Who are the gang stalkers? Its the most important question victims can ask–and the question of the importance in free societies is a Fallacy of Relative Privation

Gang stalking is a brutal form of social control, and cases can be found all over the world, under every form of government. And most who are actual victims do not report “directed energy weapons, mind control, and satellites zapping” them, but instead, describe the activity of organized religious, political groups, or intelligence agencies ranging from private contractors to nation level stalkers..

The fallacy of relative privation, or appeal to worse problems, is an informal fallacy which attempts to suggest that the opponent’s argument should be ignored because there are more important problems in the world, despite the fact that these issues are often completely unrelated to the subject under discussion.

Or “whattaboutism.”

Who are the gang stalkers is a very important question that all of their victims and those who help victims must ask, as security and intelligence contractors, nation state actors–local political actors, coporations, church groups, women’s groups and more operate with impunity, and cause actual damages.

The actual political or religious goal and the intrinsic nature or mentality of the stalkers changes relative to location, nation, political purposes, and form of governance, but the tactics are the same everywhere: they are designed to disrupt and destroy their targets. Have a look at the eBay gang of stalkers for a good example of how inter-agency cooperation both enabled the case–and destroyed its perpetrators too.

There are, in fact, good people who work in every agency, in every jurisdiction–the targets job is to find those people. But also, to be cautious of the bad actors in these agencies–have a look at how dirty FBI agents framed a bunch of people, and then, how those dirty agents then came under scrutiny themselves, with the agency then scrubbing the evidence of this “state crime” from the web.

Here is a case from Kenya, that implicates a bank and its hive of christian employees, and here is a case from China where superstitious people from the fringe group Falun Gong, allied with America’s far right, were stalked by the government.

Here is a case from America, where the FBI blames the Chinese for stalking its citizens–while vastly overlooking how the FBI itself not only forms gangs, after stalking them online and off, but is implicated by nearly all rational observers as the primary organization carrying out gang stalking, a tactic they teach at Quantico.

Here’s a case from New Zealand, where an academic with the Wilson Institute blames the Chinese for a harassment campaign. It cannot be forgotten that Woodrow Wilson enabled the Protestant, white supremacist Ku Klux Klan, and that the academic in question, Anne-Marie Brady is the direct philosophical descendant of his policy and practice.

The New Zealand case is especially interesting, because while a white female, Brady was lamenting being “targeted,” a non-white New Zealand refugee was also being targeted, with his targeting culminating in a mass stabbing event. In that case, he had been imprisoned virtually from the day he came there as a refugee, targeted in prison with the usual violence, rape, and other abuses that western prisons are known for–and then, upon his release, he was closely monitored online and off, demied his attempt to leave that country, and finally stalked for 53 days, by 30 by police from several agencies, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

And here is a case from Singapore, that began while a man worked at the nation’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), an unsurprisingly common scenario. criticizing the fact that Singapore is not a democracy–that man involved with pornography, and infatuated with the idea of becoming a porn star himself–also part of the psychological operations that are involved in this world wide targeting.

In the latter case, the agency involved is that nations main internet spy agency–and for an agency with a professed “low operational risk appetite,” they are in fact quite sloppy, running VPN connections through Huawei address blocks, and using standard VPN IP addresses that can be picked out of any Wireshark data set, in a possible attempt to cast blame on Beijing.

And I have other cases from around the world that I do not discuss too, for the protection of the actual victims of these practices. SO, these cases are worldwide, and anything but contiguous–there is no one size fits all category of “gang stalking.”

In that, the researcher must identify first, the politics, practices, and other biographical data about the targeted individuals in rder to begin mapping the connections, and identifying possible perpetrators. Then, target them back.

I ask the reader t follow along in the case of Richard Moore of North Mississippi, whose case is relatively easy to follow compared to these others. And even then, and despite overwhelming evidence os state level harassment, state and federal US agencies refuse to investigate or prosecute his stalkers, indicating that gang stalking, aka “imtelligence led predictive policing,” has become de facto US policy towards its own citizens.

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