Gabby Petito case: why locking aggressive women in jail or in mental institutions makes sense–why wasn’t she put in jail?

Gabby Petito admitted on police body camera footage that she had been abusing her boyfriend Brian Laundrie that day in Moab,, and that she had hit him first. Why wasn’t she locked up? Police made several “mistake’s” including NOT LOCKING HER UP.

Read it: Battered boyfriend syndrome highlighted in mystery surrounding disappearance of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, body cam footage reveals

The Gabby Petito story is one that highlights the problem of sex biased approaches to domestic violence, and crime in general, and she would likely be alive today if the US justice system was indeed a system of justice, which it is not. It’s a system alright, but very little justice prevails in it ever. And it is primarily designed to target men and boys.

Had she had been tossed in the slammer, the way that men in such situations get tossed in the slammer after they admit to throwing the first punch in an altercation, and even if they don’t, as police often jaol the victim of these crimes when the victim is male.

But that didn’t happen–why?

The over-arching reason that didn’t happen is because feminism as a philosophy, practice, and political action has been co-opted by pseudo feminists and fascists, who begged the police for “protection” and then, created the Domestic Violence Industry around quasi-religious mythology that both mirrors christian religious teachings and utilized the exact stereotypes about women that Hitler employed to create false ideas about women.

And too, the other side of those who finance these pseudolaws are tribalist’s too, whose women wear straw wigs, burkhas and bindi’s and never go outside with out their poppies permission–regardless of which way you turn in these dialogues, we find them financed by ultra-conservatives of all “beliefs” who use these policies that claim to protect women as a wedge to drive between the societies that they control, and the men who espouse alternative explanations for life and the universe, and those explanations including women who fight alongside men as equals.

The Rule of The First Blow

Generally, the Rule of Law dictates that whoever hits the other person first not only started the fight, but is also liable for its result. As such, Gabby Petito should have been booked in to a jail, mug shot taken, prints filed and charges laid that she is a violent criminal; then had her ass probed as those jail guards like to do (to prevent contraband of course), and locked in a cell for the safety of society–and herself.

But again–that didn’t happen for a lot of reasons that are complex to explain, not least of which s that the “law” in the US is not equal in any way, but one scratch deeper and we come to this issue of “privilege.”

In Petito’s case, white female privilege and especially the mechanism that upholds it, white woman’s tears is at the forefront of that privilege. The wuestion is–where does that privilege come from–and how is it that so-called western “democracies” are ruled not by rights that descend from law, but rather, rights that descend from the upholding of a privilege?

I hesitate to drag my readers through the crippling cracks and crevices of feminist discourse–a bruising and battering discourse sure to confuse and confound any sincere reader, but sufice it to say that the noton of white female privilege came from white females who attacked white males. Here is more about that:

The term white privilege was popularized by Peggy McIntosh, an influential scholar and activist. In 1988, McIntosh wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies,” in which she likened white privilege to “an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, assurances, tools, maps, guides, codebooks, passports, visas, clothes, compass, emergency gear, and blank checks.”

Peggy McIntosh, quoted from

Suffice it to say that the women who built the modern penal systems to house primarily males were also the architechts of this notion too, fearing that their own privileges were soon to be questioned as black Americans–who had long suffered the most attrocious treatment at the hands of white society were gaining civil rights.

Whitey and kin had to act quickly to uphold her and his wife’s daughters, and other female relatives interests, and so the facism of white female feminism was born–and it was not as female as it might appear on the surface, as we see in the complicity of leading fascist feminist Catherine MacKinnon being the progeny of the Military Industrial Complex itself, through her father Admiral George MacKinnon.

One might note this interesting fact: use my search feature and search for women whose names begin with “Mac” or “Mc” and many other variations of Protestant naming traditions. Here is just one example of a woman whose name is “Mac” something or other who rambles online and in the press about how domestic violence is “torture!”

