The Manchurian Candidate, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and “mind control”: a far right PSYOP, and smokescreen

SInce Manchurian Times, and the Qing dynasty, the west has sought to divide and conquer China, via many nefarious schemes. See “Colonialism and the Plague in Manchuria,” for one example of how western powers have used Chinese people as experimentees for centuries.

But that got a serious whitewash when Frank Sinatra–the famed crooner and Las Vegas globalist PSYOP propagandist deemed the content of the film ” The Manchurian Candidate” to be too dangerous for public release, unless–of course–he could be the “star” of the show.

Put another way, it is “Catholic Church Meets Global PYOP’s Via the Las Vegas Hollywood Mob.”

Here–have a peek:

For the first drastic sign that something is severely out of place in the mind of Sinatra’s character in The Manchurian Candidate, ex-GI Bennett Marco, look no further than the opening fifteen minutes of the film: his sweat-drenched evenings, full of recurring nightmares, reveal his torment. It’s 1952, and the official story is that Marco and his unit in Korea were saved by the heroic efforts of their commander, Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey). Shaw, on Marco’s recommendation, was chosen for a Congressional Medal of Honor as a result. But the actual ordeal is something else entirely; Sinatra scratches and mutters in his sleep, reliving the truth of the incident, haunted in his waking hours by the feeling that something isn’t right.

Marco, as in Polo–the Jesuit machinery of globalism had long been at work, attempting to organize Chinese thought, even going so far as to “invent” Confucius. Confusius say “no PYOP is real PSYOP, unless the public buys in”

Wise words, old man!

Lets do the deeper dive–as our soldier murders his brethren, during a garden party hosted by women:

In his nightmare, the camera does a wild circular pan around what initially seems to be a dull garden party full of middle-aged ladies, attending a lecture on proper planting skills. The soldiers sit slouched and smoking, eyes glazed over with boredom. But as Frankenheimer’s camera spins, the environment transforms into a politburo-style room where a brainwashing conspiracy is taking place, surrounded by Chinese and Soviet officials with not a fussy matron in sight. Suddenly those glazed eyes aren’t incidental, and the POWs are shown to be a part of a sinister scheme. To demonstrate the efficacy of a brilliant new method of mind control, Raymond is made to murder two of his men at will in front of everyone present. He completes the job, emotionless and wiped of all memory, and is thus selected to become a domestic assassin for a malign cabal of Communist forces.

HAHAHAH. “Brainwashing”–what a colloquial concept.And “not a matron in sight…” Yup. Eastern Star Freemason women are like that, exactly. And whaddaya know, they were also quite present as SEung Ho Choi gunned down a bunch of gang stalkers too, at Virginia Tech, that keystone “matron” none other than Professor Nikki Giovanni, a former Black Panther squeze, and a Nobel Laureate.

What we see then, is how “globalist” powers have exerted influence by spreading disease, and that, as a tool of “development” directed at unsuspecting native populations, in order to drive “public health” initiatives, and then, western “values” that are all tied in with industries of great magnitude.

From Yale University Press Blog, William C. Summers writes:

Historical discourse on the development of non-Western countries is overwhelmingly framed in terms of colonialism and its aftermath. This is especially true in the case of medicine and public health. The role and conception of health and sickness have been invoked as central to both modernization and nationhood. Mark Harrison, in his sweeping account of disease and the modern world, asserts, “I aim to show that disease was central to the development of modern states and their machinery of government.”

Well–Covid, anyone? Let’s share a dose of “machinery of government.” shall we?

Most notably we can watch, via the example of China, how the medical mafia utilizes “public health” discourse to mask its criminality, and ultimately, its capital agenda of leveraging peoples freedom, against their rights and responsibilities to their own national interests.

Manchurian Candidate Indeed

Bear with me for a few paragraphs, in order to understand how integral the understanding of China is at this point in history–how integral the “Manchurian Candidate” is to our wider awareness of modern “health” concepts and bio-warfare, as we see with Covid-19, 20, 21, 22, -2036:

Read this:

The responses to the plague in Manchuria represented not so much an evolution of colonial practices or a postcolonial hybrid of one sort or another, but rather a varied mixture of colonial policies, local practices, and ad hoc efforts. Coming at a time when the failing Qing government was faced with rebellion in the south and in Shanghai, challenges on the international stage, and traditionally weak central control of the provinces, the emergency of the plague in Manchuria seemed to result in an abrogation of responsibility, leaving it to the various local groups that might rise to the occasion. As Judith Farquhar has noted: “Wherever medical work has emerged as a genre of practice, it is often messy and smelly and most of the time very mundane.” Such a statement could well characterize the hodgepodge efforts to deal with the great Manchurian plague.

