Red Oceans! Blue Oceans! The gang stalking dialectic has profit potential. K10art, maybe not so much

So, I was a partial winess to a robbery recently, where a sociopath set up an elaborate ruse to film and document an actual targeted individual.

But long before that targeting began, I had called B.S. on a woman who was spamming my comments section with barely legible rants, offering to fund research into gang stalking, asking me to ghost write a screenplay, and other gibberish. None of it happened.

And she told me that her ex-boyfriend and her other merry prankster asshat friends were trying to hack my blog and email–and voila! It happened.

Well, for lack of any better description, is just a tub of shit–I couldn’t make any sese of any of it, typical pranksterisms.WHile initially she had written claiming tat she was my bigest fan, and offered to go in cahoots together, with me as a writer, and her as a Hollywood connected socialite or something similar, it a=was as most of these cases predictably are: it was a waste of time, a fishing expedition whose sole purpose was her, trying to ascertain y identity.

There’s a reason we write anonymous folks–go over to Richard Moore’s channel and see what happened to him after he got onvolved with ths same person–very sad, these “empowered women” and the trail of damage they leave behind them

Well, she decided that I am a gang stalker–which, I arguably am now, since I link these various tribes of current and former police, military, and intelligence agency stalkers using SOCMINT and OSINT– and demanded that I take down her many, many comments in my comments section–which I didn’t because by the time she ended her beer-fueled rant tsunami, it would have been a full time job just hitting delete on all that garbage.

And I won’t waste my time that way– amajor goal of these people is to waste our time, and now I hold copies offline for posterity, in order to assist actual TI’s later i recognizing the gibberish that they perpetrate online.

I inadvertetly documented it all, because when actual stalkers come here to my free WordPress blog, I like to “predict” that they are as much, using ROGS Analysis of gang stalking, which is batting around 100% identifying these people.

The latter s necessary, because one of the most common features of the dialectic is that actual;l gangs of stalkers like to gloat that there is no evidence of “gag stalking” and the police-payrol-pundits from amongst their minions all deny that gang stalking is real. Have a look at these state paid psychologists here–one of whom works in the barbaric Australian prison system, while another works with and for the London Forensic Servie; and yet another–a pro-prosecution socual worker/pundit named Sarteschi is a racist with a book to sell.

Well, anyways–most of what are called “#fakeTI’s” online all masquerade as victims, and most are connected at very deep levels to state funding sources, media, and multi-million dollar industries ranging from drug companies, to police and surveillance industries, forensic psychology, county coroners and so on.

Well-my source, Mr. Moore got robbed, after she watsed endless anounts of his time, and spammed him with messages about sooper seekrit meetings with the sheriff that he is suing in Union County, Mississippi.

FRom the screenshots I have seen, she was in contact with the Union County Sheriff the entire time, and sent text messages to the victim in an elaborate scheme, the purpose of which was to defame the victim, but also, to steal his recording equiptment too. Very elaborate iter-state crime that one.

But for my purposes–which are primarily collecting open source information (OSINT) , and social media monitoring (SOCMINT), what I found in that web of relations is quite noteworthy–and newsworthy too: the perpetrator of that crime frequently mentions her father, a fairly wealthy man who is affilliated with a trans-national gang of religiously motivated “leadership development” guru’s.

I will be writing more about this later, as the evidence trickles in–and I have written to all parties involved with zero response from the thief, or her father. Last I checked she was hunkered down at their shared property in Kentucky, making the crime an interstate issue.

Well–the story of “The Novelist, the stalker-thief:, and the True Target: a trans-national crime thriller or just more interstate police gang stalker shenanigans” is shaping up to be major media worthy. After all, this recent piece in the Stone that documents how these Southern Sweethearts all roll with goats was once thought to be in the realm of “conspiracy theory” which, TBH is where it belonged at the time, since there was no “official source” to verify how FBI provocateurs and infiltrators do their work.

But scapegoating–and gang stalking is a very real thing. Gee, if I could only get “evidence!” Or–an “official source!”

I wonder if Rolling Stone or some other legacy media might have some column inches available? They sure are producing interesting content, now that racist scumbag Sabrina Rubin Erdeley is no longer writing there.

