Hephaestus is on hiatus in some areas of our country–so I am hammering out details, writing an an ode to Tubal Cain and his fellow trowel slingers in gang stalking–and goats, of course

Ritual, symbols, and mysticism is everywhere in the dialectic of organized gang stalking–and if you can learn to spot the semantic flourishes of those who target others online, you will become a better sword maker. And for my ourposes taday, I am researching the odd phenomenon of American police and others in their covens circles shooting people in the back–my “few” readers will know why I research this.

I can still feel the soft southern wind on the leaves in the trees…And those William’s boys they still mean a lot to me–Hank and Tennessee….But what do you do, with good ol’ boys like me? -Don Williams

I have covered a few rituals and symbolic “un-naming” practices here where I discuss the “anti-conspiracy theory” movement and influence operations online, and here and here where I cover a couple of the groups that use similar vocabulary and symbolic code to signal each other online and off, but there are tens of thousands of other examples. For my purposes–and the purposes of those who are targeted by one or another faction of assholes, it’s a skill you will come to cherish.

One of my readers was recently robbed by a member of a legacy family that stretches from Mississippi to Kentucky, to Ohio, and Indiana. But that event was “foreshadowed” much earlier. Life imitates (bad) art in these cases. And in that event, it is important that the person who committed the crime sent text messages stating that she was in contact with the sheriff that is being sued.

Well, that aside–I am personally having a party of a time, drinking some champagne, and slaps on the back go all around as I sweep up over this great article in Rolling Stone right now, a story about a deep cover FBI operative, aka an agent provocateur, and I think others in the lamestream press are getting interested in these stories–but interested in these stories OUTSIDE of the official narrative that we see in that piece.

See the source image
Anyone who would kill a goat for shits and giggles–or superstiions about blood rituals– deserves a pair of devil horns plugged into their ass. This story above is from South Africa in 2018

As I had written early and often about this odd scapegoating thingy that the far right and cabbalists who are all over the map are known for, I began to look for examples in the gang stalking dialectic where these rituals appear–which is EVERYWHERE.

And, everywhere you have the international mafia, and its diamond brokers funding local mayhem, you also have their signatures of various kinds. But what I want to point out is that this case is from South Africa, and I have several readers from there too, because witch craft beliefs are very prevalent, all over Africa.

Goat Rescued With Knife In Its Back While Trying To Be Used For ‘ritual. Photos by nairafamedotcom5:23pm On Oct 032018
Police officers have launched a manhunt after a blood soaked goat was found bleating in agony on a beach opposite a hotel in South Africa used by the rich. A voodoo dagger was plunged up to the hilt in the goat’s back.Police believe it was supposed to have been slaughtered as a sacrifice in a black magic ritual during a full moon but escaped from its tether and was found the following dawn. The goat was found bleating in pain on Camps Bay beach in Cape Town – a top tourist spot – opposite The Bay Hotel.It is thought a group of devil worshippers had taken the black goat – its colour is significant in witchcraft rituals – down to the shoreline to slaughter it in the shallows. The handle of the sacrificial knife found in the goat’s back had been wrapped in red cloth and what appears to be human hair. Cape of Good Hope SPCA, an animal rescue charity, were called out by police and managed to calm and catch the goat and transfer it back to their hospital for medical attention.
Scape goating ritual has its origins in the Talmud and Torah

The Congo is a case of rampant cannibalism and witchcraft, which I touched on here and other places, but again–its all over Africa, and fueled by superstition, no different than the case in Rolling Stone, or the ongoing case in Union County, Mississippi. If there is any substantive difference it is that Africans have a different skin color than the white Nazi’s who do this stuff in the US–yet one of them claims to be “evolved” in some way as a master race, lol. Seriously.

What makes the Richard Moore case intersting though, is that he has documented not only the connection to the goats who pracice witch craft–and other craft, as we see him naming one of his own personal back stabbing cowards, who is a Free Mason–but that he has documented it with indisputable evidence. I ask my three favorite readers to investigate that link–its pretty solid at this point.

Have a read back on “The Witches of Union County, Mississippi” for reference, but also use my search feature , search terms “richard Moore, UNion County, Lee County, Jimmy, JImmy’s, and big fat criminal house running whore fag bitches, and witches” for posts about that.

And You Better Get Ready! It’s an eye opener. And get your boots on too, as ghostly shitkickers will soon figure in to this story.

For those interested in helping with this story, I remind you that The Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism is still open for applicants! This fabulous and prestigious award is shown above.

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