The Manchurian context varied from place to place depending on the local mix of foreign and Chinese influence. In Russian Harbin, the quasi-military approach to quarantine was dominant. In Japanese Dairen, the softer, yet just as insistent, velvet glove diplomacy of the public health expert Gotō Shinpei was tempered by the harder military authority of the Kwantung Army. In between, in Mukden, we see a more Chinese approach, yet undoubtedly Western in its motivation. As Ruth Rogaski has argued, public health in China was imbued with the entire project of modernization and the agenda of the late Qing reformers. She traces the concept and term weisheng from its traditional meaning of self-cultivation to a much broader concept of sovereignty, identity, and responsibility for the national welfare, captured in her term “hygienic modernity.” As several observers have suggested, the legacy of the responses to the Manchurian plague would shape the development of both the notion of public health as well as the recognition of Western medicine as state medicine in China.

In contrast to the interplay of the colonial power with the subsequent postcolonial government as Anderson has described in the Philippines, where the American public health model was adopted and then adapted by the Filipinos, in China, a more eclectic development occurred. To be sure, it was infused with Western concepts and practices, but as Rogaski has suggested, the mediating role of the Japanese as an already Westernized yet Asian nation made such transitions more immediately acceptable. The rhetoric of postcolonial studies often employs the concepts of resistance and acceptance, yet again these notions may not apply so simply to Manchuria. In Harbin, major resistance seems to have come not from the local Chinese and Korean inhabitants but from the non-Russian Westerners, the businessmen and foreign diplomatic community, fearful of precedents set by the Russian administrators that under other circumstances would have been viewed as reasonable, but instead were seen as preludes to even tighter Russian hegemony.

The Japanese preparedness in the Leased Territories of the southern Liaotung peninsula was both massive and, probably, effective in channeling the plague to the southwest and away from Dairen. The resistance of the Chinese in the Leased Territories seems to be minimal, probably the result of the careful colonizing policies of Japan, aimed at ingratiating the Japanese rule over the local population. These policies were, of course, followed repeatedly as Japan styled itself as the “white Asian” nation in its vision as the leader of a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The post-Qing development of Westernized institutions aimed at epidemic diseases in North China, in particular plague and cholera, would contribute to the ongoing changes in both medicine and public health. The prestige accorded China on the international front from having handled the challenges of the Manchurian plague and the postplague conference in Mukden would further its “hygienic modernity” as well as its self-confidence as a nation capable of modern science. The embrace of scientism and of “Mr. Science” as a national icon in the 1920s was certainly helped by this early success.

Britain flooded China with heroin, but when we view China through the lens of history, we see in fact, western powers doing way more than merely causing addictions, pimping women and spreading disease.

In fact–in the last 200 years, China has undergone many waves of western sickness directed at Chinese people. A short history below:

Related Story: As western countries, most notably the USA and it’s FVEYs Nations alliance have funded Big Tech to wage government censorship and “fake news.”, communist nations like China begin to look like true hero’s of free speech, with thriving online discussion groups, and lively communities that actively seek to shut down western/Jesuit/CIA/NGO PSYOP’s. Squashed in between that discussion is the global phenomenon of “free speech” and “content moderation,” a shorthand version of censorship. Meet the human flesh search engine (ren rou sou suo ying qing), and the recent banning of the niang pao(womans cannon)–the LGBTQetc gets shut down online–but thrives in an open and accepting society that does not give a shit fuck who you are fucking–as long as you are not promoting it as a “cause,”or usng it to promote “weatern values” like depopulation, and the cosmetics industry/s

No one can possibly have an informed opinion about China, globalist influences on local governments, or :science” without understanding the key concept’s behind such papers as that above–and while it’s noce to throw the word “communist!!” into every discussion about “global health,” its also worth noting that there are two competing models of globalism–the fascist Jewish-christian one, and then, the “other” communist power unspecified one–both are a challenge to freedom, yet both derive from THE SAME SOURCE POWERS.

That’s not mere conjecture–have a look at “Horseshoe Theory” as it reates to the very Jewish-christian right wing, and the very Jewish-communist left wing in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse–not conjecture at all. Also, use my search feature for more about Rittenhouse, search term “Horseshoe Theory, Kyle Rittenhouse,” etc.

Well–back to “public health.” The globalists envision a worl of controlled “breeding,” and as such, seeek to eliminate falilies, and cause a situation where only 10% of the population “breeds.” What a better way to do that, then to cuckold males, while bastardizing children created by those males, in the form of the single mothers that proliferate around the globe today.

And then–to propagandize children to want to eradicate their birth gender” in favor of a gender as-yet-specified-but-always-evolving-towards-narcissism? Lets meet the niang pao of China, shall we?

The LGBTQ is to a large extent, als a PSYOP of the grandest magnitude.

See the source image
Chinese niang pao, banned by the Chinese Communist Party in 2021. Chinese language is a study of blunt and often comical and accurate depictions of reality. Niang pao(娘炮) translates to woman cannon, a fine way of describing cuckoldry and women’s power and political influence on the men and boys in their lives.Such alteration of gender roles is directly attributable to the post-WW2 era, when CIA operations like Gladio, and others deliberately bastardized cultures, and played with gender, Japan, South Korea, and later, Thailand being prime examples of such manipulation. Image source: Zhengjiecom

….this post is an unfinished essay. Stop back later for the final draft!

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