kind mentioned above. Any rational observer would ask “Why not?” And the answer is simply that these others have an agenda that divides actual targets from whoever it is they claim to speak for,

Reated Story: Do an internet search, term “Playboy Bunnies and MKULTRA” for a glimpse of how the Jewish-Catholic-Nazi CIA tried to “program” sexuality in an earlier era, and then, compare it to the reading herein. The search term yields about 130K resuls, and is full of Illuminati, CIA, and mind control references. Sex, and sexual choices are at the heart of the dialectic. The left exploits women and girls every bit as much as the right does, with “nuanced” differences. But most importantly, in the reading herein, note that Dr. Carey Balaban, a neurologist withUS Naval Intelligence is on the Homeland Security payroll, along with various se abolitionists that I name herein. I will explain all that in a later post

But FRee is indeed allied with one verified psychobabbling crackpot, Dr. Tomo Shibata ( the link is to her Go Fund Me), whose own PhD. Thesis was overseen by none other than the occultist and pseudo-feminist icon of the porn and sex wars era in the USA, Dr. Catherine MacKinnon. A verified prude, misandrist, and anti-sex crusader, MacKinnon’s own father, Admiral George MacKinnon helped push for the super secretive FISA court that serves as a modern Star Chamber secret justice system that the FBI routinely abuses. He later sat on that unconstitutional court himself.

So, this version of feminism is demonstrably what most online call toxic feminism, which is nothing to do with actual feminism, and is a virulent anti-male, anti-sex, anti-prostitution, and anti-pornography version of feminism. It is a feminism imbued with hate, religious intolerance, and a desire to control everything it touches–a distinctly and uniquely fascist feminism, upheld by white female privileges which are many. You can read more about earlier era links to this form of feminism in Lulu Markwell’s Ku Klux Klan.

But before I indulge too much in that hot mess, and its linkage to Ella Free, DR’ Tomo Shibata, let me go back many years, and tell my readers a short story about how I met gang stalking the first time. It was at the height of the “Satanic Panic” era, where occulted religionists from the Moral Majority, and the Jewish-Catholic post Nazi importation era.

Once upon a time, I met a woman named Piper, in downtown L.A.. Piper told me that “everywhere she goes, a gang follows her,” and that “they know where I am all the time,” and so on. On its surface, a paranoid complaint, from a woman I later learned had been diagnosed thus:

  • Bi-polar disorder
  • narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
  • schizotypal
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD
  • multiple personality disorder (MPD

I will come back to this later, as a point of contention that the medical mafia seeks access to childre, for the exact reason of forcing diagnoses, and medication on these kids. But suffice it to say that everything that woman suffred from was not organic mental illness, and was 100% the product of “nurture” including abusive and neglectful parents, and social systems that fail to correct that substantively, augmented by state budgets that increase by allowing medical mafia manipulation at every level of narrative.

At the time, I had just watched a young boy murdered in my neighborhood–he was indeed a “gang member” for the most part. A young boy who was stalked and abused by local thugs, resisting the forced gang involvement that nearly all large inner cities have actively stirring the pot, crapping for drug turf, because western society affords few alternatives for the poor to advance anywhere outside of that environment*.

He had been beaten many times, and assaulted without recourse to law or prosecution of his tormentors, and finally murdered in the streets. A young boy whose name “could have been” Flaco, or Little Puppet, or simply “Dog.” Gang names are such creations, and recreations, generation after the next, they try to replicate and then, homor the name of those who came before them–a long line of men and boys who may or may not have been “gang members” but who, with zero doubt, were targeted at many levels until they succumbed to membership in the larger body of gang structure.

And Piper was targeted too, since she was a twelve year old runaway and prostitute after that. Her father was a county sheriff in a podunk state in the Great White North, and she was of the rare RH negative blood type, part Basque, part blue eyed German.

As a runaway, she endured all of the exploitation one can imagine, including what she called mind control, and demonic forces (tbh she expereinced that FIRST from her Basque mother). And she was a dead ringer for the dead boys girlfriend, which is how I became swept up into her circus. And she had a young child too, just as he did.

