Feds strike a plea deal with two of three “gang stalkers” in Ahmaud Arbery case–his mother calls them out their name

Travis McMichael, who fatally shot Ahmaud, and his father Greg McMichael cut a deal with the feds to avoid state prison time–and i think that is a crime. So does Ahmaud Arbery’s mother.

Justice is fleeting in most high profile cases of civil rights violations that end in murder, largely because journalism channels are clogged with Kate’s and Karens like this here.White women and their causes are like the turds that clog the drain when real shit happens, and real journalists need to get a real story out there.

We must all have a huge plunger ready just to get past the waste trap that these types of journalists are, and bring free flowing information to the public–but there are so many of them! And look at what they are–what they do! Epic journalism failures–these turds.

And not to denigrate anyone by race or gender–there are damned good white female journalists out there who put me to shame. I can name hndreds–but why? They know who they are–and one even writes about gang stalking and calls it what it is “current and former police, military, investigators, coroners, and their mobs of online trolls and offline stalkers.” She knows who she is–I don’t need to name her.

And of course, that is by design, all these little turds who throw shade on gang stalking targets.

Take a look here at an early CIA recruit, who was part of a #fakeTerrorism story awhile ago, and you will see what I mean. A military brat from San Diego, a bullshit story about a manufactured terrorist–you get the idea.

Yeah–the CIA recruits journalists and public relations agents quite early, and clogs the channels of communication with their “hopes-n-prayers” or whatever it is that white females write about. Here’s more on CIA and journalism from Daniel Espinosa, for context.

Well anyways–one lynching deserves another in my opinion, and the feds should NEVER have allowed a plea deal in the hate crime trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers, because lynching in the press is also an American tradition–The McMichaels and Roddie Bryant should be lynched in the press, just to keep that case in the publics eye.

Meanwhile, Ahmaud Arbery’s mom ain’t happy, nor should she be–in fact, she is calling it what it is–a betrayal, as the feds sacrificed a hate crimes trial, and gave those murderous bastards federal time, instead of the ass-happy time they would have had in state prison–the same state prison they gleefully sent tens of thousand of men into.

I am a believer that what comes around should indeed go around, but those cowards were able to cut a deal that kept them out of Georgia’s completely inhumane prisons.

White privilege, anyone? Tell me one more time it doesn’t exist….

2 thoughts on “Feds strike a plea deal with two of three “gang stalkers” in Ahmaud Arbery case–his mother calls them out their name

  1. Seems pretty biased, fairly hateful and based in opinions, but lacking facts. You caught me on a hook, and now I’m swimming away… I have learned to expect the unexpected, but I’m sure I can still be bamboozled. But for now, I just think it would be funny to ask why, knowing the “patriots” behind this whole thing will only ever lie.


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