Watch “Busted !! Watch this pathetic Criminal perform a criminal theater” on YouTube

I ask my readers to follow along as Richard Moore meets with a woman who allegedly steals his stuff.

That woman can be found elsewhere on my blog, search terms “k10art,” “Kristen Harrison Kimbrell” and so on.

I suspect some mental illness–her, not him– combined with policing practices that prey upon the mentally ill is at work, but I await further evidence of that.

Police get these people into a compromising situation, and she has indicated that this is the case too, and then moblize them into sociopathic activity, in what is called “community policing.”

In the case at hand, Richard Moore met with this woman, and then, his electronic devices were hacked, his bank accounts frozen, and later, she drove off with his electronic devices, clothing, and other personal posessions in her car.

The goal of these police is to stop Richard Moore from pursuing his three cases against them in federal court. Every indicator is there that this is the goal, and I suspect that when he gets the opportunity to subpoena such facts, that they will be evident in discovery.

In the short time I have followed him–some eight months–the Union County and Lee County Mississippi sheriffs departments have arrested him on multile fraudulent charges, always such charges getting tossed out of court, and surveilled him, stalked him at his home, ran his car off the road, and kicked in his door. Obviously their goal is NOT serving or protecting anyone or anything but their criminal operations.

This is what “gangs” of “stalkers” do. This is “democracy” in the USA.

In this case, I have several names, and will provide them to law enforcement and others in various jurisdictions to get a criminal investigation rolling–but I won’t hold my breath, as this type of criminality is nearly always “gangs” of “police,” themselves–and I ask the reader to note that this is what American “democracy” is these days–a criminal state apparatus, preying on its citizenry, in bizarre ways.

And that’s not my opinion–that is what the facts above indicate, by every metric.

United States anti gang stalking association

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