Hiding the ball: the FBI web-scrubs the evidence of a shadow company owned by sketchy FBI agent Jayson Chambers and an Infragard agent

When the Internet Archive Forgets: On the internet, there are certain institutions we have come to rely on daily to keep truth from becoming nebulous or elastic…but at least in confirming that you aren’t losing your mind, that an old post or article you remember reading did, in fact, actually exist. It can be as fleeting as using Google Cache to grab a quickly deleted tweet, but it can also be as involved as doing a deep dive of a now-dead site’s archive via the Wayback Machine. But what happens when an archive becomes less reliable, and arguably has legitimate reasons to bow to pressure and remove controversial archived material? Read the rest of the story here

The mystery of “who scrubbed ExeIntel LLC from the web” after FBI agent Jayson Chambers was implicated double dipping by running an online intelligence business as he helped “frame” the Fake Kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.–its a “Whodunnit, gosh dernit?” moment for those who don’t know what this is, which has been going on since 9-11.

But if you have been following along, web washing, and web scrubbing such as we saw in the recent Michigan mass shooting happens every single time a mass shooter goes on a rampage, because the various agencies are running black operations, and utilizing different military psychological operations to incite these shooters. Techniques include intimidation via both surreptitious and obvious online surveillance, pornography blackmail, manipulation of web speed and access, redirection of web searching usig programs like Moonshot CVE, and many more dark programs.

Then, once their target is properly stalked, profiled, intimidated, harassed, and isolated, they begin mind games of all kinds online and off, until the guy becomes a “radicalized” shooter. I have covered that elsewhere online, and others have too. But the main idea is that small battalions of harassers online work to manipulate the shooter, and radicalize them, and then, the FBI , and their lil’ Infragard helpers in Big Tech erase the guy’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, hiding the presence of these provocateurs, and their brutal activity so that the public, journalists and psychologists are none the wiser about the depravity of these operations.

So–was it the FBI–or was it “mystery financiers who scrubbed the web of ExeIntel’s presence? Or was it the unnamed mystery “Infragard agent” who web scrubbed the evidence of double dipping by FBI agent Jayson Chambers, who sought to profit not just from a fake terror plot, but also by running a for profit intel company too–likely a key figure in the manufactured terror web. Who actually did it is always a mystery, because in “political” or “secret” policing the people are denied the ability to view how their government operates.

Read the USA response to compel motion on Exeintel LLC Aug 31 here, NOW, and note the blatant lie on the first paragraph, that one “little white lie” that Chambers had made “an internet posting” when in fact there were many postings:


The defendants’ supplemental pleadings do not alter the analysis with regard to their
motions. They allege on the basis of an internet posting that SA Jayson Chambers (FBI) had a financial interest in the outcome of the case, and make unsupported and gratuitous accusations that the government is hiding Brady information.

From my house, there are miles of urban anthroscape between the word “an” and the facts that Buzzfeed News had already documented that Chambers made many internet postings.

“an” ≠ “several, many, repeated, frequent, etc.”

Then, ask “but how do FBI agents or their many lil’ helpers and Infragard agents in Big Tech scrub content from the web after they manufacture terrorism, utilizing the British-Israeli model of terrorism creation?” The short answer to that query, it’s the robots.txt file telling the archive not to archive the material.

But the more signifact answer is that there is a coordinated effort by various websites and social media such as Quora.com, and others that use that as a default, for political reasons, because as they say “if you have nothing to hide, then…” More from Gizmodo.com on How does a site owner change from “excluded” to “included” on archive.org?

Then ask “What is manufactured terrorism” and how does it get “manufactured?” And why don’t the US people know this is happening?


US law enforcement agencies are largely law enfarcement agencies post 9-11, as government has exempted itself from the rule of law, while holding citizens accountable in bizarre ways and in an ever increasingly harsh manner. The Constitution is largely worthless, and these agencies are anti-democratic. Their tactics are borrowed from the British National Intelligence Model, a defiance of due process and civil liberty. Secret policing at every turn, outsourced to contractors, in hidden ann neverending “investigations” as all Americans data is passed to Israel by the NSA, for plausible deniability.

A farce on the law, as the FBI or DHS, and even state and local cops all have someone in Israel who is willing to violate American’s rights, and pass data with zero accountability. So, in case you can’t guess what “enfarcement” is, let’s take a look at the word farce:

Law enforcement + farce = en+ FARCE +ment of the law =Law Enfarcement < Law Enforcement

farce [fɑːs]NOUN 1. a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

Definition of secret police: a police organization operating for the most part in secrecy and especially for the political purposes of its government often with terroristic methods

There simply is no law that seems to apply to these corrupt agents and agencies whatsoever, no meanigngful checks and balances, and that indicates they are a secret police, by definition of the term “secret police,” whose actions are hidden from public view, and miscategorized as “privileged investigation material” and if revealed is classified as having “qualified immunity.” Those two gaping loopholes are enough alone to validate the charge that tthese are a secret police, but add to that some lying, and corruption?

