Sam Cooke death, false morality, and “gangs” in policing: “Sam would walk past a good girl to get to a whore,”and I bet they knew it.

There is white magick, black magick–and then there was Sam Cooke’s voice. And he was silenced in the era when “false feminism” and “women’s empowerment” narratives sought to “give women voice” by taking away men’s voices–and make billions doing it.

The strange tale of crooner Sam Cooke, killed in a curious manner by the international mob and its foot soldiers in policing, and the “justice system.” Follow along as his “accountant” makes bank, the coroner holds a bogus inquest with a “rape victim” in a hood and sunglasses–shielded from scrutiny.

But especially–watch how one after another “victim” cum-conspirator dies off afterwards, or whose life otherwise ends badly, as the real “smooth criminals” in Hollywood get away with murder–larceny, fraud and royalties! Royalties on Sam’s songs, for decades to come.

But especially–note who got paid to stay quiet–his own brother, a good, church going man, who, unlike Sam, was no “womanizer.”

Yup–you can trace gang stalking cases using similar moral imperatives too, and as usual–look at the activities of all the “good people” involved–follow the money–always look there first, not last if you want to understad these cases..

MAY 15, 2019


The attractive brunette at the bar of Martoni’s was all of twenty-two years old, but she looked older. Well dressed, of Asian and Caucasian decent, her conspicuous maturity gave her an air of sophistication even as it threatened her from a distance….The brunette’s name was Elisa Boyer. She was a prostitute.

Martoni’s was a nice restaurant in San Fernando Valley. Not necessarily stuffy–as was still the trend in early 60s fine dining–but nice. Lot’s of music industry people hung out there.

She sat with three men. They talked discreetly. She knew how to handle herself.

On the contrary, the man that had walked into Martoni’s shortly before Elisa and her companions arrived, was anything but discreet. Not that he was loud–loud as in the vernacular of the early 60s; vulgarly conspicuous, flamboyant. He wasn’t. He was exquisitely tasteful. Perhaps too much so. Some said he was too handsomElegantly slim. Cool. Fluid.

Everything was easy with him. His laugh. His smile. His razor sharp wit. The way his perfectly creased slacks brushed against his cashmere socks. The fine leather of his shoes.

His voice.

Yes, more than anything else, his voice.

from “All Things Thriller, ” BY PAMELA LOWE SALDANA

I am a big fan of ending anonymity for female accusers, holding women accountable for their own actions, and criminalizing women’s actions exactly as male actions are criminalized–we no longer live in a “male dominated society,”as so-called feminists and “women’s empowerment” pundits have long maintained, because such a society is purely imaginary–a total fiction.

Simply put, the vast majority of men never enjoy power of any kind, nor benefit from privilege. Yet the false narrative that “all men” have power over “all women” has utility to the 1%, who manipulate the narrative, and cause division between the genders. And behind so many great fortunes are women, and whoever it is that they “work for.”

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But especially, because most women who seek or are granted such anonymity–or those who seek anonymity on their behalf– are liars, or complicit at other levels of moral corruption and power seeking.

Elise Boyer Questioned By Police
Comely prostitute Elisa Boyer, who likely robbed Sam Cooke shortly before he was murdered–and who testified that he tried to rape her, in contrived testimony that has since been debunked.

In other words, I do not uphold western societies false enshrinement of women as victims, because women are people–and people should be responsible for their own actions–but also, how their actions affect others. White female privilege does neither, and has no interest in equality whatsoever, which makes them natural allies with the women’s auxilliary of the KKK, or any other white institution of power that denies equality in every generation.

On the other hand, I respect whores, and their tales, for the most part. I have been fortunate-very fortunate–to have had many whores in my life. One of my favorite whores is Norma Jean Almodovar, who was one of the the first on the scene at the Hollywood Wonderland Murders, and one of the people whose testimony began the LAPD Ramparts Scandal too.

But not all whores are created equal–in fact amongst women and men who ply this trade there is a division between “prostitutes” who are people who are literally for sale in every aspect of their bodies and character, and then there are whores–women like Norma Jean who chose the profession and made no excuses for their choices.

But these kinds of women–those who proudly call themselves whores, or the modern, more accurate term “sex worker” do NOT sell their concscience nor do they sell their testimony–and they do the time, just like men who get caught up in the international mafia’s world–that is the difference between a whore and a prostitute–a prostitutes entire brain is for sale.

Have a look in the story above at the prostitute who robbed Sam Cook, just before he was murdered and read through the links to see the difference between a whore and a prostitute.

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6 thoughts on “Sam Cooke death, false morality, and “gangs” in policing: “Sam would walk past a good girl to get to a whore,”and I bet they knew it.

    1. Thanks for reposting–I hop you liked that piece, I wrote it for you.

      You are correct–I had forgotten about that historical fact, and it was fun to revisit.

