STALKING for Dummies

The various “gangs” of “stalkers” are ALWAYS comprised of current and former state workers, police, military and intelligence agents–often headed by an FBI agent, or private contractor on the state dollar.

These gangs specialize in a form of terrorism that is well documented online, whereby they surround a target’s vehicle, and attempt to run the driver off the road–Richard Moore’s case has many examples of that, and as of December of last year, they totalled his car, running it into a ditch.

But they attempt “disruption and derailments” of all kinds, not limited to simply trying to kill or maim people–have a look at Moore’s channel, and note that a woman recently attempted to infiltrate his humble life, and then, to to rob him of his electronics, in an attempt to drive a wedge between his proogress.

She got his electronics, and I think a pair of his underwear–some weird fetish these people have as we saw in the case of Jennifer Dohrn–but that’s all. His Kracker Pride is intact, as is his narrative, while she scored some tightey-whitey’s.

For a minute, he blamed me, and called me a dummie–I blamed him, called him a goat and a few other things, and you can see my opinion on the linked post (seriously folks–learn the law, and don’t play by their rules: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.) You can view that piss-poor infiltration starting here, which I covered AS IT HAPPENED.

Related Story: One of the most preserved web sites on the web involves a guy who was harassed in the 1990’s with these same tactics. He wrote a really cool blog “Spy v SPy,” which is preserved here for posterity.

But really–we both blame the asshat who stole his stuff, who I covered elsewhere on this blog, KW “k10” “Kristen” “newest fan”and so on.

I mean–stealing a guys underwear is just, um….weird.

The electronics though, I get that–many cowards want Moore’s ability to report this stuff silenced, and you can find evidence of that all over this blog, and at his Youtube/Quora/Instagram channels. And it ain’t “the commies” doing it–it’s “American’s who love freedom!”–and their rats and snitches of course, can’t forget that.

Merica so free…

I still disagree with Moore in this case–its not like his stop by that F-Troop asshat who tried to frame him back in December, planting a knife next to his hand and shouting “STAY AWAY FROM THE KNIFE!!!” as the squad car dash camera rolled.

Regardless of the stalkers who tried to cause a car crash, either the videographer learns to get it ALL on film, or it didn’t happen–that’s how these things work in “reality.”

And even then? You still have to follow lawful police orders–and not resist arrest, and tell your story in the squad car–let the dashcam tel the rest.

But its a bad look, resisting on film, TBH. Dont do it–be the better person at all times, because these are civil rights you are representing–and we need GOOD EVIDENCE, not just someone filming saying “Yeah, but why you doin’ all that!?”

Whatever that is? GET IT ON FILM. All of it, BEFORE these stalking asshats get the upper hand on you, and AFTER you make yourself look the fool on THEIR cameras.

United States anti gang stalking association

Seems that those that claim to be knowledgeable about organized criminal stalking, are in fact not.

Bait and switch highway assault:

This is when a group of criminal stalkers working with law enforcement, box in and target the victim. When the victim attempts to retreat from the rolling trap they are often for Ed off the road and many have very serious accidents.So.e even die.

I have personally been the victim of this strategy many times including the last one on December 31 2021, which left me with no car.

I recently posted the results of another person, Andre Morton being trapped by this same criminal play. Morton was traveling in a boxed in setup and then targeted by a Mississippi hwy patrolman. It’s impossible to clock Morton while he is surrounded with 5 other vechials going faster and having him in a rolling box trap. Yet he pulls over…

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