I couldn’t see it then, but I do see it now–how the larger society makes constant war on poor men who make babies, even murdering them, or in the least, failing to proect them, in order to steal and exploit those babies, in any of the many systems one could analyze that do exactly that–the kids for cash schemes that operate in plain sight, all over the west, hidden as social functions that only create dysfunction, whether its the foster care money pile, or the family courts and CPS money pile–there is a lot of money to be made by exlpoiting children as resources.

Just watch the film Heidi, which is a classic narrative of western culture–how the poor little girl is preyed upon by “good christians” and social workers, and eventually a woman who tries to sell her to gypsies–its what ths form of child exploitation is. And, its a template for the entirety of these systems in the west too.

The film Heidi is a metaphor of how all Jewish-christian societies operate. Constant attempts to demonize the male figure in her life, the grandfather is a stand in for the pedophile, the rapist, and any other bogeymen of such societies, whose goal is to coerce the cooperation of the young female. IMage source: scratchpad

Heidi is given to her grandfather to raise. The man lives in the mountains, and rejects christianity–he is called a heathen. And shortly thereafter the whisper campaign begins about what a creep he is–how living with an old man is bad for the little girl, how dangerous the heathen could be! The character stands as the metaphor for the pedophile, the pimp, or other bogeyman, and the christians and other child exploiters use his name to wage a morality campaign, but regardless–the little girl is both their object (how many babies they can force from her womb, for the sake of Jesus!) and their exploit at every turn.

Well, Piper….the details fade over the years, and the memories gloss over with the slime of time, but one thing is certain: she asked me to meet her at a McDonalds one time, of all places, as an old white couple tried to buy her baby. My hand on the eternal furnace and its associated cosmic wormholes, I swear, it happened just that way, and unsurprisingly her progeny lives with a gaggle of children on state aid, in a house conveniently located at the end of a US Airforce airstrip–I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

And, so, then, I dissuaded her from selling her baby. I sat net to these two demons whose mode of persuasion was wad$ of ca$h in their hands, and promises for more, if she would just sell her baby to them. Its a long and bizarre story, worth more than gold, especially to those women who have been gang stalked–and there are a lot of women who have been gang stalked.

I am keenly aware that such women are “interdicted” at many junctures by right wing psychobabbling fruitcakes, and left wing social services exploiters, who form the horseshoe of narratives that such women can choose from–that such women have troubles, and are preyed upon by pimps, of all kinds. But once official narrators become involved, who really knows what is true and what is not with such women?

It is at this junction where I met the anti-prostitution abolitionists who use the terminology of “no touch torture” and “electronic weapons,” and so on. You can look here to see how a few of these operate in Canada–they are nearly all old white Protestant females, or Catholics, much like the Playboy Bunny mafia of stalkers which I touched on a bit earlier.

So lets take a look at some frauds and psychobabblers online who are associated with the weird stuff you read in the dialectic, that indeed, does form an influence operation, and is by the very definition of influence ops, a “mind control” operation itself.

The board of Freedom For Targeted Individuals is full of people who do not use their real names, and instead, use intelligence agency level cutouts in their online presence.

What is a cutout?

Cut-out: A mechanism or person used to create a compartment between the members of an operation to allow them to pass material or messages securely; also an agent who functions as an intermediary between a spymaster and other subagents.

Headed by one “Ella Free,” the group contains the figures mentioned above, as per the following list:

The Leadership Team*

Mrs. Ella Free (Founder, President, IHeart Radio Podcast Host and Producer, Lead Victim Support Person, Director of Media Outreach and Marketing)

Mr. James L. (Vice President, Content Contributor, and FFTI Support Call Moderator)

Mrs. Nikki B. ( Legal Adviser and Leadership Team Member)

No legitimate corporation, or non governmental agency has a board that is anonymous, nor do they have officials who do not use their real names. It is a requirement of all government that members are named in the establishing documents. I could find no such establishing documents for this organization, searching by that name and “non profit status” or “certificate of incorporation.”