      Youy probably know this,but at that time, the very Catholic, Wild Bill Donovan era had transitioned to the post Nazi Allen Dulles, allied-Catholic/other FVEYs CIA, and it was all over Hollywood. It BECAME Hollywood.

      Have you ever read up on the various stories about Laurel Canyon and how CIA cuckolded the military families by turning their kids on to dope?

      Its mentioned quite frequently in the legitimate gang stalking circles.

      Bye Bye Miss American Pie–wow, did the banksters take a bite out of American democracy! Ate the whole damned thng, and here we are now….

      As you know, the cult murder’s kidnappings, and so on are all tied directly to the international cartel factions of the CIA, but also, lots and lots of radical religionists from mthe various sects too.


  1. Sam Cooke he could get probarbly any woman could persuade her with his great voice singing serenade her and Cooke seem have manners with respect others if you look at his interviews .Sam Cook married twice (1st)Dolores Mohawk 1953-57 (2nd)Barbara Campbell Cooke Womack. 1950-1964,Barbara wed Bobby Womack few months widow(singer Sam Cooke sign him recordcontract ).Supposedly C.Cooke beat Womack Up? Sam Cooke daughter Linda wed Cecil Womack (Bobby bro).Look at Sam Cooke Financial He sign up by Rca 1960,1963 met Allen which Klein supposedly got RCA release monies royalties owe by RCA?Then Sam Cooke owned record label Sar/Derby,Music Publish Co Kags Music,Management Firm?So Klein and Rca work out deal to give Cooke (royalty)Money?Then have Allen Klein with Tracey Co/Abkco sign Sam Cooke to it,who owns&administers rights Sam Cooke music?Then have Al Schmitt “RCA”record engineer/ producer out at Dec 10-11, 1964 with Sam Cooke at Martoni ( Martoni’s. 1538 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA ) which Exec-Rich all kinds of people &singers like Nat King Cole,Phil Spector ,Rat pack with Frank Sinatra hung out.Al Schmitt/wife Joan Schmitt claim talk with sam Cooke and saw him with Elisa Boyer.(who introduce them guitarist or Jim Benci (salesman) Al Schmitt at Pj ?anyway, Elisa Boyer spent time with Sam Cook at Martoni’s.Later Elisa Boyer gets in car with Cooke.Goes PJ’s bar & Motor Inn Haciena Watts outskirts LosAngeles.Elisa Boyer gets chance escape take her clothes/Cooke’s clothes(with wallet)run out of the room?Elisa Boyer calls LAPD b4orafter Bertha Shoots Sam Cooke?Supposedly Drunk vs. Inebriated Sam Cooke beat on Bertha Lee Franklin office door she whacks him with gun /wood broom?Being office door 1st door come into Inn and go out makes sense he may of want to get info from Bertha? Since this door is near Exit door it could been drive by whack job? Al Schmitt said:a lot of ppl think there was conspiracy,maybe Sam was targeted,gonna break up Allen Klein,I don’t know if that true,I don’t know,(repeat)that hard for me,to believe,but who knows,anything can happen?Al Schmitt friends with alan Spector and Frank Sinatra aka Ratpack.Martoni sunset Strip clients customers capitol/Rca/CEO/Celebrities/Studio Film bosses?Sinatra friends with Sam Giancana& Johnny Roselli &Mafia?Sinatra friends with Natalie wood (11-29-81)vs Robert Wagner?Robert Wagner friends with Stephanie Powers end up with william Holden(11-12-1981) money?June 16, 1959: George Reeves? Marilyn Monroe d.o.d.Aug 05, 1962?Joe Dimaggio3-8-1999?James Dougherty LAPD 8-15-2005?Arthur Miller2-10-2005?Frank Sinatra d.o.d.5-14-1998?Dean Martin12-25-1995? Celebrities friends with Mafia got jobs connect to their profession in Hollywood/LasVegas/chicago villa Venice? Nat King Cole, LouRawls, Sam Cooke all from Chicago Il? Jack Ruby friends(chicago) Mike Shore (reprise)Frank Sinatra record company?jack ruby 1-3-1967?LHO11-24-1963?JFK11-22-1963?


    1. Well, you certainly have a memory! Yes, I always felt that the George Reeves death was intersting too.

      Yeah, it was the glden era of Mafia-CIA-Deep State takeover of the US, and of course, the celebrity homicides were just another way for the CIA to green light mob activity “in the national interests” lol.

      Many of the cases you mention are classic CIA-Mafia, but also the Mossad. It can’t be missed that we see in that era unprcedented cooperation between Italians and Jews–in Cookes case, Klein, et al, and all of the Italian restaurant/studios etc.

      Cooke was murdere and robbed–most accounts agree, and the LAPD doing what it does–they are little more than a mafia themselves.

      Take a look at the recent cases of the gangs in LAPD/LASD. Its all over the news.


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