Pssst: Child For Sale–meet me at Walmart in Crockett, Texas and explore the unique phenomenon of “gang stalking and Walmart”

Taylor was accompanied by another woman, who asked for the child’s name. The mother did not tell either of them the name, she told police, but the two women began to call it out

An interesting fact: the search term “gang stalking and walmart” turns up around 756,000 results in a common search engine–but when we add Texas to that equation via another search phrase “gang stalking and walmart and Texas” 500,000 results turns up.

baby sale 1
Kids for Sale Image: The Daily Bastardette

I will let the data scientists figure out all of the many directions and connections of those two data points, but to me at least, that is a stunning result, considering how many mass shootings take place in Texas. And fair disclosure, the number two result is one of my various blogs online, while the number one result is Teri Webster’s Fort Worth Weekly piece titled “Gangstalking.”

Well, to the point, from Insider:

A Texas woman demanded to buy a child from a mother at a Walmart for $500,000, police say

Rebecca Lanette Taylor was charged last week with the sale and purchase of a child, according to a press release from the Crockett Police Department. The child was with his mother on the self-checkout line in Crockett, Texas, when a “white woman with blonde hair approached,” an affidavit says, according to NBC affiliate KETK-TV. 

Insider was unable to reach Taylor’s legal representation for comment.

According to police records, Taylor “began commenting on her son’s blonde hair and blue eyes. She asked how much she could purchase him for. (The mom) tried to laugh this comment off, thinking Taylor was joking. Taylor told her that she had $250,000 in the car and she would pay that much for him. (The mom) told her no amount of money would do,” the release says.

The mother told police that Taylor was accompanied by another woman, who asked for the child’s name. The mother did not tell either of them the name, she told police, but the two women began to call it out, according to the release.

Taylor told the mother that she had wanted to purchase a child for a long time. The mother told her to stay away from her child and waited for the two women to leave.

The mother told police that Taylor was accompanied by another woman, who asked for the child’s name. The mother did not tell either of them the name, she told police, but the two women began to call it out, according to the release.

Taylor told the mother that she had wanted to purchase a child for a long time. The mother told her to stay away from her child and waited for the two women to leave. 

And here is the lovely Lanette

She has those alkie eyes and complexion doesn’t she? Who wants to bet this white woman does zero time for her crime? Image from The Pigeon Express

So, while most cannot imagine how these things go, its a real thing: wealthy, well connected people do in fact stalk others and try to buy their children in the USA. I mentioned that here, which was where I first heard the term gang stalking,also from a young mother who said “I am being followed everywhere I go, and these people know where I am at all times.”

In those days, the people even knew the name of that mothers child too, and offered a paltry sum to buy her baby. The father of that baby was a card dealer and casino manager in Vegas, and the young mother was divorcing him. She herself was quite a case–various states derived federal dollars, and the medical mafias all profitted from her along the way too, spanning generations.

I didn’t believe her for the most part, though I intervened when two old white people tried to buy her baby, and prevented it. I didn’t know it at the time, but have since learned that this is a very real fact of American life, these gangs of stalkers, and that children are their real targets. They stalk from within churches, police departments, and CPS services–its quite common.

Most if not all of them are connected to lucrative industries, such as the hundreds of millions of dollar per year foster care factories in the US, or the Child Protective Services that often act as mere procurers of children, the health care industry and its medical mafia’s, and especially–especially, the lucrative “foster care” factories all over America, which can bring in thousands of dollars per month for each child captured in their nets.

It is they who profit from falsely accusing people of heinous crimes–the child molester narrative, the rapist and so on are a creation of these stalkers, the underpinning of their narrative, and what enables them to create bogeymen to hide their own actual activity. And they fill the family and “domestic violence” and other non-trial based court system, scouting out their targets, and mobilizing resources in order to stalk and possibly kidnap these children.

Related Story: Follow along as Brass Balls blog covers the connection betwen child traffickers and their relatives in the FBI, in the European Adoption Consultants child trafficking scandal, as the judge in that case hides the ball, and the court files–and as usual, note the use of the number 13 in these cases–ROGS Analysis predicts the numbers 12 and 13 in these “special” insider cases.

To whit, the case with the FBI agents mother was sealed by a judge:

“If Cleveland Federal Judge James S. Gwin grants this 13-page motion to suppress evidence linked here:″

Then too, many female pedophiles hide in plain sight, and the gender biased, religious cult filled FBI has no profile whatsoever of these wealthy female pedo’s. In fact, they have spent a lot of time developing demonstrably biased profiles of anything but that one actual archetype, and the closest they come is the “co-dependent accesory childabuser,” again, casting blame on males, as the DVIC apparatus does.

Never mind the explosion of single mothers between the 1970-today era who are literally “ca$h cow$” to those industries mentioned above–or the interesting sexual “values” of the LGBTetc communities that have exploded with it–female pedophilia, sexual preferences, sexual excitement and so on is currently defined by terminology that is exclusively designed to target males, and as such, is as out dated as most of the DVIC conceptual framework.

Its possible that this case is one like that. So, I will make a couple predictions here, because that is what science is all about:

  • the woman is an alcoholic and a bully, but she will probably get off the hook, and maybe cop a plea like “well judge, I was shitfaced” and get some treatment and supervised release.Again–highlighting how women as bullies differ a bit from men as bullies–the gendered narraive that shelters women’s violence and perversity is striking/s. And, a possible sexual motivation will never be brought up, as it would be if a man tried to buy a child.

So, my prediction is an “if A then maybe B, and also, if not A then likely B and possibly both” type of prediction, vague but accurate to the point that one or all are possible.

Let me eleborate:

These types of women exist in all strata of western societies, they are networked across borders, and they have “friends in high places.”.Due to white female privilege, a lot of child abuse, sexual abuse, and other abuse takes place, but is carefully curated to stay out of the public’s eyes.And that which does is occluded because women’s sexuality is “constructed” differently.

For example, a large portion of journalists, one might note, are white women–Karen’s and Kates who deliberately hide the ball because the US propaganda system upholds their gendered narratives, privileges, deceptions and hoaxes at the expense of truth. That system and its very structurd narrative control is designed to hide the attrocities and perversities of those women–while frequently highlighting extreme outliers from amongst the black/brown/other women, and especially highlighting low class hillbilly females or drug addicts who have sex with dogs.

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So, part B of my prediction is this:

  • Lanette Dearest is wealthy, and connected, and will get away with attempting to purchase a child. See this post here about how wealthy child traffockers with connections in the FBI and government make hundres of millions by selling children, and breaking whatever laws they must break in order to do so.
  • there will be a web of relationships between this woman and people who work in her city, county, and state. These webs will include police and firefighters, city, county and state workers, judges, Child Protective Services and so on.
  • there will possibly be Masonic affiliations, legacy families, and church persons who also have power working silently behind the scenes in this case, much as we see this FBI affiliated child trafficking network here at the infamous Eau Claire child trafficking network doing similar things.
  • she will get a slap on the wrist regardless, as the law is nearly entirely written to frame men as predators, while overlooking this type of predator, and a possible female pedophile who routinely buys children–I await the plea–because the US largely never has trials anymore, and cases like thse never go to trial, due to the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) having created secret courts, and secret “rules” about children, so that no one–and the public in general– can ever gain insight into the nature of this form of child trafficking, which larely targets the poor and the marginalized

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