Its NEVER HER FAULT!!! Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, and “One tiny drop (of tears/blame shifting/racist stereotyping/total bullshit)changes everything.”

So, in a modern miracle that has even the most die hard atheists, and even some pagan worshippers of Moloch believing there “might be” a “god-like” force that acted in a mysterious way as a wealthy white female, Elzabeth Holmes of Theranos was found guilty earlier this month of defrauding investors.

Others say simply that the law applies equally, and that “justice will be served, and the court system works as it should sometimes.”

What was Theranos?

Elizabeth Holmes had founded the blood-testing company in 2003 at the age of just 19, pitching its technology as a cheaper way to run dozens of blood tests with just a prick of a finger and a few droplets of blood.

Holmes said she was inspired to start the company in response to her fear of needles.

Seen as a rising star in Silicon Valley, that led to comparisons to Apple’s Steve Job and Holmes fueled that idea by dressing almost entirely in black turtleneck sweaters.

Theranos concept was embodied by the slogan “One tiny drop changes everything,” and that company started because Holmes was scared of needles .In what world is one fragile little asshats narcissistic anxiety worth billions in fraud? In wittle Ewizabiff’s wittle worwld, apparently.

And the con was so good that others easily jumped onboard, hoping to save white women from viious little tiny pricks and other needles.Taken as a whole, it reveals a culture of lies built on sympathy for the poor wittle white female–a snowball of sick cultural values enshrining the too-fragile-for-reality bubble of white female narrative.

Like so many white female sociopaths, Holmes case highlights how female criminals differ in ways that male criminals do not, and how at every turn, she utilized a sociopaths bag of tricks to hide her crimes and deflect blame onto anyon but herself, as men are asked to do in such cases.

I can’t stop staring into his eyes! He has a mystical power over me, and ITS NOT MY FAULT!!!! Its NEVER my fault!

Here is a short list of items in the white female sociopaths tool kit:

  • White woman’s tears– we saw that highlighted in the Gabby Petito case, as Petito admitted hitting Laundrie first in a co-combatant situation, but was absolved of her crmes by a white knight police officer. Had Petito been locked up in jail, and then, forced into the system just as men are, she would be alive today–jail is good for women!
  • the abuse excuse and situational racism: when Holmes stragtegized her defense, she shifted blame to her lover/employee/Ball-swami, Sonny Balwani. Claiming that he was controlling and abusive to her, and that he held all of the power, she used one of the oldest stereotypes of East Asian men that is on the books–the mind controlling Svengali, or swami. Jewish- christian societies perpetuate these bizarre notions of witch craft and mysticism as a way to cause fear, wage moral panics, and even to justify the murders of those who are not part of their “in-crowds’ of “believers.”So, everything was no doubt fine when he was banging her like a bellowing white goat, but not so fine when she got caught in her own web of crimes.Then, her inner race whore showed itself, and he was suddenly some rapist-like-Svengali.

As it turns out, Balwani was spot on about this criminal sylph, as stated in testimony

Holmes told jurors on Monday that for the decade they were together, Balwani persistently criticized her work ethic, “mediocrity” as an entrepreneur and the fact that she “came across as a little girl.”

Beyond mediocrity and immaturity, it cannot be forgotten that the woman is a fraud–and that the entire Theranos spectacle started because this shitstain human couldn’t handle getting a shot–she was at 19 years old “afraid of needles.”

While society coddles the neurosis of these types of women, and allows them to be infantile asshats most of the time–only court trials can and do reveal how these little white liars are in fact exactly as Balwani noted that she is. And, as justice will hopefully be served, that he is b=vindicated only in that–otherwise, she has defamed him and invoked what is perhaps the white sociopaths favorite slander:

  • fake rape and sexual abuse- Holmes whimpered on the stand like a dirty little dog begging for scraps as she carefully built her defense around shifting blame this is the white females go-to big gun, and they use it A LOT–the entirety of Jewish-christian society is built on top of the bodies of men who some white female accused of rape. Subsidiary to these little white lies that get men killed every year, are the lopsided and gender biased lies about sex, and control, and isolating behaviors of “abusers,” to whit

“He would get very angry with me and then he would sometimes come upstairs to our bedroom and force me to have sex with him when I didn’t want to because he wanted me to know that he still loved me,” said Holmes, occasionally fighting back tears.

When asked how Balwani’s behavior affected her relationship with her family, Holmes said it was particularly damaging.

“I saw them less than I’d ever seen them before and I spoke to them less than I had ever spoke to them before,” she said. “Because I was trying to focus all of my time on the company. Sunny would get very upset if I was with my family. He said it was a distraction to the business.”

I can just see her and her attorney acting all that out several hundred times, the attorney holding up this picture:

“Ok Elizabeth, one more time–what was the swami saying to force you to commit crimes–when he wasn’t RAPING YOU, and FORCING YOU, and MANIPULATING YOU, and BRAINWASHING YOUUUUU!!!!!? Helpless YOOOOUUU! Pooor, pooooor, you!!! Look into the crystal ball, and try to remember that HE RAPED YOU, and HELD YOU HOSTAGE TO THE SWAMI SALAMI, And….that thing about how he forced you to commit crimes–don’t forget that part, ok?” Stereotypes about Asian men are more recnt inventions than white female criminality.

But it wasn’t just one #fakerape that cause poor wittle Ewizabiff’s trauma–no, it was also one other $fakerape that caused her con artist ass to drop out of Standford University too.

Kevin Downey, Holmes’ attorney, asked if there were other reasons she left Stanford. “I was raped,” a crying Holmes said. (Police agencies told CNBC they had no record of a report under Holmes’ name.)

BwaaaaAAAAaaah! Porr Ewizabiff’s!!! She done been raped by swami’s and half the human race too! ANd that anonymous “rapist”much less a police report couldn’t found anywhere, go figure.

  • mental health malingering and fake-trauma signalling: Holmes notoriously paraded around using two different voices, one high pitched and authentic, and the other, this fake low voice. In the white female sociopaths toolkit, this serves several purposes. On one hand, it signals to her female enablers that she may–or may not be “invoking” a male persona, for many reasons that are stuated in the white femiist dialectic of the earlier feminist era’s. Invoking “phallic power,” or even the MKULTRA era of “split personalities,” and “alter ego’s,” and “chuldhood sex abuse blackouts,” and so much more its a separate novel.
  • a few more things I will write about later

When women commit crimes, society largely ignores it, having “empowered” women to do just that–to commit crimes and get away with it, so much so that the entire western, Jewish-christian cultural narrative of culture depends from exactly that–Adam, Eve, and an apple.

Holmes will be sentenced in September, and I hope the judge throws the needle at her.

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