We all think about our death. Send me out like Don Corleone’–fallen in a tomato patch, with wind, and a giggling child.

One of the things that stands out in my brief time as a US citizen (age birth to approximately 7), is how the police state mechanisms are in everything, at all times–except those moments when we are actually alive.By no means is the US a democracy, and I never experienced it as such.

And by alive, I mean those moments when we LIVE, despite, and probably in spite of those who subvert our freedom, and seek to use us as part of a herd of sheep–sheople to be herded, and shorn at opportune moments.All of those, US citizens too, none of whom love or cherish freedom, or democracy.


I remember the big church, the big steeple, and all of the mourners–all of the people.

I remember the men in big hats, the men in dark suits, the other men out there in the parking lot, tracing through our roots.

But most of all, I recall that feeling of freedom–moments with warring ants on pavement (aghast, bodies strewn on hot tar, front to the last, jaws ajar)

And–moments of glee, falling head first, from a tree, free, free, free….falling. (not so glee),

Moments in the tall grass, moments of the most precious clouds above me,

and then time passed–moments of sweeping rains, moments of breath, moments of death, washing me\ free.

You there, never leaving me be, never leaving.

Then, Me.


The first and most important thing an individual can do is to become an individual again, decontrol himself, train himself as to what is going on and win back as much independent ground for himself as possible”–Wiilliam Burroughs

William Burroughs
William Burroughs. Image source: Imagebb

If any visitors to William Burroughs final abode in Los Angeles want to note an interesting poetic juxtaposition, it would be how close his final writing space rests, half a block or so from a Greek Orthodox Church, just off of Sunset Blvd.

Ordinary people cannot estimate the paradoxical strangeness of that, due to many factors, least of which is that Burroughs was a documentarian of the horrible, sometimes bad smelling and raunchy foulness of life, lived outside of “organized” society. And in that, I advise eveyone to make a pilgrimage there, as I have several times, just to see what “freedom” looked like to that one writer.

In my last journey there, I noted how close it was to the Thai restaurants and an area where I shared some history with the first woman who ever introduced me to “gang stalking” and you can read a bit about her here.A note of caution though–in the linked piece, she is actually the only woman there who ever described organized gang stalking accurately–the rest are crackpots, deserving of whatever comes to them.

Well-as a younger scholar, I often mused at the link between Burroughs and bars. So much of “counter-culture” is solely devoted to giving seekers bad habits, and punctuating bad behavior with accolades, as if each bad behavior increases ones power level, much like video games do.

And all of that meta-behavior financed by some entity, some publisher. And as we know, all publishing is controversial too.

But who finances that, and why do they do it, whoever “they” are?

To most people, this idea that the international banksters and their hydra’s and Medusa’s of networked spy operations are constantly at work, disrupting family connections, spying on freedom, and stalking individuals who cherish such illusions seems absurd on its face, to anyone who has never seen it in action

But for those of us who have seen it, it is plainly bizarre activity, and unimaginably a violation of everything we are taught to trust, love, cherish and protect about our beloved homeland, the United States of America.

And it is those of us who harbor–indeed, as the emminent gang stalking gaslighter Dr. Lorraine Sheridan has noted–we harbor the “delusion” of democracy–the “delusion” of civil rights, and due process.

None of which, I must add, exist in any way shape or form in the modern policing structures of western “democracies.”

Many blame “the Jews” for theis idea of a one world government. And that is absurd on its face, as we see how deeply embedded christians from both the Catholic sects and the Protestant cults are involved with the United Nations agenda’s/ To blame Jews for that? Beyond absurd, its inviably false, because the evidence indicts a variety of non-Jewish groups and organizations pushing for such alienation of our rights.

In fact, the one world government is a collaborative effort, and the corporations are it’s armies. REligions are merely pens into which one regional jurisdictions sheep find themselves, as the great shepherd herds them all. The sheople of course, too stupid to know that such is occuring, and they, merely complaining about their conditions, as such ” Hey, that smells like a Republican fart!” and “Hey, that was clearly a Democrat shit!” and so on.

Sheep are not that bright, but they do have such squabbles amongst themeselves, interupted occasionaly by a ram or two bought from a sale barn. And those poor rams for fucking, and pedigrees at the 4H fair, nothing more.

The entirety of world politics can be described that way.

But for me, I remember the church. I remeber the steeple….

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