FBI agent Jayson Chambers and Exeintel LLC: “Will the FBI investigate cases of organized gang stalking?” Sure they will–as long as its not their own agents doing it. The Michigan case of double dippers

In what is brewing to be a landfall for targeted individuals, the #faketerrorism plot to kidnap Governor Witmer in Michigan is crapping its pants, because the entire thing was manufactured by the FBI–but also because it reveals how agents use their Infragard cronies to do the dirt that the FBI cannot legally pull off.

This is a major step towards proving the unethical and illegal activity of that anti-democratic organization–and a major step towards validating the claims of those targeted by these black programs.

In the case at hand, you might recall that there were three extremely conflicted agents, including one swinger accused of beating his wife after a swingers party (sex cults are integral in this organization), and two other crooked agents, one of whom I feature below in this story. Then there were the 12 confidential informants (CI’s)–a signifcant number, according to ROGS Analysis of gang stalking, because these types use that number, and the number 13 as well, to signal to each other online and off, and even in media reports.

Use my search feature “number 12,” and “number 13” for evidence of that usage–or just read this post and this one about the biblical roots of spying and the numbers 12 and 13 for a cue as to what kind of people we are dealing with in that agency.

The thinly masked criminal plot that masquerades as “color of law” policing and investigation started unravelling when Buzzfeed published the following story, about how FBI agents work black hand in black glove with Infragard agents to subvert pull a blackbag job on democracy at every possible opportunity:

A Right-Wing Troll Appears To Have Tweeted About An FBI Investigation Into The Michigan Kidnapping Plot Before It Went Public

That alone is a huge red flag for the newbies, but for those who have been watching the FBI-As-Terrorist shitshow since 9-11 are not surprised in the least to see this linkage. Nearly ALL legitimate targeted individuals claim that it is these scurillous and cowardly Infragard agents who are directly involved in gang stalking, especially as pertains to illegal warrantless wiretaps at the cable modem of any target.

Just as the FBI was active in Ku Klux Klan activity that masqueraded as legitimate social purpose, when in fact the KKK is was a huge gang started by the B’nai B’rith and foisted into the public eye as an enemy by the ADL, the pattern repeats as we see how that agency uses Infragard as a de facto disruption campaign against democracy–no surprises there.

But what is surprising is that journalists are now beginning to ask the right questions about organized gang stalking. Questions like “is there a link between front corporation A and FBI agent B? What an excellent question!

As Buzzfeed noted “Adding to the confusion, one of the lead FBI agents in the case is listed as the owner of an “internet intelligence company” for which the troll claims to be CEO. No one is talking.”

Much like the case of the eBay gang of stalkers, when the stalkers were caught, they all plead out quickly, because actual conspiracy against deprivation of rights is not just an offense against the target–its an offense against the Constitution, and the federal government too. It carries real penalties, and can lead legitimate investigators up the food chain to bigger targets too.

One of the lead stalkers in that case, security chief James Baugh peepeed and poopooed his pantsies in court crying before the judge “I was only doing the bad, illegal, amoral, and unethical stuff that I did because that is what the FBI trains its stalkers to do!!!” Waaaah!

Then, the Quantico trained sooper-spy who had mailed a bloody pigs mask and not-so-subtle death threats to the couple, stalked them online and off, and sent pornography to his targets neighbors bearing their name–Mr. Sooper Spy then claimed that such horrendous stuff is not only standard procedure at The Corporation©, but that it was in the nations national security interests to boot!

So–will the FBI investigate cases of organized gang stalking?” You bet they will–after their tightey whitey’s, and rainbow dildoes, and shitstained “stakes” get blown off in the winds of political change or are compromised and might reveal darker and dirtier agency secrets, they will.

And wow, do they get involved quick when it is possible that one of their security contractors or confidential informants has possibly got caught doing the crime syndicate stuff that they do, just like the recent double homicide where Hollywood mafia affiliated Spear Tip Security, its psychopathic no-necked Israeli IDF proprietor Gilad Peled, and his little gang that included US Marines murdered a gold digger with huge knockers, and her weak chinned blackmailing paramour. And that hit, at the behest of a likely FBI CI, Erik Maund the scion of a car dealership empire.

Related Story: Targets are often mocked online with the disingenuous question “but where do they get all the cars???!! Follow the link to read more about these highly organized criminal stalking gangs, and their use of automobiles in gang stalking operations

You see, who knows how many of the people in that plot are CI’s for FBI agents and or DHS and Fusion Centers around the US? Riiiight. In a sea of sharks, only the giant squid (and others with long tentacles) eat well, or something like that. In a nation run by a secret police, who have gangs of criminals on their payroll–who needs a mafia?! Nazi’s and the Brownshirt street mobs are passe’ in a space where Israeli stormtroopers own those agents like dogs–mafia’s are so yesteryear!

The hot debate today about globalism between fundamental religionists and others in their tribes today mirrors the dialogues of pre-WW1, when the globalists first set up shop in the USA. Image from Juicy Ecumenism, with an article on that exat topic–who are the globalists anyways? And what is all that talk about :one world goverment” coming from? Hint: Non-Jewish organized religion is VERY MUCH Behind globalism.

Oops. Wrong Octopus.

Here is the modern version, with the big bad globalist of the hour, George Soros, who for better or worse, is merely another billionaire in a sea of billionaires doing this stuff, and not all of them are Jewish–the globalist Octopus is a corporate entity, and corporations have no one religion, race or tribe behind their mayhem.

Image source: Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right

I mean-forgive me for the tentacles analogy, we know how that rubs some people the wrong way and all, lol–and some of them who SHOULD BE rubbed the wrong way for what they do and “believe.”