Yeah–100% banana republic, whose main export is terrorism, terrorism “training” and actual terrorism–and the tools and tradecraft of terrosism. No laws apply to “the law” in any banana republic, ever, and they will kill anyone who impedes the banana boat.

Then, there was the recent, extremely clever request by the defense to grant these scurillous crimals-cum-Special Agents immunity for their horrendous plot–such a defense strategy means that the governments privilege claims can be tossed–

Defense requests immunity for FBI agents, informants in Whitmer kidnapping plot

A defense attorney for one of the five men accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked in a new filing that the court require the government to obtain orders of use immunity of the FBI agents and confidential human sources.

Scott Graham, the attorney for alleged extremist Kaleb Franks, wrote that the “illegal and unethical” use of confidential informants complicates the case.

The request follows three lead sting FBI agents who won’t be testifying in the March 8 trial in Grand Rapids.

Former lead FBI agent Richard Trask was arrested on a domestic violence charge after allegedly smashing his wife’s head into a desk after leaving a swinger sex party and was later fired.

A second FBI agent, Henrik Impola, also won’t be testifying after being accused of perjury in a separate case. Jayson Chambers, a third agent, allegedly used the Whitmer plot to promote his side security consulting firm called Exeintel.

At least 12 FBI confidential informants infiltrated the Whitmer plot and recorded more than 1,000 hours of conversation, and one informant even led military training.


All The President’s Governors Men are starting to fall out of the weeds shadows rats nest cockroach hidey holes of this debacle–and all of THAT as do-nothing Fusion Centers have done less than ZERO to catch any terrorists whatsoever. Nearly 100% of mass shooters are “on the radar” of police and the FBI before, during, and after the shootings, and the gang described above is what these “gangs” of “satlkers” look like.

Here are just a few MSM headlines below–Fusion Centers dont find terrorists–the help manufacture them

CSO Online reports: Fusion centers don’t find terrorists, filled with ‘crap’ that violates privacyAfter two years of investigations, a 141-page bipartisan Senate report blasts DHS fusion centers for wasting money, violating civil liberties, having ‘useless’ and inaccurate intelligence reports which have never uncovered a terrorist plot.”

NBC News Reports: 20 years after 9/11, ‘fusion centers‘ have done little to combat terrorism

Slashdot Reports: Report Slams DHS Fusion Centers: No Terrorists Nabbed, Civil Rights Violated

Mass Shooters “on the police radar?”–that is some powerful zapper they must be using, ay?

What does that “radar” zapper look like in use? Use my search feature, kw “Richard Moore,” and “North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association” for a few clues as to the many, many ways that these corrupt secret police and their hanchmen in community policing “zap” people, and what “zapping” means in the gang stalking dialectic.

In Moore’s case, that “zapping”including stalking him on the highways and boxing his car in as he drives, running him off the road and causing accidents, many, many false arrests, and “torture” in the jail, everytime they book those false arrests, and people driving over his lawn–and he is arrested hours later; and random strangers issuing threats of all kinds, and kicking in his doors–on camera as he films, and the Union County Sheriff won’t lift a finger to charge the criminals responsible.

He has done nothing wrong or illegal in the entire time I have been watching his case, and the worst they tried to claim is that he pissed off some “criminal house running fat stupid f@g” National Guardsmen and his “fat whore wife.” This is what “community policing” looks like, as the FBI turns a blind eye in these cases. Because why? Because in the case above, we see what these “gangs” of “stalkers” are: FBI trained terrorists, as former FBI agent James Baugh of the eBay gang of stalkers fame noted in his peading for immunity as a stalker.

On the Radar, lol. Indeed. That’s some bizarre, provocative radar indeed. It sort of makes me wonder what real radar is, and if real radar might be more humane…..I will get to that shortly.

USA Today: Colorado Shooting Spree: suspect was on the ‘police radar’

Trending Politics: Colorado Shooter Was on the FBI Radar BEFORE Mass Shooting

Unz Reader: FedEx shooter was on the FBI’s radar, but they “lost interest” because he wasn’t a racist

New York Times: Austin Shooting One dead, 13 others wounded (use my search feature, KW: number 13, 13, number 12, 12–its a gang sign withing the federal and state/local policing culture)

Any internet search for the terms “texas shooter on the radar” and “shooter on the radar”and “shooter on the police radar” will turn up dozens and dozens of these cases. There is no coincidence between Fusion Center’s as the link between online-offline PSYOP and these crimes. These centers are designed for the sole purpose of tracking the political enemies of whoever decides they are political enemies.

