Goats rituals, far right Nazi cults in Rolling Stone Magazine, and Richard Moore in Mississippi: will the FBI investigate gang stalking?

I have been covering the curious case of a targeted individual in Mississippi that includes “goats” that he claims were sent to his doorstep “by Homeland Security” and its many opaque stalking programs. He also claims–with evidence–that the Mississippi Department of Public Safety is misusing federal grant money for “human trafficking” to target him with obscene and profane practices, some of which you can read about here.

I advised him to kill the damned things, if its within the law.

But first, we need to talk about the ram. Because that ram — actually, a terrified goat with diarrhea — died for all our sins of the past four centuries.

from “Years Infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and Biker Gangs
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Scott B., FBI infiltrator Image: Rolling Stone

Seriously: Mr. Moore is a living, breathing scapegoat, a low level sex offender whose “crime” borders on the ridiculous–but that which we have come to expect from states dependent upon the new slavery, aka the privatized prison system. And, he was quite likely framed in one of the worst frame jobs I have ever looked at–I have read his whole case, from frame to final appeal–there is no justice in the US, only Masonic shenanigans in the courts. His case has echoes of the case of Ted White in Missouri, who eventually wo a 30 million dollar settlement, and bankrupted the crappy little town that framed him.

And the irony of a Dixie Mafia/slavery state like Mississippi, whose attorney general, Lynn Fitch hails from legacy slave owners and has fundraisers on a plantation can’t be lost on my readers. That state didn’t officially end slavery until 2013--such a place has no claim to anything resembling “fighting human trafficking,” much less the absurdity of attempting to deny that they are not targeting Mr. Moore using those funds set aside for victims as they do-so much so that he has three federal lawsuits on the docket right now,

Yeah–the state is full of goats, and neckbeards of all kinds–all kinds of goats–real goats, and metaphor goats, and scapegoats too. You can have a look around my blog, search term scapegoats, kill goats, biblical goats, and so on. Also, have a look at this weird connection there to one “k10art,” aka “Kristen Harrison KImbrell,” who recently travelled interstate in order to steal Mr. Moore’s electronic recording equiptment and his underwear and other things, according to him–yeah–these cases are weird indeed.

But there’s hope: writers are winning Pulitzer Prizes writing about gang stalking cases, and then have a look at the recent Rolling Stone article below, where a reporter, on the FBI string reported what we all know about modern Naziism and witchcraft, based in the shamanistic/kabbalistic practices of “scapegoats.”

FBI Infiltrator Spent 25 Yers Infiltrating Nazi’s–but Never Once Infiltrated Zionist, Israeli Gangs.

Years Infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and Biker Gangs

Scott was a top undercover agent for the FBI, putting himself in harm’s way dozens of times. Now, he’s telling his story for the first time to sound the alarm about the threat of far-right extremists in America

By Paul Solotaroff

January 31, 2022

We’ll come to the homegrown terrorists he foiled and the race war they tried to foment. To the journalists he saved from assassination and the synagogue marked for carnage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To the gun-rights march on the steps of a state capitol, where they planned to pick off cops and rallygoers. There’s time enough to valorize the work of Scott B., an undercover fed who breached far-right death squads and squashed their national web of terror cells. (Scott requested that his surname not be used for the sake of his family’s safety.)

Last summer, when he retired at 50 from the FBI, Scott left the bureau as one of the most storied agents since Joe Pistone, the real-life Donnie Brasco. For two-plus decades, he cracked landmark cases and won every laurel they give to undercovers. Months out of the game, though, he can’t stop brooding over the threat he left behind. He knows better than anyone that it’s later than we think, and that each day brings us closer to the next 9/11 — this one launched by our own children.

But first, we need to talk about the ram. Because that ram — actually, a terrified goat with diarrhea — died for all our sins of the past four centuries.

It is Halloween evening 2019, and Scott — undercover coordinator for the FBI and special agent dispatched to its Joint Terrorism Task Force — is shivering in three layers, including tactical gear, in the pitch-black woods of northern Georgia. He has infiltrated a domestic-terror group called the Base, posing as a former skinhead who calls himself PaleHorse and is expert in hand-to-hand combat. Scott and 11 Base members are walking an unmarked path to a clearing above a creek bed. He doesn’t know most of the men he’s with; they’ve come from far distances to this encampment on a farm for a four-day training block on guerrilla warfare. Five of them traveled from Northeast states with assault rifles and armor in their car trunks. Another, a young psycho who calls himself ZoomGnat, has been up for two days straight on Adderall and Red Bull and has driven from Texas without stopping. None of them call one another by their given names, only their noms de guerre: Pestilence, PunishSnake, BigSiege, etc. Several are ex-military with munitions training and the wherewithal to take out power stations. Others are self-taught tactical freaks who shoot and move as nimbly as paratroopers. The internet will teach you anything these days, including how to start a race war in three steps.

….click the link to read more–follow the dots!

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