Freemasonry, gang stalking, Forrest Gump, and the Great Pumpkin: serious journalists must address this link

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

Charlie Brown, in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Its a well known non-secret that Vice President Kamala Harris is the direct descendant of Willie Lewis Brown Jr., the cunning and skillful California politician, and San Francisco’s first black mayor. It’s also a non-secret that both are Freemasons.

Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your black panther party

Forrest Gump, after beating Jenny’s boyfriend

But where journalists fail to understand gang stalking and report on it appropriately and within their training to “seek truth and report it,” is at that exact link, because writing about Freemasonry–or other so called secretive “social” clubs like Rotary, and the Lions. Knights of Columbus and so on is as forbidden as writing about religion, because the tradition is to not speak about such things in polite cmpany.Yet both permeate the fabric of society, and both infect secular culture with corruption of all kinds.

Related Story: The intersection between the Hegelian materialism, and so-called democratic ideals in journalism like political correctness meet at the gang stalking dialectic and journalism, as western reporters in “democracies” fail in their responsibility to the public when we view the addage “Seek Truth and Report It” side by side with the Marxist ideal of an obligation to “Seek Truth from Facts.” More on the supplantation of facts and Marxism here

It is also a little publicized fact that the not-one-size-fits-all category of Freemasonry has both white and black factions, and hundreds of thousands of members in each, and that they duel within the domestic sphere in hidden ways, that occasionally make the mainstream news.

One such example was the murder of George Floyd, where we saw the numerology of Freemasonry highlighted, but also the power behind such organizations to create social change.

But what is quite striking is how mainstream news avoids, or discounts, or outright refuses to acknowledge simple facts–like the fact that Floyd had a huge (YUUUUUGE) Freemason eagle on his chest, or how “taking a knee” is also a Masonic ritual.

See the source image
While some media outlets were keen to run with that narrative that Floyd had appeared in a porno, they carefully avoided discussion of the YUUUGE tatto that was visible in that porno of a Masonic eagle/griffin thingy.
See the source image
Taking the knee: white supremacist and Jewish supremacist media outlets were outraged when Colin Kapaernick began taking the knee at football games, because they knew what this meant–yet refused to link it to Masonic ritual. In the ritual, Hiram Abiff is the great architect of the king–and Masons murdered him after gaining his secrets–and his followers–,and then covered it up.

Prince Hall Freemasonry was created out of neccssity, like much of black culture–out of a need to survive and be able to play by the same rules that white culture created. And as such, it has also evolved into its own mechanism of culture creation too.

Prince Hall Freemasonry was created out of necessity by American blacks because they were denied initiation into white lodges by Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, an American author, poet, orator, jurist and prominent member of the Freemasons.

Another was when an aide to then-attornet general of California Harris was caught attempting to influence police departments by running a “fake” police department. It was headline news back then, covered in the Los Angeles Times and other outlets, who called them “fake cops.” Yet there is nothing fake about what these people do, and police departments often are complicit with them in various activity that denies civil rights and due process to those whom they target

Friends puzzled by trio accused of creating fake police force

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