Religion, magick, cults and military narrative control in the gang stalking dialectic: there is no one size fits all category of gang stalkers, or their “causes.”

One recurring theme in the gang stalking dialectic is religion. And attached to that religious stalking, are military machines, seeking to control the “who, what, when, where, why, and how?” of gang stalking.

The “how?” differs only slightly between those who gang stalk, while the intention remains largely the same: to harass targets for profit. The current fedral slush fund in that regard is the “human trafficking” funds that flow to states via the federal governments “do gooder” approach to social justice issues. The only problem is, it is just one of many reflections of the culture wars, the Hegelian Dialectic, and the “us v. them” approach to pleasing international banksters, who all monitor our speech and words to find advantages that they might not have imagined, so that they can subvert democratic ideals.

I am one such writer who calls a six pointed star a six pointed star–never mind spades, hearts, diamonds(research THAT history) or clubs–clubs, like the cavemen used–that is a British paradigm, and modern gangs rally around thst star, not the five pointed one. There are no devil worshippers, only baby bombers from that tribe and its allied neocons.

No–I call a six pointed star a “six pointed star” out loud, and I have named the psychopaths I have envcountered who use that symbol as a war flag. Its not rocket science–the Star of David (I heard there was a secret chord….) is a war flag, that some use as a symbol of racial supremacy, and others use as a symbol of racial solidarity–no differet than Romans and their Pharisee sect banksters manufactured the Jesus story at one point to subjugate Jews.

ANd, no differnet than we see in a recent yesteryear, as these same tribalist cultists subjugated–and genocided–the American “Indians.” Well, here’s a casino folks–now just shut up about how we have entrapped all of your men, confused your women, and then, sold a few really bad records, imitating your tribes practices and beliefs, but especially, denigrating your music, via faulty scholarship, and musics place in your own history ! Melissa Olsen indeed. FBI sso bankster.

That inter-generational tribal co-option and profiteering takes many, many forms, to extensive for me to write about herein, but suffice it to say this: If I, the writer of the various ROGS blogs online would profess “faith and blief” in Jesus, I would have ZERO, Cero, ZILCH problems with gang stalkers, because I could obliterate them, prosecute them, and jail them, usig ther own methods and tactics, and an army of those to stalk them back.

And, were I to profess a love and admiration for Jews like George Soros, and so many other Jewish billionaires who seek to turn the world in their own favor–I too could obliterate them, simply by allying myself with their enemies.

Problem solved, except–I won’t do that. DEmocracy dies when people like me pick sides.

That above is the basic binary analysis–but like all binaries, such as ” good and evil,” or “right and wrong” or “true and not true,” its always a a war somewhere in between the facts and the science v. “beliefs, and believers.”

As such, “gangs” of “stalkers” are cults of one kind or another, and I have never been prone to subjugation–and neither have my “peoples.” Or yours, if you are doing it right.

Well, anyways–I am two phone calls way from the last four presidents, but none of my readers seem to grasp what that means. Neither here nor there–but it is an important fact, for other researchers of “organized gang stalking.”

Look at my contact feature–and maybe, write an email with your “real issue” and stop sending me garbage about “
electronic weapons” and “vagina zappers,” and “sex with demons” ok?

I have kissed my share of frog princesses, and so this incarnation of save the wimmins and chillrens human trafficking money pot is plainly designed only for frogs, not princesses.

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