You will soon see a link between their names and Lulu Markwell, the Protestant at the head of prohibitioism, and anti-prostitution, anti-sexual expression movements at the turn of the century, but ALSO the founder of the Women’s Auxilliary of the Ku Klux Klan.It is a non-coincidental inkage, because white supremacy is entirely a notion’s of the Protestant ideals of society, and influential figures such as the Queen of England, and those she finances to do these subversive and heinous privilege based things.

And not soon after this concept of white male privilege came along, so to did white female privilege, black women and other “colors” of wpmen reacted to that white female privilege with discourses of their own, as we see highlighted in the phenomenon of white wman’s tears that conveniently fall at the feet of anyone who will uphold her privilege, and overlook her heinous crimes and complicity with the police state.

So, what is the origin of privilege then? It has historical roots in democracy, but like so many democratic processes, it was co-opted by organized religion:

privilege (n.)

mid-12c. “grant, commission” (recorded earlier in Old English, but as a Latin word), from Old French privilege “right, priority, privilege” (12c.) and directly from Latin privilegium “law applying to one person, bill of law in favor of or against an individual;” in the post-Augustine period “an ordinance in favor of an individual” (typically the exemption of one individual from the operation of a law), “privilege, prerogative,” from privus “individual” (see private (adj.)) + lex (genitive legis) “law” (see legal (adj.)).

From c. 1200 as “power or prerogative associated with a certain social or religious position.” Meaning “advantage granted, special right or favor granted to a person or group, a right, immunity, benefit, or advantage enjoyed by a person or body of persons beyond the common advantages of other individuals” is from mid-14c. in English. From late 14c. as “legal immunity or exemption.”

So then, I ask the reader–why wasn’t Gabby Petito locked up for her crime? And I thing I answered that above–religion, disguising itself in secular law, and cloaked in the false domestic violence narrative that men are responsible for all violence, because apparently, women are helpless cows, or sheep with their asses exposed to the wild beasts of the field or something–who need “protection” fro the great shepherd.

Whatthe shepherd does with that cow/sheep afterwards is another story entirely. But think “fleece” and “milk” and “surrogation of sexual impulses” and so on, as history has shown us repeatedly under such a “good shepherd” paradigm.

The medical mafia came to rest on America’s shores around the same time that the Federal Reserve, and its henchpersons in the FBI were “granted commission” on the shores of the United States. You can read into that whatever you want to, but take a look at the poppycock ideas that so-called feminists of that era were dealing with. I will give it to you in pictures, which speak volumes:

Image result for hysteria and women's studies
The banksters were extremely interested in female orgasms
Image result for hysteria and women's studies
The banksters were extremely interested in controlling women’s emotions, and their subjective experiences of their emotions
Image result for hysteria and women's studies
The banksters were extremely interested in perpetuating the notion that women somehow have a “mystical” “mystique” despite them being fully fledged humans who poop, pee, and vomit–and sometimes laugh about it, like everyone else on the planet.
Image result for hysteria and women's studies
The banksters, along with Sigmund Freud and his nephew, the “godfather” of proaganda, Edward Bernays were interested in harnessing women’s energy for heir own purposes.
Image result for hysteria and women's studies
Women were called crazy if they had issues related to wearing tight clothing and servants aprons all the time, and having their vagina’s probed as if they were cows.
John Harvey Kellogg
Men like shitbag eugenicist* John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg were Seventh Day Adventists who sought to clog women’s vaginas with corn, and to wilt men’s penises in the shape of his own shrivelled dick, to stop them from fucking, or even farting and laughing about it. He and his pervert brother were bizarre industrialists, whose philosophies were based on their own impotence.Rich people and sex control are a real thing. Banksters LOVE people like these guys.

Well anyways–that’s just a few things that lil’ Gabby should have read about, long before her privilege met that fateful day, where she should have gone to jail, but instead opted for “white woman’s tears,” failing the rest of humanity to fight these absurd monsters, and their international mafia.

Night night for now kids! Sleep tight, and don’t let the bankster bugs bite!

Independent Review Faults Moab Police for ‘Unintentional Mistakes’ in Gabby Petito Case

….post in progress, check back later for the finished product.

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