EBay, executive level gang stalkers: James Baugh seeks memos, proof that exec’s used internal probe as “sword and shield,”to scapegoat, deflect blame

The ongoing lawsuit involving the eBay Gang of stalkers is marching upwards to drag down the scurrilous executives that acted like criminal shotcallers and authorized the terror campaign against two writers, Ina and David Steiner.

Natick cyberstalking case delves into conduct of top eBay executives

By Aaron Pressman Globe Staff,Updated January 28, 2022, 6:02 p.m. 7

eBay signage at the company's headquarters in San Jose, Calif.
eBay signage at the company’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif.David Paul Morris/Photographer: David Paul Morris/

The federal criminal case against two former eBay employees accused of stalking and harassing a Natick couple ignited a debate on Friday over how high up in the company the alleged 2019 conspiracy reached.

James Baugh, eBay’s former senior director of safety and security, and David Harville, former director of global resiliency, are charged with conducting a bizarre campaign targeting Ina and David Steiner, who produced an online newsletter covering the e-commerce industry that had drawn the ire of eBay’s then-chief executive, Devin Wenig.

According to the criminal complaint, Baugh is alleged to have masterminded a plot that included sending the couple threatening messages, having a bloody pig’s-head mask and live spiders delivered to their home, and traveling to Natick to spy on the couple. Five people who worked for Baugh and Harville were also charged, but their superiors, including Wenig, were not.

Attorneys for Baugh and Harville are seeking to force eBay to turn over notes from interviews in two internal investigations with Baugh’s direct boss, former senior vice president Wendy Jones; former CEO Wenig; and others who have not been charged. Those could be useful to the defense if they showed higher-ups approved the campaign or offered some legal rationale for the actions.

….follow the link to read more on this fascinating peek into police and security contractor gang stalking

Related Story: James Baugh is a former police officer from Santa Clara, CA, which has long been a hotbed of corruption that some call “racketeering behind the bench,” and the sheriff finally indicted by a grand jury in a corruption scandal, and here we see that this “gang” of cops and intel agents included two from Santa Clara--not a coincidence, as these types of criminals seek each other out, and like any other gang, form alliances, and commit crimes.

It is these types that are who gang stalkers are, and nearly 100% of all gang stalking is current and former police, military, intelligence agents, and their associates. And most importantly, it was Baugh who brought the world’s attention to the fact that he was trained by the FBI to do the corrupt, illegal things that he did in this case–that under the FBIs traininhg, he learned how to brak the law and “get away with it.”

“It” caught up to him, and it can catch up to other gang stalkers too–so targets, get out there, and do the research, put these people in jail.

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