Will the FBI investigate gang stalking? Nope–its their guys doing it. Meet @newsman56, in Lee County Florida, while yet another Quantico trained, dirtbag sheriff is under DoJ investigation

Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association has brought a case to my attention, and I am tracking down the case of one targeted individual, and a likely dirty Sheriff Carmine Marcino of Lee County Florida, in the Fort Meyers area, and it looks like another typical gang stalking sheriff.

The good news though, is that he is under investigation by the Department of Justice, last I checked.

The bad news?

He is yet another sheriff who was installed by neocons–but not before he graduated from the FBI Academy at Quantico, where according to one now indicted eBay gang stalker, James Baugh, the FBI “trains people to do illegal things,” virtually daring their victims to sue, which most folks cannot afford to do.

Related Story: Richard Moore documents gang stalking like no one else online. And I NEVER have asked anyone to support my writing, or anyone elses work, until I looked over Moore’s case. I now ask my readers to contribute to his Go Fund Me, so that he can continue his excellent, fearless work in this area. BUt his local “community policing” gangs have made it very difficult for him, recently running his car into a ditch and totalling it, amongst other things. I also note that if anyone had said that one day I would strike up an alliance with a bible thumping guy with a southern accent, I would have called them absolutey insane–until that one day…. when I read through Moore’s case, watched through his sometimes hard to watch videos, and read his legal papers.

In other words–the base FBI philosophy is fascism, by definition, augmented by “secret policing.” Not a good look for a “democratic nation,” but hey–that’s America, folks. In other words, the FBI is filling sheriff’s departments with people who have no respect for law, civil rights, due process, or anything else–that they are peopled ONLY with those who believe that power in its most opernicious form is what grants “rights.”

–so I ask again–will the FBI investigate gang stalking sheriff’s? Not monkey-fucks-a-monkey likely–that’s why they put these types into power, and keep them there by the “soft force” policy of gang stalking dissenters and actual victims.

And its amazing how psychologists like Dr’s David V. James, and Lorraine Sheridan play along with those types of social constructs–those constructs which defy the social compact entirely.

I recently watched yet another series of video’s, where a guy named James WIlliams documents the same type of asshat behaviors as does Richard Moore–huge trucks squealing tirs in front of his house, endless calls to the sheriff’s deartment, and especially this: he documents his main complaint, that the speed limit in front of his house is 40 mph, yet catches video after video of these asshats doing 55, -75 mph.

He says “they especially do this when the schoolbus is stopping for kids.”

That caught my eye for sure–and so I began to watch, and sure enough, they do exactly that.

WIlliams runs the Youtube channel Neighbors From Hell Staley Rd and can be found @newsman56 on TikTok. He has dozens of videos of that exact behavior, and more, including:

  • honking horns
  • harassing phone calls and emails
  • people stopping, and shouting obscenities at him
  • various other forms of stalking, death threats, and more

All over the USA, wherever there are asshat conservatives in power, gang stalking takes place. And so do gang stalking lawsuits, though they are not always called “gang stalking lawsuits.”

The thing about targeted individuals is that they don’t exist in a bubble–and most of them live in jurisdictions with corrupt sheriff’s departments, a story as old as the OK Corall, where we saw some total back shooting cowards elevated to hero’s status by American historians bent on creating the mythology of the Old West.

The problem is, those types of asshats are EVERYWHERE in policing of all kinds, even today, as are the myths they create. And of those nyths, the mmyth that gang stalking doesn’t exist, or that targeted individuals are either “a danger to society,” or “delusional” has seen its last days, as its all caught on film.

In fact, Wiliams AND Moore have extensive cell phone video, Ring Camera footage, and hours upon hours of the activities I describe above–all caught on film.

And that footage includes calls and reports to police who do nothing, and crimes that occur–on film–that the sheriff’ departments will do nothing to investigate.

So, I ask my readers to do that, and maybe, get on the case, because gang stalking is a threat to democracy everywhere.

9 thoughts on “Will the FBI investigate gang stalking? Nope–its their guys doing it. Meet @newsman56, in Lee County Florida, while yet another Quantico trained, dirtbag sheriff is under DoJ investigation

  1. I’m in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been stalked now for over two years and it’s been excruciating, I’ve vomited blood and wondered if I would die, my head has sometimes felt like it would fry and explode from pressure. The perverted sexual (and paedophilic, let’s not confuse the two!) comments and ‘feelings’ are awful and the death threats to me and other threats to my family are a lot to have to hear. They seem to have gotten at least close to my heart and veins all over. I think I know who is behind it, but I can’t be sure and I’m scared to say. I don’t dream anymore or have visual thoughts, only what is ‘put’ there. I don’t want to die and I can’t understand why one or more individuals could ever see a need for torture, let alone this sort. I know that probably sounds naive, but I don’t. We have laws. We have jails. I need my body and mind back to being my own.


    1. Hi, Monique.

      I hope things get better for you, amd take care of yourself..

      TBH, when people say things like ” I’ve vomited blood and wondered if I would die,” I wonder if maybe a drug or alcohol problem is involved.

      So–take care of yourself.


      1. Nope, I haven’t even been taking paracetamol. It’s from what they’ve done. There’s definitely weapons involved.


      1. I know what it was. They were talking at the same time and I could feel the weapon/s affecting me.


      2. OK, good luck with that. And maybe, see my posts about how the US-FVEYs have tapped all undersea cables in your area too.

        Electronics indeed. They are a two way street though, and you can turn them back at those who target you too.


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