Help this targeted individual!? Never mind–Teo En Ming is helping himself to live the life he dreams of!

There is a very large segment of the “#fakeTI’s” online who are in fact, anti-pornography, anti-prostitution crusaders, masquerading as victims, and they are allied with the far-right PSYOP of “women’s empowerment,” which has roots in extremist religion.

These range from the various “domestic violence industrial complex (DVIC)” advocates like these women here who abuse the terms “torture, electronic torture, no-touch torture” and so on, deriving dollars from the HUGE HUGE DVIC money pot, to the moral crusaders, and gender biased organizations.

The astute readr will note that NONE of those who yammer on about such weaponry ever take up cases of actual torture like deep state anti-democracy events Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, or the US prison industrial complex–because those types are exactly who created, and benefit from such torture of others.

In one of comedian Louis CK’s stand-up routines, he talks about how there are people in this world that we’ve all unanimously decided never to love or have sex with. It builds up to the punchline, “If you feel bad for them and are like ‘awww’ why don’t you go find one tomorrow and fuck ‘em? Nah? I didn’t think so!”

I have docmented the strange antics of this subculture here, where I document women as stalkers, and in other places where I myself was stalked by former Playboy Bunnies; and that couple of times where I encountered a one person baby farm, the smokin’ hot Maureen Dizon, who has five kids by an unknown number of fathers.

All beautiful women, all stalkers affiliated with powerful figures in politics and policing-indeed, powerful enough to have at one point wiretapped my phone–and all f@cked in the head as regards their sex, sexuality, and choices regarding those aforementioned qualities.

Related Story: How bad, gender biased laws, based in junk science have replaced democratic processes, every time a morality panic is created by deep state actors–see the case of Marsy’s Law, and other pseudolaws for examples.

But not everyone is as f@cked as those American/western women who one day are capitalizing on their doll faces, tight asses and fine racks, to get ca$h and connections, and then, the next day ashamed of themselves and”reformed” into some religion or other, allied with deep state players who have convinced them to be ashamed of themselves for doing “that thing” that men and women have done for hundreds of millions of years–using what you got to get ahead, get some head, give some head–by using their head.

This form of influence operation, sexual PSYOP depends upon shame, guilt, and archaic notions of morality–but also and especially upon invading peoples privacy. The entire hidden state ranging from US-FVEY’s spying to Big Tech turning our data over to government, or the NSA-to-Israel handover of all of our data unfiltered reeks of voyeurism, a sexual paraphilia.

But also, lots of sadism too, as the power imbalance allows hidden operators to do hidden things to people they target. Here is an entre blog written by a “reformed” porn lover, and the entire thing is about post-MKULTRA reformist Catholic PSYOPs that target such women.

They get these women in a position/s where they break them financially, physically, and psychologically, and then, mobilize them into community based stalking games–but this also happens to men, too.

And, no, not all porn stars and prostitutes are total headfucked asshats like these I describe above, and no–not all people are ashamed of their dreams, or where their dreams have taken them either. But as PSYOP goes, sexual shame is among the most powerful psychological tools in the arsenal, just short of leveraging ones family members–or their children.

But also, mixed in with all of that is a lot of talk about “eugenics” and de-population, which cannot be missed in the gang stalking dialectic. And it has happened before, and it will happen again, because with the international banksters, destabilization via dpopulation is a pattern that repeats itself throughout history.

Want to meet a self-described “targeted individual” whose story includes all of that, and more?

Meet Teo En Ming, aka “Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming,” TI, who, like myself, is a big fan of Wireshark. He too publicized the whole Cuba Microwave Attacks thing, when EVIDENCE of such “weapons” came out, not before.

As I have written before, Wireshark can tell you with definitive, court room worthy evidence who is stalking you on your internet connection, or your cell phone–Wireshark is the network monitor that can tell no lies! Have a look here, and here where I discuss it a bit along with some other cunterintelligence stuff.

But who is Teo En Ming: Aspiring Actor and 40-Year Old Virgin? Or a delusional person who has “the unshakeable conviction that he is being monitored by the government. “Because I can be easily bullied? Or experimentation to study human behaviour? Government wants to study your behaviour and see how you fight back when you are being targeted?”

I think both can be true at the same time–after all, since the late 1990’s, the internet has been flooded by entities unknown with more free JAV porn, and other porn than anyone can possibly keep track of–hundreds of millions of free porn movies, websites, images and other related porn than anyone can possibly consume.

It makes sense that it is deep state PSYOP–but whose? I will leave it to the readers imagination to decide. BUt one thng is certain about nearly all the targeted individuals I have ever met, or encountered online: they are ALL one or another kind of activist–whether they are far right crusaders for Super Jesus, or far left democracy and civil rights advocates–ALL are activists of one kind or another.

And so is Ming From Rice Media:

En Ming’s story begins some time in 2007, when he was working at the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA).

One day I was having a private conversation with my manager in his office. I told him: Singapore is not a democracy. And if Lee Kuan Yew is gone, Singapore would be more democratic. From then on, I was targeted by the Singapore Government.”.

2 years later, when he was working at a different company, one of his managers “challenged me to complete an IT project within 2 or 3 weeks”.

“In response to his challenge, I used Lee Kuan Yew to make a bet. The targeting became worse.”

Here, looking more normal af.

En Ming sincerely believes that the government is ruining his life. With every lull in our conversation, he takes the opportunity to launch into another recount of government surveillance. Even vehicles leaving the carpark the moment he exits his HDB lift is not beyond suspicion.

When he talks about being targeted, he refers to two specific things. The first is being made to hear voices. The “main thrust of the message” he tends to hear is simply, “We are here to punish you because you offended Lee Kuan Yew!”