This is unusual, even amongst the other crackpots who pollute the internet about “electronic weapons!!!” in the gang stalking dialectic, such as Derrick Robinson, who did in fact establish his organization PACTS Int’l as a non profit.Of course, there is sone online chatter that he did that so he could then use his donors money to buy a house, but that is another topic entirely.

And here is the “board” of FFTI–and note the totally crackpot titles that they give themselves too:

Mr.  Nicolas Issacson ( Professional Communication Frequency Interference Detection and Resolution, Frequency Interference Analyser, Transactional Law Assistant, Audio Engineer, and Contributor to Community Technical Committees)

Ms. Eleanor White (Engineer, Thought Leader, Community Liaison, and Activist)

Mr. Earl Watts (Activism Coordinator, Events Director, and Community Liaison)

Dr. Tomo Shibata (Social Scientist and Legal Theory Specialist)

Ms. Cait Ryan (Community Liaison, Co-Creator of the Global TI Survey along with Bill Binney and Kirk Weibe, and Activist)

For starters, nowhere does the divide between actual targeted individuals like Ahmaud Arbery, Stanley Cohen, Richard Moore and many others become more clear. On one hand, people who were definitely targeted by “electronic devices” like a Taser in Arbery’s case, to wiretaps in Cohen’s case–yet neither of them ever went on record with psychobabble about “DEW’s” “satellite terrorism” or even “a flat earth” and “mond reading locusts,” yet these others above start with that nearly n the first sentence of anything they ever say–and I do mean EVER.

Eleanor White, an alleged “former NSA agent” is one of the most famous of these online, cited by all of the “crazies” eveywhere that write about this stuff, but Dr. Shibata, as discussed above is one of the more crackpot types online, whose sole purpose seems to be ONLY to get the word “directed energy weapons and psychotronic torture” into every fake lawsuit, or fake crusade that these people wage.

In fact, Shibata “wrote the book on it” as they say. Here is her bizarrely titled book, but take a deep breath before you attempt to read the title “The invisible Maiming Torture of Organized Stalking Assaults: International Organized Hate Crime Based on Perceived Psychiatric Disability.”

Let me catch my breath for a minute, that title took the wind right out of me! Heeeeh…..wheeeeez….heeeeehhhh.

Ok, I’m back…and here is her attempt to raise funds to put her cracked pottery back together.

These people either fail to grasp how to market an issue, or they are as I say they are–total crackpots, organized as stalkers themselves, in a propaganda movement that has a hidden purpose. They don’t follow even the most basic rules of public relations–keep it short and sweet. .

Nicolas Issacson appears in online research to be a lawyer but who knows? Look at the title that he gives himself in that bio “Professional Communication Frequency Interference Detection and Resolution, Frequency Interference Analyser.”

I mean–WTH is any of that? There is no such title in any professional directory anywhere that is similar, but there IS a similar concept in radio and electricity if we just chop up his title a bit. Let’s take an axe, and chop “Professional Communication” away from its counterpart “Frequency interference Detaection and Resolution.”


WHat we get is in the first part, a public relations oriented title, as a professional communicator. We see a similar gang stalker situated at the heart of the eBay stalking scandal too, former eBay communications director and Baptist fundie Steve Wymer targeting a Jewish couple, who is now suing him, as another FBI affiliated stalker, James Baugh is set for trial on conspiracy charges, crying “I was only doing the weird, bizarre, and illegal stuff because the FBI trained me to do it!”

Now we can look at the non-public relations half of that term, and try to get at the bigger purpose of these crackpot stalkers: what is radio interfrence resolution anyways? Have a look at this to understand that this movement of #fakeTI’s is largely about PR and related issues of narrative control, and that they conflate and contaminate everything that they do by blurring the lines between sense and nonsense.

Now, just for a reality check, I want to go on record saying that some of what these people describe is accurate, and true to my own experience–but that any serious target or serious PR movement would NOT DO what they are doing. Its not a matter of professionalism, it’s a matter of intent: they do not INTEND to be understaood, but only to others “like themselves” who also speak gibberish, with the hidden intention of virtue signalling their allegiance to a coded dialectic, and its unfathomable nonsense.

