The usual suspects–Meet Free Mason Bobby Bean of Prairie Lodge #87, Okolona MS: Will the FBI investigate cases of gang stalking?

A large portion of people who are targeted by “gangs” of “stalkers” are frquently caught up in the system as they say, and part of that is current and former police stalking targeted individuals.

A Note About “Defamation, Libel, and Slander”: In the followig piece, you will note that the asshats I name will NEVER sue me–because they have a LOT to LOSE. So–“truth” as a concept bears the ultimate scrutiny in such cases–these asshats, having resource, and wealth, will NEVER sue me–and if they did, I welcome it! My readers can guage the “veracity of truth” according to that. I DARE these shibags to SUE me in a US court of law! Hint: they will not–because I have busted them and can put them in jail, and they know it.

So much so that in case after case, we see not merely an alternative “two tiered justice system” but really, an alternative universe, where the law is tossed out the window, and states allow mobs of people to target other citizens.

The thing is, the US justice system is largely an injustice, and the Constitution says one thing, while the courts do another–they do what they can get away with, rather than what they are charged to do by law, and hope their victims don’t have the resources to challenge or appeal the sham trials that occur daily in US courts.

And that “gettng away with” is highlighted in the case at hand–but in hundreds of thousands of other cases too. And in these cases across the US, what we see is the auxilliary mechanisms of “gangs” of “police stalkers” and others affiliated with the “justice” system utilizing stalking as a way to enforce unwritten law, or to cause those who can challenge bad law to go broke attempting to get justice. As we see with the trend now to identify police who are gang members, I ask “why is there not a similar trend to identify police who are Free Masons?”

Related Story: Gangs of police like the Vallejo vigilante’s who bend their badges as a sign of gang membership. or the gangs that I once helped to document in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department are not a new thing, but they are getting some press coverage in the last decade. However, a similar call to identify ALL secret society activity in poicing has not arisen–why? Freemasonry Watch has some answers.

Most famously, the “gang” that “stalked” and targeted Ahmaud Arbery was comprised of a retired police investigator, his son, and a neighbor–but the gang was actually much larger, and the stalking much longer than that final run. In such cases as Ahmaud’s we see that the hidden state–the stalker state mechanisms of mental health, and probation, and social workers–all of those were present in his life for years before he was murdered. They worked behind the scenes to marginalize him, and feed him into the system.

And, that gang included prosecutors too, some of whom had dealt with Ahmaud many years before he was killed–and so, they had long been spying on and stalking Arbery too. At one point, two years before the murder, local cops had come upon Arbery in a park–all by himself–and attempted to Taser him with ZERO pretext whatsoever. Its horrifying to watch–a throwback to the days of slavery, when punishments for second class citizens were meted out without trials–and that happened only three years ago, in 2019

That is what “gang stalking” is–gangs of these state actors doing criminal things–but because they are state actors, involved in what is colloquially called “good ol’ boy–and gorl clubs,” they fly under the radar, and the bar of proving they are doing what one says they are doing is incredibly high, and the court system in the US is designed exactly that way.

Even after Arbery was murdered, those prosecutors claimed they had insufficient probable cause to indict the exact same people who stalked him, hit him with a car, and shot him, though he was clearly unarmed.

Those prosecutors stepped down from office after they were caught in the coverup of the murder, and two of them face charges in that case now. The three “police gang” members who murdered Ahmaud are now doing life in prison, having been convicted of that heinous crime.

SO–what’s not to prosecute? The law is the law–isn’t it? Not in the US it isn’t–because this other thing intervenes in every case: local relationships that are able to corrupt the process, hide evidence, and cover tracks. The US is more corrupt than communist countries in that regard.Democracy is a total illusion.

For those who seek to understand gang stalking, what baffles a lot of people is the frequent mention of Free Mason’s as the exact criminals who are doing the stalking, and organizing community resources to do so. That these people are using federal resources to stalk citizens is indeed a federal issue–prosecutable as federal crimes–but the average reader gets lost in asking “but where’s the proof?”

The proof is in the putting as they say–and Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association is putting that proof out there.

Here below is a list of Mason’s from Misissippi, and one of those was active in framing Richard Moore as a pedophile several decades ago.

These are the exact kind of asshats who re-enact Confederate battles, and indoctrinate the areas youth in schools and community groups into white supremacist world views. When some ask “is white supremacy real?” they might as well also ask “why the f@ck does our society allow cult worship of a defeated army, whose sole purpose was defending its perverse predilection for human slavery?”

Meet the Masons of Okolona, Prairie Lodge #87, and note Bobbie Bean’s “Junior” staus lol (for my readers who don’t know, half of the American deep south is named “Junior” due to the King James Bible’s commandment of inbreeding and other issues–have a look over here as I juggle some Jimmy’s.)

Search for a Lodge on Mason PostMasonic Lodge Search

Prairie Lodge #87

Meeting #1: 1st Thur. Address: Okolona, MS
( Google Map ) Phone#: (662) 447-5702 State: MS County: Chickasaw District: #8

2022 Lodge Officers

Master of the LodgeMaster:Ken Henry
SWSr. Warden:Brodee Moore
JWJr. Warden:David McVay
Lodge TreasurerTreasurer:Kenneth McVay
Lodge SecretarySecretary:Tim Posey
Masonic ChaplainChaplain:David McVay
SDSr. Deacon:Gary Bennett
JDJr. Deacon:Bobby Bean
TylerTyler:Dan Reed
Bobby “Frame Jobs R Us” Bean of Okolona Mississippi has been stalking Richard Moore “by proxy” for two decades, according to Moore and the evidence that this reporter has seen. I wonder how many other victims this guy has? Irs a good question, worthy of investigation.

So, again, the proof is in the putting, and Moore is doing excellent groundwork, enough for an indictment I think. I ask my readers to use my search feature, “Richard Moore” and “Mississippi” to get some idea about how very real this case is, and how connected it is in fact to Free Masons who are into gang stalking. Unlike all of the psychobabble online, Moore provides proof after proof,and makes conections with evidence.

As I recall, the Bobby Bean character was integral in framing Moore with some of the most badly composed child porn I have ever heard of, one of those state police level cut and paste jobs of naked boys or something. In reading through the case file, one cannot miss how badly done that frame job was. And that, in the internet era where even the agencies claim that child porn is “one click away” from anyone’s internet browser.

Hell, the agencies have flooded the internet with child porn–dog porn, snuff porn, war porn, you-name-it porn–and the best Bobby Bean and his asshat brigade of failed Confederates could do was to cut and paste some naked boys.

The funny thing is, in Moores case, the only evidnce they had was his internet search history and one sungle REALLY BADLY DONE image of porn, printed on a4 or something. As I recall, the search history had exactly ONE search for any kind of porn whatsoever, and even Moore’s lawyer failed to attempt to take fingerprints from the paper image. And that scant evidence was derived from a time when Moore had a tenant who was himself later convicted as a sex criminal too–ts a real eye opener of a case, and reveals the depravity of these state actors and Free Masons, especially the “Operation Pedophile” aspect of their shenanigans.

And Richard–please correct me if I have mis-stated any of these case facts, ok? I sure wish you would publish your trial transcripts, and the appeal for all the world to see–the case was a sham from front to back, a classic podunk frame job in the mold of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Remember that movie? Its worth watching again and again–southern “justice” at its most notorious and despicable fraud on the Constitution, civil rights and due process.

Well anyways–who needs evidence in such locations anyways? Its Mississippi, for GODS sake, and slavery didn’t end there until the early 1990’s or so.

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