The second is being stalked by teenagers, people that he describes as being the ‘ah beng and ah lian type’*.

All of this has happened with less frequency since 2011. Of late, his preoccupation has been with how his Android phones tend to switch on by themselves.

“Obviously the Singapore Government planted spy apps on my Android phones. Otherwise it would not keep on powering up by itself,” he tells me..

Here is Lao Ming from LinkedIn:

Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming

Information Technology Support Engineer with Diploma (Conversion) in Computer Networking from Singapore Polytechnic 2017


I am looking for System Administrator, System Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Network Engineer, Cyber-Security Engineer, Information Technology Support Engineer, Desktop Support Engine…See more on LinkedIn

And more below from Alvinology:

Despite harsh commentaries by other people judging by his appearance and weird actions, Teo En Ming proves that looks can be deceiving. His records in scribd show he is academically excellent. He received a diploma at Singapore Polytechnic in Computer Networking, Network Administration, and Mechatronics with grades playing at a rating of DIS (DISTINCTION) and ‘A’ in almost all subjects. He ranked as a Second Class Honour at the National University of Singapore after taking the course Bachelor of Engineering major in Mechanical Engineering. He also completed Cisco training course with ‘B’ rating (70-74%), and a couple more certificates on short courses.

Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming also got a remarkable ‘A’ rating in all his subjects during the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Examination conducted by the Singapore Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. This only means that he is outrageously brilliant!

People who personally knew Teo En Ming mentioned at Singapore’s Hardware Zone forum that he was bankrupt, and that he was asking for monetary donations. They were surprised to see him back on track when he started posting photos hugging pretty girls during his visit to the Taiwan and Japan Adult Expo 2017. Some people say he was saving money to afford to go to these adult expos just to apply as JAV Porn Actor.

His amazing collection on Flickr also proves that he has excellent photography skills, and he knows what he’s doing. His Youtube Channel currently has 1.2K subscribers. Teo En Ming also admits on Facebook that he pays his models a minimum of 1000 Yen to agree to take photos with him. In the corporate world, that’s called ‘investment.’ This very smart strategy and dedicated passion really paid Teo En Ming a great deal by making his name known in the digital world.

Who is Teo En Ming (Turritopsis Dohrnii)? - Alvinology

Learn more about Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming at Singaporean Guy Attends Taiwan and Japan Adult Expo To Apply For JAV Porn Actor Role – Turritopsis Dohrnii.

So–who are targeted individuals? What happens in gang stalking? The sky is the limit for the smart TI, but as we see in his case, one must get the hell out of the places where the stalkers can play their best game, and get to other places, where you can take the ball to the net, stomping on their feet on your drive there.

And, gaining other allies, in other places, who can help you fight back.

As I noted above, a HUUUUUUGE portion of gang stalking is related to pornography and prostitution, as conservatives have taken their book burnings underground, and the various states and federal black programs on one hand distribute pornography of all kinds, and on the other, use that to police speech, association, and also to blackmail “targeted individuals,” too.

I would bet that over half of the members of Congress have a dossiere at the FBI/CIA/ foreign intelligence service unspecified, and that file has their porn surfing habits in it. For the deep state, pornography and blackmail are synonymous activities, too.

And it does in fact tie in with political punditry, and Big Pharma in ways that aren’t as easily apparent too. For example, here is feminist icon Naomi Wolf fretting that pornography rots men’s barains, as none other than Vaughan Bell weighs in on the dopamine involved.

My avid readers will recall Bell as a “gang stalking denialist,” and full metal jacket government/corporate psychology/other shill, from his work here. In fact, he is on record early and often as a gang stalking denialist, and gaslighter of TI’s–and was integral in denying that the internet has the potential to be used for “mind control” too.

SO, there’s THAT.

Well–you can read through all that and come to some of your own conclusions, but I have mine: while men are the primary targets of deep state, Big Pharma, prison industrial complex, religious cause unspecified, women are also targeted in this way–and MIng? He is probably quite right about his situation, but like all actual TI’s, he makes a mere attribution error by blaming “the government,” when in fact, it is MANY governments, NGO’s, and corporate actors in Big Tech doing the work of the Great Pornography PSYOP.

*More about ah beng and ah lian here

2 thoughts on “Help this targeted individual!? Never mind–Teo En Ming is helping himself to live the life he dreams of!

  1. I am also being gang stalked by far right Christians, hearing voices and my own voice as if coming from speakers. Infrasonic DEW? Feonic speakers? Alpha wave packet capture? Crazy shit.


    1. Yah, I don’t have any advice about that. I never experienced that level of weirdness.

      I did at one point have some Fusion Center asshats repeat my recorded voice over my phone, and on one occasion I was able to trace them because they had left their computer mic turned on.

      Echoing type of sounds, and chatter about “what he is looking at” on the screen, and “switch to screen two” type of chatter. All Fusion Centers.

      I used Wireshark to validate my claims–in those days, Fusion Centers were new, and they all used special contract networks, and weren’t smart enough to use a front company to hide their names in the IP address blocks.

      Well, as usual, read my self-help sections, free tools, etc. Wireshark is both complex and simple–the simple feature is that you get instant confirmation of what is called packet loss–meaning someone or something is dropping or stealing your data, and also easy conformation of what are called “lawful intercepts.”

      Used in spurts (using it for more than ten minutes at a time will overwhelm you) it can tell you a whole lot about what is going on around you.

      Back to the whispering messages–because so many of those who claim that are themselves religious, its hard to separate the crackpot #fakeTI’s from what could well be happening as you describe.

      Technology isn’t hard to figure out, but unfounded claims arare a waste of time.

      Most noise harassment is coming from cars, or apartments near you.


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