Teri Webster noted in her Fort Worth Weekly article called “Targeting Targeted Individuals” that other similar crackpots–former NASA engineer Richard Lighthouse and his group Targeted Justice want publicity–but will not answer direct questions, and in fact refused to comment for her article. Yet they later showed up in the comments section to do reach-arounds and massage each others crackpottery, and in fact targeted a person who was interviewed in that article–Richard Moore! Click the links for an eye opener.

So, here is the description of Shibata’s book, and I largely agree with her–but cannot tolerate her coded and hyperbolic ranting, designed to catch the ears of similar crackpots–but to definitely lose any rational persons attention, and that, by design:

Organized stalking assaults signify the systematic stalking and insidiously tortuous assaults of one individual by a multitude of conspiring individuals facilitated by today’s cyber communication technology and often centrally coordinated by hate groups and/or crime families. The techniques of clandestine organized stalking assaults are strategically engineered to make the target’s experience resemble either the diagnostic description of persecutory delusional disorder or paranoid schizophrenia.

I agree in essence to everything she says–but note that none of these people ever seem to get anywhere in their discussions, lawsuits, and public relations endeavors, other than wasting donors money on billbpards and polluting the internet with unproven, or unprovable claims.

As such, I have documented the fact that all of them are affiliated with far right religion, co-opted fascist feminism, and false claims. Their solutions are hidden, and all roads seem to lead to victims such as themselves joining th far right and ultra-conservatives in their causes.

Having met them myself, and documented these events, it is my conclusion–based on how i met them–that they are indeed a “gang” of ” stalkers” themselves, and that they do in fact do everything that they claim is being done to them.

None of them ever take up the causes of the actual victims I have documented, and none of them ever make any progress other than networking with each other–and all of them “believe in” the far tight version of feminism. You can investigate them yourself, and arrive at your own conclusions.

Finally, lest I be accused of mysoginy**, I note many women are indeed targets of all kinds. And I speak for them when I find them too.

*I have discussed the “women in leadership” elsewhere if you would like to explore the link. Search term “women’s empowerment,” and “women in leadership,” and “women’s KKK” etc. They work in human resources, and other key gate keeping functions

**in twenty years of writing, my brain still refuses to spell that word correctly–because as a concept, it is totally flawed, biased, and deceptive–just like the women who rally around it, as opposed to women who do not seek extra privilege, or attempt to split the struggle into a boys and girls narrative

7 thoughts on “Prostitution and targeted individuals: its a real issue, full of fake pundits–Freedom For Targeted Individuals, Ella Free, Dr. Tomo Shibata, et al.

  1. The …. Who the hell can one trust and where’s the real help for these poor people⁉️Even the writer sounds as if she is psychobabbling! I used so many times & many places it’s as if I invented the word! Where’s the freaking helped promised!? Who can understand anything she writes!?

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  2. I’ve read your blog many times, but the way you dog God/Christianity is just the worst blasphemy EVER!!! Unfortunately, I AM A rEAL targeted individual (being stalked right here in the library as always…) and you must NOT be tracked/targeted by government. Richard Lighthouse is spot on about what happens when target. That area at the back of your head…..let’s just say he’s not a “crackpot”.


    1. Hi, thanks for visiting.
      Yeah–its weird to watch a bunch of tribes endure “gang stalking” from wealthy Jews–don’t forget that your entire religion is based upon the murder of a Jew, who stood against what the Anti Defamation League, and their FBI type cultrue has replicated generation after the next.

      Maybe, go back to your own tribes roots, and start again!
      Re: “I’ve read your blog many times, but the way you dog God/Christianity is just the worst blasphemy EVER!!!”

      I am a huge fan of blasphemy. Blasphemy liberates us from our slavers, wouldn’t you agree?

      Richard Lighthouse is a do-nothing crackpot. He should start a public channel in Texas, or some other podunk location, and preach to losers.

      As for the back of YOUR head–you can’t see anything anyways–so who cares if your head is screwed on straight? Its a useless head.


    2. BTW–I know who you are. You gave Moore the electronic gadget. That was good–but seeking to use my blog to talk about your Jesus? Very bad–didn’t you learn that in PSYOP school?


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