Oh, the people that you meet in the gang stralking neighborhood are just….peculiar Seeking information on Astra Miglane-Stanwyck

The gang stalking dialectic has within it some very odd characters, and any actual targeted individual will meet them eventually. I am seeking information about one Astra Miglane-Stanwyck, for anyone out there who has emcountered her.

As I have noted, there are many peculiarly wealthy people who claim to be TI’s, and they are wealthy enough to hire their own army of investigators to research their problems–but they NEVER do that! So, their narratives fall completely flat, and have less than zero believeability, credibility, or even facts.

Most of them that I have ferreted out are connected to legacy industries, international contracing, industries that subsist alongside the military industrial complex, and the various NGO’s, government and public relations industries, trust funds and so on that act in many ways in our societies, sometimes doing shadow government functions–on information, Stanwyck is indeed connected to a similar trust fund.

Richard Moore can provide more evidence of those facts, but for now, my goal is to find information about this public figure.

She appeards in the Guardian UK, and other news media from the 1990-2007 era as a “professional mini-golfer” at times, and then at others, as a shadow mentor/cpmpetitor to a young girl Olivia Prokopová of Czech Republic, who eventually became a “mini-golf legend.” and after that, Stanwyck kind of drops off the radar in the news.

So, here below is what I have on her as a person who has openly and on social media claimed that she is a “targeted individual” of the variety that yammers on and on about electronic weapons, and micro chips, with zero proof of her claims–nor any interest in proving such claims either.

Stanwyck is an MD, opthalmologist from Latvia, and former post-Soviet era Russian military , according to my source. She is an affilliate of the “women’s empowerment” network, and a member of the “World Mini Golf Federation.”

Here is a link her CV at the organization.

Here is a bit from that CV:

Sport career:
Former Member of Latvia National Team
Former member of US National team
US Ladies US Minigolf Open and US Masters Ladies Minigolf winner (multiple times)
Team USA competition winner (multiple times)
Winner of multiple regional competitions
Inducted in USPGA Hall of Fame October 14, 2017

Here is more about Stanwyck from the US Pro Mini Golf Association

Astra Miglane-Stanwyck-Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Astra Miglane-Stanwyck, is the first woman to be indicted into the United States ProMiniGolf Associations Hall of Fame October 14, 2017 during the United States ProMiniGolf Masters. Her miniature golf career started in the early nineties in her hometown of Talsi, Latvia

-first Latvian female player to represent Latvia National Team in the Europe MiniGolf Championship 1994 in Greece.

-championships in Latvian and several Baltic Cups.

– represent Latvian National MiniGolf Team in the 1995 world Championship in Austria and the 1997 Europe Championship in Switzerland.

-made the long move from Latvia to the United States in 1996 where her mini golf career restarted actively after she competed in the 2000 United States ProMiniGolf US Open.

-Captain of Team USA in 2001 and led the team to Vaasa, Finland to compete in the World Championship where she placed 29th in the World and winner of 2001 Team USA. Astra Miglane-Stanwyck participated in the SV

-MiniGolf Black Open in Czech Republic, the same year she took third in the Indiana State Open, and competed in the International PSV Indoor Tournament in Austria.

-is a semi-retired player today, she still serves as Vice President of the US ProMiniGolf Association’s Board of Directors.

-husband Jon, [she likes] firing rounds at the gun range, and traveling the World.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the people that you meet in the gang stralking neighborhood are just….peculiar Seeking information on Astra Miglane-Stanwyck

  1. A. Lativia is not mainstream.
    B. Minigolf championships are not mainstream
    c. Minigolf fame is not lasting.

    This is why people don’t listen to us.


    1. Well, they don’t listen because so many fake TI’s pollute the internet.

      It also doesn’t help that these Masonic asshats have connections, and cover it up.

      As for the mini-golf angle, its interesting isn’t it? Obviously the only ones interested in it are selling their construction services–no one else takes it seriously.

      But: it does offer an opportunity for international intrigue doesn’t it? And I suspect that is the angle.

      Meanwhile, Astra is posting crap all over online about “Morgellons diseaes” a totally fake PSYOP based bunch of hooey. She’s also promoting “devaxxing.”

      But for my purposes, the idea is to out a few perpetrairs, and she looks like one from all angles.


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