But really, what more can the FVEYs-NSA-to-Israel pipeline of American’ data be anyways, other than a sort of international octopus? The configuration alone has six tentacles nations feeding off of every American’s data. Edward Snowden told us as much in 2013, and the practice continues to this day. It is not simply a matter of bad guys on the right, but also bad guys on the left too, who buy the US secret police mechanisms to gain advantages at the expense of democracy, and pass that illegally obtained data around amongst their various tribes and sects–the ultimate surveillance loophole is to use Jews as scapegoats. But willing and eager scapegoats they are.

To recap: the US government shares ALL AMERICANS DATA with a racist, tribalist, Noahide Law* based, apartheid pseudo-democracy, and US citizens can do nothing to stop that–nor will the FBI or DHS lift a finger to protect American’s targeted by Israeli’s eaither, because fanatical Zionism unites all of the hard right shitbags in policing–and easily buys the Democratic party factions of police; they are in on it together. Related Story: How the Irish handed over Tammany Hall, and the New York corruption machine to Jewish interests at the turn of the century, as one corrupt politic meets another–gang to gang.

SO–does the FBI collude with its hand picked Infragard agents to subvert democracy–and gang stalk individuals? And what does “plausible deniability” look like in practice?

Let’s take a look at those issues–yet another vindication of targeted individuals complaints, as we see both the FBI actively creating terrorism events, but also plausibly hiding it’s double dipping agents activity behond a poorly structured shell company–with zero accountability to anyone, ever:

On the afternoon of Oct. 7, 2020, a Twitter account known for right-wing trolling issued an enigmatic warning: “Don’t worry Michigan I told ya A LOT more coming soon.”

The account, @ravagiing, provided no further details, but just hours later, the FBI executed coordinated raids throughout Michigan, arresting nearly a dozen people it said were involved in a plot to kidnap the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

The next day, after the alleged plot had made international headlines, the account tweeted again: “I told ya ahead of time, Michigan.” And, indeed, @ravagiing — whose Twitter bio describes the individual or individuals as CEO of a cyber intelligence firm called Exeintel — had been dropping hints for months. “Soon….MICHIGAN Soon,” the account tweeted on Sept. 24.

The tweets could be dismissed as little more than an odd coincidence. But government records show that Exeintel is owned by Jayson Chambers — one of the lead FBI agents on the Michigan case.

The trademark for Exeintel, meanwhile, is held by a man named Jaime Chanaga, a cybersecurity expert who also volunteers for Infragard, a government-funded nonprofit that collaborates directly with the FBI on “counterterrorism, counter intelligence, cybercrime, and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation,” according to its tax filings.

AHH! The trademark! Those Corporations© Here is ExeIntels incorporation data.

It’s a little known fact amongst the people that the CIA is referred to as “The Company,” while the FBI is referred to as “The Corporation©.” In earlier era’s of FBI collusion ith the mafia, the KKK, and other race based groups like the ADL, as well as the 1950’s MKULTRA-COINTELPRO, those who were targeted had the habit of mocking these organizations and how their international operations blurred every line possible, whereas actual CIA agets were taught to refer to themselves as such.

So, earlier era targets and agents would use the terms “company” and “corporation” as a subtle way to indicate who was who in any given domestic operation. Post 9-11 in the “intelligence sharing environment” no citizen will ever see the light of democracy again, beause these operations are blurred beyond comprehension.

And just as we see today–especially in big city jurisdictions like New York and Los Angeles and so on–the CIA, its tools and practices, and often its agents are active in those jurisdictions, working oily black hand in dirty black glove with the FBI. New Yorks so-called counterterrorism units are full of current and former CIA agents.

Now, about that old CIA mantra of always having “plausible deniability?” That was BEFORE 9-11, plebes! Today, the mantra is “total deniability,” and that’s where Fusion Centers, private security contractors, and internet spying comes on board–no citizen can prevail in a claim against that level of criminality performed by hidden, secret police. And that, as they routinely scrub the web after they are caught up in these sloppy, unprofessional, and routinely occuring cases.

So–in the case at hand, look at how this works, again, from Buzzfeed:

Chambers declined to comment on the matter. A spokesperson for the FBI also declined to comment. The identity of the individual or individuals behind the @ravagiing account could not be ascertained, and multiple attempts to contact them, as well as Exeintel, were also unsuccessful. The Exeintel website went offline soon after BuzzFeed News sent in queries, and it is not cached online because it has been “excluded” from the Internet Archive. The Twitter account for @exeintel, meanwhile, has been suspended.

Reached by phone, the cybersecurity expert, Chanaga, acknowledged having filed the paperwork for the Exeintel trademark but claimed it was for a venture that he didn’t end up launching. He denied knowing anyone associated with Exeintel, said he had “no affiliation” with Chambers or the person or people behind @ravagiing, and claimed he has for several years been the victim of doxxing attempts to fraudulently link him to the company. Chanaga offered no explanation for why his own company, which owns the Exeintel trademark, is registered at the same rural New Mexico address as the Exeintel LLC registered to Chambers.

Just like the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, all roads lead to a he said/she said scenario, where the facts shift and change, and the law, the constitution–and especially the 14th Amendment guarntess of equal protection under the law are tossed out the window in favor of this false paradigm of “national security.”

And the cockroaches that do this shit need to be dragged into the light on a case buy case basis, validating the legitimate claims of legitimate targeted individuals, and crushing the PSYOP of #fakeTI’s, and others who coopt the term, or pollute the internet with unfoinded claims of being targeted too.

*Noahide Law is the ultra-orhtodox Jewish version of sharia Law, but with a distinctive racist slant**

** I hope the word police don’t get on my ass for using the word slant

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