And while the primarily christian, Republican right was all about introducing these illegal tools and tactics to target “radical muslims and terrorists”between 9-11 and Obama, , the Democrat center and fake-left was quick to use these tools againt the enemies targets of the Jewish Anti Defamation League and the B’nai B’rith.

You can view their targets by going over to Southern Poverty Law Center’s enemies list here, or the ADL’s hate symbols database here, and keep in mind that it was the ADL-Israel lobby and its “gang” in goverment that pushed for the illegal Iraq war, and who also developed the profile of who and what is a “terrorist” as Muslim’s in the first place. Horseshoe Theory anyone?

Everyone is on those lists except them, one of the biggest hate groups in the world, and ironically, large segments of the FBI is on their payroll too, as dual agents from Israel still do not have to register as foreign agents–even when they carry out mafia hits on US citizens! The bizarre case of Gilad Peled and SpearTip Security.

And speaking of “radar” I wonder if this is the right place to introduce this crackpot government study from the oh-so-excitingly-titled 1052 IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, VOL. 19, NO. 3, FEBRUARY 1, 2019:

Potential Active Shooter Detection Based on Radar Micro-Doppler and Range-Doppler Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network.

Here is the abstract:

This paper presents a detection method of
remotely identifying a potential active shooter with a concealed
rifle/shotgun based on radar micro-Doppler and range-Doppler
signature analysis. By studying and comparing the micro-Doppler
and range-Doppler information of human subjects carrying a
concealed rifle versus other similar activities, special features
are extracted and applied for detecting people with suspicious
behaviors. An artificial neural network is adopted in this work
to complete the activity classification, and the classification result
shows a 99.21% accuracy of differentiating human subjects
carrying a concealed rifle from other similar activities. Due to
the properties of radar sensor, the proposed method does not
involve sensitive information such as visual images, and thus can
better protect the privacy while being able to see-through the
clothing for reliable detection.

In light of that interesting “radar” that is zapping Richard Moore in Union County Mississippi right now, I wonder what else might be going on there. His is the first case I have ever considered that actual “electronic gadgets” were actually being used to “target individuals.”

The well known mantra of #fakeTI’s online who are usually actual stalkers with connections in high places frequently mock their targets by saying crackpot stuff like “THEY are Zapping me with radar right now!!!” And, those people online are usually military and civilian contractors with zappers of all kinds to sell, or use, and the Intercept covered that story about the USG’s secret surveillance gadgets quite awhile ago.

Then, there are the types of gadgets that are easily purchased online too, such as nausea inducers, and sound wave “pain field” generating equiptment too. Take a look at Amazing1.com if you need such gadgetry. But also, while you’re there, take a look at their other super cool electronics, experiments, DIY surveillance gear, and cool science fair projects for kids.

Well, anyways, there you go. But what about this idea of using “radar” on “suspects” like mass shooters?

The theory, and the devices actually exist, and is published with the Department of Energy, in alliance with the National Science Foundation.What’s missing thus far is how they are using such technology, and whether or not we can connect that technology to the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER of mass shootings.

So far, only one shooter is on record talking about being targeted by energy weapons that he has named–Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, who claimed these people described above were using ELF weapons on him.

The other three who are on record calling this form of FBI/DoD/CIA-domestic terrorism “gang stalking” are all black–not a coincidence, as the US government has routinely targeted black men for experimentation with exotic germ and bio-warfare and other weaponry (Google Tuskeegee experiments for just one of dozens of examples). I still await more evidence, but three’s company, and four is a full blown causation-correlation.

And I ask you to “say their names” because black men will NOT BE ERASED. They are Gavin Long, the Baton Rouge shooter/revolutionary, Myron May Esq., who shot up a Florida University, and a garbage man, Everton Brown (use my search feature, KW: “Everton Brown”), who was stopped by police no less than 30 times over a 20 year period, with no criminal charges ever (similar to how the FBI-ADL used community policing to target Philando Castile)and who attempted to report harassment from his neighbors, but the Baltimore cops–a seriously compromised jurisdiction–always waged a whisper campaign behing his back about him being “mentally ill,” rather than angry about constant police harassment.

I suspect the latter was related to Black Panthers, or involved in the Sovereign citizens movement, which is a “reaction formation” to the kind of racist, anti-democratic policing we see outlined above. But I await that evidence, and only the man’s death reminds me that his case was “odd” even having an ADL affiliated journalist labelling him as such, when in fact, that journalists alliances are equally suspect, on an entirely different level.

And then, read 13 Stars of David from the Hebrew American to understand this subversive number in context to both radical Jewish-christian-Zionists and other religionists in these agencies, and its linkage to manufactured terrorism, but also, federal indictments too, which frequently have this number in “special” cases where undue process leads to an information and charge.

Related Reading: Seven alternatives to the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive Myself, I find Memento to be useful at times.

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