Todays news: CIA searches of American’s cell phone and computer data are a bulk operation–and that’s not where it ends

Today’s news proves people like me verifiably insane–or something “like it.” After all–I had an extreme, and persistent delusion for most of my life that the USA was a democracy–and wow! I was wrong to be sure! It’s a police state by the very definition of a police state.

From Joel Mathis, at The Week:

New spying revelations prove once again Edward Snowden was right 

Crazy me–all of those “good” psychologists and social workers were right–that old gang stalking delusion is “crazy.” Except….

I met my first CIA “handler” and my first un-official CIA “project” when I was in college. And what a project she was! A lovely young damsel in distress–a scholar who had fled Tibet during the takeback by the Chinese. She had used her brothers name to get a passport, he had used her name to get an apartment, and so on.

In the short time I was her white knight, I saved her from several nefarious activities–the guy who stole her backpack, full of nothing but notes, and ID….maybe some other stuff, not mine to share.

And predictably, I got all of those “former” CIA agents coming around too, and people from halfway across the country who by sheer “coincidence” happened to know my family in several major polical centers around the US.

And that one guy whose old post with the US Embassy in Colombia, the drug running capital of South America was quite another “coincidence” too. A “few” of my avid readers might enjoy this blast from the past:

DEA agents banging hookers at US Embassy in Colombia, as cartel’s pay the bill: 2015-3-26 · An internal review found DEA agents participated in sex parties with Colombian prostitutes. The drug cartels they are charged with stopping picked up the tab.”

Yeah, weird, I know. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Its all secret, right? To hell with secrets–I want my ‘Merica back!

Because, crazy as a fox I was then as a minority voice not easily cowed by the horrific bullying of domestic spy agencies and their goon squads, I am an outlier–what is called in psychology “abnormal”–I have written for two decades that the CIA directly spied on me, personally. And that isn’t a bad thing per se–I mean, anything can be turned to ones advantage right?

You give me rotten crabs in a bucket, I give you vindication of the crab that escaped.

You give me American’s who speak gibbersih–what is called in the gang stalking dialectic “coded speech,” or “directed conversation” and I learn other languages, or out these rats here and these rats there that speak psychobabble, and cause mass shootings, and so on.

And how did I know this all those years ago? Yup–Wireshark, and similar “electronic weapons” that I have used for two decades. Seriously–click that link. If I never ever have another half assed US military shitbag stalk me at my home, or workplaces and personal sopcaes, I would be very very happy–but because this latest report indicates that certain factions of the CIA operate with impunity all across the US domestic spaces–yeah, I got the hell out of there, and found othrs who listen to me the FIRST TIME, not two decades later.

Oh, there were other “electronic weapons” that I used along the way to be sure. I downloaded entire operating systems from Kazaa, and Limewire, traced their distributors to Las Vegas, and especially Henderson Nevada–and San Juan Capistrano, and many other places that current an former CIA, and FBI and DoD people live and operate from.

And I used them routinely to trace who had most recently “implanted” my computer/s and operating systems with malware, and “implants” of many kinds–I was atest case for them, a moving target, because I refused to give up on my persistent, and delusional belief inn democracy, due process of law, and civil rights.

I am such a loser! I lost every battle, and every skirmish. I was soundly defeated for decades, until….well, freedom is where you find it. I found it anywhere EXCEPT America, which is verifiably run from the ground up by the CIA, and the US-FVEYs-Israel whole capture internet–there simply are no rules that these follow.

Freedom IS where you find it–and I found it. Anywhere except in the USA which is attacking iotself from within as I write this.

That crab? Edward Snowden? Yeah, Hey Ed–I had your back then, and I have your back now–feel free to read deeper.

But vindication in these cases will only come after we resolve this problem: while the MSM likes to trot out the “crimes” of Donald Trump” as we also see in today’s headlines–some tax evasion (maybe) some rosecutors with hate boners (definitely) and so n–who will prosecute those international criminals who dropped depleted uranium on children in Iraq?

Yup. It seems that crime is “relative.” And even then, dependent upon “royalty.”

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