Incantations: my four eager readers might want to take note–I am Sirius, but also Orion, Mirzam, and Capella, I sing such songs

Sing along with me: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn–YOUR ANUS, Neptune!

I have four stalkers in my ass crack tight now–and ass soon ass I published this, my internet “got funny”–and I mean, asa soon ass I published it. Then, there were eight.

Predictably, because the number two is important to those of us who track such petty things, most observers who know my (good) works will observe the following: “two by two, male and female, they entered the ark to join Noah, just as God had commanded. JPS Tanakh 1917 there went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, male and female, as God commanded Noah”

Fuck Noah, and the Ark he rode in upon–these types of people wil never be my allies, nor my benefactors (but if you want my attention, please contribute to the Go Fun Me of Richard Moore, who runs the fearless gag stalker exposure netwrok “North Mississippi Anti Gag Stalking Assiociation.” He is a REAL target, as opposed to these geo-political and self interested academics who masquerade as “targets.”

Most sane, or aware people would be concerned if they hit “publish” in WordPress blog, and within seconds, have four readers who tried to click a link.But What Me Worry?

I am well aware of a few things that elude most observers–by training, and intuition, and research. Have a look here at how WordPress mods check in on blogs after the US FVEYs aparatus and its many, many total asshats file complaints and attempt to stifle free speech on the WP platform.

WP is one of the most free and easy to use platforms you will ever find, withot the spy agency crap that platforms like Facebook willingly enable. WP might in fact be one of the last free speech platforms on the entire web–they have helped many targeted individuals find acces tothe public’s eyes and ears.

Well–many WP mods, and some of those mods IC affiliated, use anonymous food and photography blogs to communicate with each other, and with the intel apparatus (please, my friends in WP don’t deplatform me again for revealing that fact in the publics interetsts!)

Regardless, I have backups–the internet is a two way street, if you do it right. And it helps to have others to help watch the watchers, even if some of those watchers are somewhat naieve about how the FBI/DHS/ itel agencies unspecified abuse the WP terms of service. And so, I expose them, when I can, and teach othrs how intelligence agency social engineering works–how one asshat IC player can destroy targets who simply seek access to the [ublic, in order to save themselves from the onslaught of Big Tech, and its police state pals’

Because gang stalkers who believe in democracy roll like that. And because I roll like that.

Semi-related Story: The curious case of political scientist Professor Anne-Marie Brady – an academic at the University of Canterbury (UC) “When your professional career is premised on confronting the geopolitical ambitions of a military superpower, which boasts a sophisticated global intelligence network that is known to have a presence in your own country, it is hard not to be intimidated by the imminent threat surrounding you.”

So–as we see repeatedly, western democracies are not democracies by any definition of the term–lets look at terminlogy briefly:

democracy NOUN 1. a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Ahh! That one word–“eligible” is quite an interesting loophole, isn’t it? What exactly is “eligible” in a democracy, and who decides who is “eligible?”

Wait for it–I can tell you:

police state NOUN 1. a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

What a contrast–that I am an American citizen who learned the hard way that America is a police state, not in fact a democracy at all.AT every junction, thoroughfare, alley and gate, I leraned that the police state secretly governs ALL ACTIVITY, using methods that cannot pass constitutional scrutiny–because I always suffered from a serious “delusion,” and thet delusion was that I lived i a democracy, where ALL the people–ALL the population is in fact eligible to enjoy the benefits of what democracy has to offer.

Crazy me! Delusional as hell! I admit–finally!! That I am fully delusional! Delusion, delusion, delusion. I had some idea that I lived i a democracy!

Nope–ot even close.

While I am fully eligible for citizenship, and i fact am a US citizen–born in the USA as The Boss would say–I could never quite stomach the type of Catholic hype that the Boss represents. And as such, Iwas gang stalked by Lacrosse playing white females from major colleges, and other female bullies who represent the worst of humanity–I learned that American society is organized in a fascist, police state infrastructure, fully exploited at all times by IC players, and that social enforcement schemes are in fact run by legacy FBI/DHS individuals and their families.

I have records of that, and prevailed in exactly ONE lawsuit against them, putting a security company out of business..But to little avail–the individual who headed that lives in Wayzata Minnesota, and he has yet to meet the end that he needs to meet for doing what he did to me, and many others.

As Wanda Cooper-Jones said of the backdoor deal that allowed the murderers of her son to attempt to get a federal plea deal–the betrayal of every American value is on display, when prosecutiors offer leniecy to gags of murders who stalk people, and kill them.

Plea deals do not do justice to stalkers–they only encourage gang stalkers to commit further crimes. So–prosecute them fully, and without regard for their feelz.

Related Story: The Theology of Bruce Springsteen, and actual course taught at Rutgers University

There is a certan delusional “belief” that may westr people have–that somehow, they live “free” of state control mechanisms, and daily manipulation by secret policing of their associations, ad other relatioal data. NNothig could be fartther from the truth.

I personally never experieced that freedom, living as I did, in western “demcracies” whose secret policig rivals–indeed, exceeds, the excesses of “communist” nations, who, for the most part, dont give a shit about what you do, as long as it doesn’t threaten the state, or ts obvious antithetical basis in “freedom.” So “democracy” as such. is subjective-and comunit countries are far more likely to grant freedom of speech, as long as you do not infect official channels with your own opinions.

After that–all things being “equal” one thing I have learned is this: neither form of governance is democratic. As such, western “democracies” should shut the hell up–because if democracy boils down to only what form of a crucified “saviour” you choose to “believe in?” Well-he died for a reason indeed–and religion won’t solve that.

And in that, we meet the Hegelian Materialsim, face to face–but also, gain allies who can and do document the police states that the western nations have become, and those police states, not at all in alignment with either law and process, or “Jesus.”

The case of Richard Moore in Mississippi demonstrates that conflict in ann exemplary fashion.

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