Look for it, it will elude you: unframing US citizen Richard Moore, of Mississippi

There is no Dao chapter 143, unless you count this halfwit’s really bad manga from a halfwit affiliated with an “international contractor” from Las Vegas and Colorado, named Gernot Ueblacker, a guy affiliated with infrastructure development, and gang stalking (please, sue me for putting your name out there, asshat) whose own father was a likely a Nazi, based on his immigration, and status after that.

That asshat’s affilliate, a hater of Mao Zedong*, who single handedly mobilized Chinese citizens against tyranny of the medical mafia, the drug cartels, and the CIA NGO’s that masquerade as “do-gooders” who even today are greatly influential in America’s far-right political world.

Not exactly a small project, Mao tackled One World Government Jewish-christian-Free Mason cults and religionists, their secret cabals and Henry Kissinger styled disdain for human rights, and sent body after body against those who cause drug addictions. poverty, and plagues. Its no small feat, defeating these world class drug dealers and their associated industry grade PSYOPs designed to break the will of a people, and turn their desires over to drugs and addiction, and only after that “liberating” the women and children from amongst their tribes. Great “saviours” of women and children, while waging culture wars on male bodies–how cowardly and deceptive these are who do such things.

As Gernot Ueblacker once said ” I have a friend who has known Mao since he was five years old.” Yup–Masonic pedophiles do in fact, know children a “berry berry long time!” and they do start kids early into the indoctrination of core Masonic “values.” Have a look here at one of the not-so-coincidental bystanders to a #faketerrorism event, and look here at a live case of gang stalking that includes Mason’s and a human scapegoat–Hiram Abiff indeed. Kill the architect, inheret the secrets AND the followers–its what they do.

The guy Gernot admitted as much when he was bidding on the children of meth addicts online, where I caught, and documented his bad behavior. He was running a Go Fund Me in order to gain access to a few kids–he claimed his “ex=girlfreind” and someone else had one-upped him in a ci=ustody battle over kids that he has no legitimate or legal claim to. At the time, he claimed to be “attempting to save” children, but in fact, he was no doubt, doing something else, and rambling endlessly about his gang called “Mornin’s Twelve Mafia.**”

Neither here, nor there when you put a bitch on the block, but hey! That’s the “American Way,” right? Enjoy the wolves now pal. Learn to eat weed vegetables–I am putting the Henderson, Nevada mafia on the block, buddy. Take a look at this trust-fundian, and junk diseaes peddler Astra Miglane Stanwyck for reference. You fit right in there dontcha’? Fake diseases like Morgellons, lots of gibberish about microchips, and a few federal-international contractig businesses and a trust fund at the center of it all.

Or is it “buttie?” with your ypes?

Now, much like we see these women here attempting to devour children–and her and her spawn/kindred/fellow pedo’s in Texas benefitting from white privilege, or federal contracting for tens of millions per contracts. I kept records of those exchanges, which I could dig up if the price is right–I would sell that stupid asscrack of a man, his whore sister, and their entire network of human detritus for pennies on the dollar–human trafficking indeed.

And his sister (who I wont name for now, but have turned her face/profile/data over to a few foreign intelligene services, runs a small “leadership development” mafia that practices the dark arts of slander, in order to deny people jobs in America, and has a few enemies who find my work valuable). I can name them, but for now, I have others working on puting them in jail, so it would be counter-productive.

In the meantime, view my posts about “women’s empowerment” mafias to get a feel about what these people are doing, but also, have a look at a crackpot named Astra Miglane-Stanwyck, and trace her webs of associations too.

These people are ALL OVER the construction and contracting industries. I have documented many who use their position in government sponsored contracting to gain access to foreign officials,. And, I have traced them to Belarus, Ukraine, China, Malaysia the Phillipines, and beyond–that one funny day, when those who target people become targets themselves. Try to drive between the lines folks–and stay away from fire! What a horrible death, dying in a fire/.

A lot of people ask me “who are the gang stalkers?” and I often point to him–that one guy, and his sister (feel free to sue me, folks!) him, a wealthy pedophile, affiliated with the Henderson, Nevada crowd, but also the Las Vegas FBI, and the various gang stalking operations they run there. I often point to those people, as examples of what gang stalkers ARE.

To Richard Moore in Mississippi, I ask that you NEVER FORGET that Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter was implicated with child pornography–but also, that his brother was/is an FBI asset. This is what “Project Pedophile*” is. an international operation that on one hand vindicates some highly placed pedophiles, while on the other hand creating bogeymen, who were caught up in deep state operations, such as Richard Moore, in Mississippi. His case, a total frame job, with Free Masons all around it–a scapegoat by definition, and with evidence–can you believe it? These asshats actually sent goats to his front porch after I took on his case!

Yup–international spy rings are full of Free Masons and weird stuff that they do. The following text will illustrate that:

Today, I examine bad manga, and a “follower” who claims Taoist virtues, but who is in fact a double agent–I delight in exposing the various inter-agency operations when I find them.”Look at this really bad manga-cum-fan fiction

:’As for Qin Yichen’s touch, the little girl was unprecedented and did not resist, but did not answer him…If Lu Heze saw this scene, he would be shocked…You know, even he, a little girl’s grandfather, has never touched this Little Missy.”Every time he wants to hug her or touch her head, the little girl will definitely run away and even lose her temper.”That tantrum …

I wont provide a link for now, because my “follower” knows who he is–and so do my assets that surround him. What is important is that we view such weird and bad writing for what it is: a controlled asset, in a non-US government,, who takes orders from the “Henderson, Nevada” based mobs.

I have discovered links between them and oil driling firms, cotracting firms, and “deep state” international cabals. In fact, for one odd look into this sordid world–the case of Mathew Riehl, who was murdered in Colorado provided me with a link to one such international firm, and a web of relationships associated with that one data point too.

Now, because that is a complicated story, and that story is for sale, and also is one about current and former US agents, their assets, and foreign governments, I simply ask my followers to become involved with a case of one of their victims, which is easier to follow along with.


*Project Pedophile is a “deep state” black operation, that was eluded to in one of many blogs and websites that have now disappeared from the web, most famously an “omniglot named XKEYSCORE” who briefly appeared on several forums (you can look him/her/it up online), and though some of us recall it, and keep records of its existence, that particular “omniglots” web presence has been “web scrubbed” to hide that operation. I have records if anyone is interested. And, see this post about Donald Sachtleben for reference as to how CIA/FBI operations frame individuals with illicit porn, and also the extremely strange case of Matt DeHart, which has been made into a movie. FBI/CIA PSYOP is a strange form of “democracy” indeed..

. It is basically a cover opperation for the world wide distribution of child pornography–kids in sexual positions, kids who are being raped, kids who explore their genitalia and so on–and all of it has deep roots in the secret cults of the deep state, aka , CIA/FBI/Mi5/ western theocratic internet pollution.

*I have no political opinion about Mao, only the facts. He was a leader of a country that needed such a leader at that time, and he brought his nation into the nuclear world in seven decades–a major feat, by any standard. Issues such as population growth, disease contol, food supply–all of these were masterfully fulfilled under his leadership, despite Jewish-christian blockades, invasions, mass torture and experimentation–his leadership overcame all of that. As such, Jewish-christian nations despised him, and even though the one child policy has been lifted, we see these same international actors throwing plagues upon China once again. China will overcome that, too, due to the foundation laid by Mao.

**I seek any and all information about this guy and his “gang”. He claimed they were expert hackers, with an undiscoverable operating system that only he knew about–a type of operating system that only the NSA has, to my knowledge and information. I have shared hos details with other journalists.

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