Fake-terror, Michigan kidnapping plot, Jayson Chambers, ExeIntel LLC. Mission statement: “the territory of OSINT is our playground”

Profiling the Profilers: the case of FBI-Infragard collusion to subvert democratic discourse, and create a “terror” event.

This is the ExeIntel “About Us” statement. Click the link to download a copy. Contributed by Ken Bensinger (BuzzFeed)

My readers might recall how the FBI used 12 informants to create a “manufactured terror event” out of whole cloth, and that those informants were “handled” by three agents who are now suspect, and impeachable as witnesses due to credibility issues.

To sane people, what that agency is doing defies law and logic, by every metric–an indicator that democracy has died, and been replaced with “something else.”

One of those agents, Jayson Chambers was double dipping, running an LLC that applies open source intelligence to the manufacture of “terrorism,” whatever that is these days. IN most cases, it is “words” that criticize that agencies notoriously narcissistic and sociopathic purposes.

I post this link, because the FBI and its Infragard agent attempted to scrub the web to hide this link.

To get an idea what that means, imagine this ExeIntel company–which was run by an Infragard agent–profiling people on social media who have the dangerous weapon of “an opinion” stated online in a Twitter, Facebook, or other posting.

What companies like this do, is to then download the targets profile, and weed through it for all identifying data.

They then send “trolls” to that persons accounts, and those trolls do a variety of things, starting with “friend requests” or “added to a friends ist” and so on.

Those trolls then follow the person who has an opinion, and when they feel that the right political moment arrives, they then begin to seed discussions with rhetoric designed to get a reaction out of the person they have profiled–and mind you, that profiling can be extensive, and last over several years, before these “psychological operations” commence.

These types of activities undermine democracy, and create a climate of fear in the population–and it indicates that such US agencies and their activity is for sale, to whoever wants to use them to stage theatrical events, like the #fakeTerror we saw in this case, and so many others.

This type of activity has forced the populace into inventing new words, terms, phrases and even new artifacts of such a culture, because democracies have never had to use such terms as “manufactured terror” before, relying instead on due process of law, civil liberty, and words and phrases that all people held in common understanding.THat is no longer true.

Here is a short list of terms that had no need for the citizens to understand previous to the “manufactured terrorism” era:

  • web scrubbing: similar to the accepted term “white washing” or the colloquial phrase “covering your ass” but distinctly different in many ways these previous terms do not encompass. Web scrubbing is different in the following ways-\

-it entails a level of connection to social media, Google and other search engines, extensive web crawlers and spiders, “bots” and more–all of these with the sole purpose of cleaning up “dirty”activity.

-In this, it is not merely pre-emptive, as in “white washing” which is the equivalent of a “little white lie” but rather, it is a lie of the most grand proportion, and entails extensive activity to the extent that if a citizen did such things, it would implicate them in crimes–destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, and more. We see this highlighted in EVERY MASS SHOOTING, and most recently the Michigan Oxford school shooting, where in a unique example, the school itself scrubbed the web of details. Whereas Big Tech and its collusion with federal agencies usually performs that task, we now see it “normalized” into our public institutions– alseepage of criminality into democracy.

-it is also different than “covering your ass” because CYA is a matter of having “dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.” In this latter category, we see that far beyond i’s and t’s, it requires extensive knowleage of “IT” internet technology–that it is so very far beyond simply doing the “right thing” that it requires exptensive collaboration and even collusion–in fact, actual “conspiracy” to hide, obscure, or otherwise destroy evidence that is connected to crimes, which I will cover later. It involves uncrosing t’s, and un-dotting i’s, so much so, that it has real world effects–not merely hiding the ball on the internet, but asking criminal informants to also lie about events, as we see in the Michigan case

  • colluding parallel investigations: the original term “colliding parallel investigations” has its origins in the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) literature, a term signifying parallel investigation, a tactic that government proscutors use to gain evidence in illicit ways, for example, having the Securities and Exchange Commission investigate a prson while at the same time having other federal agencies, and even local and state agents running concurrent investigations. But collusion is what it really is, because its a violation of not merely ethics, bt also accepted standards of prosecution–it is as some call it “criminality waged from the bench,” and hence the need for a new term to describe it. Collusion in this case is the FBI agent Chambers working with an Infragard agent to subvert the need to create open records, or to follow FBI procedures. No merely double dipping, but rather violating the internal rules of investigation, and hoping not to get caught, much as any criminal activity.
  • fake terror: Anyone who has experienced a terrorism event knows that it is terrifying. BUt when agents conspire in the schemes above, the general public not only has no feeling of terror, but rather revulsion to what has become of its agencies, and the lengths they will go to to pander for funding–of even more manufactured terror. Its appalling and counter-constitutional at every level of democracy.
  • word policing: the idea that speech should be policed is not new, and it has occured in every banana republic, fascist dictatorship, or under other totalitarian forms of government.But what makes it a new term in the context of democracies, is that as we see, the extensive machinery of Big Tech, and its collusion with such agencies mandates a need for a new term to describe this activity in a democratic context. Many news stories since the early “War on Terror” era featured local police, harassing, investigating, arresting and even jailing people for “words and opinions” expressed online, and that ttrend has grown exponentially, to the point where it now forms an entire industry that does that alone–the “threat assessment” industrial complex. It is its own entity as a policing mchanism.

These above are just a few of the words and ters that are emerging, as we see our agencies performing acts that would be criminal if a citizen did them during an investigation–but which are entirely the new normal for these law and due process defying agencies.

And, they are highlighted in this case too.

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