And eve the Weeklies are picking up on the story of how all those asshat, cloak and dagger fraternal and sororal organizations are who the gags of stalkers are too.

Hmmm…the possibilities! The new markets! After all–I have created some fairly UNCONTESTED market space in how I write about gang stalkig–most agree. Richard Moore is even capturing new demand, with some 35K readers per post.

The world is watching this vast Blue Ocean as I break the existing value-cost tradeoffs involved in the gang stalking dialectic, and I see an Ocean of Opportunity in writing about these cases–because otherwise the field is drowned in the blood of actual victims as actual “gangs” of “police stalkers” and their “community asshats” flood the internet with pure garbage on this topic.

Oceans! Opportunities! BLUE OCEAN stragtegy, connected to …gang stalking? Stay tuned folks.I have a Rotary Club/Methodist missionary/corporate heavy hitter at bat, and so far, my record of pitching this story is 1000%. And, I am pursuing differentiation at low cost with a vengeance.

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17 thoughts on “Red Oceans! Blue Oceans! The gang stalking dialectic has profit potential. K10art, maybe not so much

  1. Interesting I was recently reading something for a class that talks about red ocean and blue ocean strategies. You wouldn’t happen to be a perp now would you?


    1. Hi Chris–well, I mean–how do you define a perp anyways?

      But f you were reading up on that pleae do share.

      I am documenting how a recet victim of theft ad fraud was catfished by the daughter of one f its guru’s. That guy is part of the leadership development” mafia that has tried to control (racketeer) the hiring processes all across America.

      His daughter–the perp–stole Richard Moore’s stuff, and then tried to defame and blackmail him.

      BUt I wuld be glad to hear your take on what a perp is–my guess is
      1-you are a woman?
      2- you work in PR/HR/ or women’s empowerment realeted field?

      Because of so, you are the primary target of these LD people.


    2. As fot th program, Blue Ocean, I find it onteresting–and I see a market for a new dialogue about “perps and TIs” because so far ONLY perps have filled the internet with garbage, whereas my regular readers find my info quite valuable.

      What’s your angle?


  2. Well if you believe remote neural monitoring is a thing. So I noticed your post on vaguely referencing things I have read. We know that in the community there are those pretending to be victims to make TI look crazy or cyber stalk us or both. I read this blog post on Richard Moore Quora post. I’m sure being monitored 25/7 so it wouldn’t be hard for them to reach out to one of there perpetrators and ask that person/people who do their bidding. To do something like that.


    1. Um, ok.

      Well, it seems that a lot of fake TI’s use hyberbolic language to describe their fake experiences–terms such as the following:
      -remote neural monitoring
      -directed energy weapons

      The internet if fully polluted by those people, using that exact language, and the majority of THOES are connected to the 1980’s-90’s PSYOP that targets Chinese and Russian investment.

      I can name names, but why?

      SImply put, back then, eastern billionaires used these terms to connect themselves with other like minded US-FVEYs assets who coulod help them hide their wealth in western industries and so on.

      Examples are too many to name, but Russian mob, Ukrainian oligarchs, Chinese Falun Gong, Macau gangsters and so on connected themselves to ultra-conservative US intel agents and so on by speaking that line of gibbersih.

      And more….but as they say, the game is to be sold, not told “Chris”


    2. I forgot to mention: it helps to have your OWN people to do YOUR OWN bidding–because when they monitor our internet, it creates a two way trail, so the data is useful to more than one party.

      SO AFAIAC, they can remotely monitor my asscrack–because their squinty eyes look really cool through that lense.

      At least my comrades think so.

      Now let me guess: you just read THAT somewhere last night–or later today!–right?


  3. So are you someone does their bidding? Because it’s quite a coincidence that you started talking about something I was reading recently.


    1. Hi Chris–

      Well, I e can’t answer any of your questions properly without knowing more about who YOU are, and why you are targeted.

      But I can answer the question vaguely:

      -why are you here at my blog? Part of what they do is watch your internet use, and then suppose that you were redirected here.

      For example–programs like Moonshot CVE are used to redirect your internet searching, based on how they are targeting you. Look it up.

      As for Blue/Red Oceans–I wrote about that after I discovered a link between a perpetrator who had stolen Mr. Moore stuff, and that perpetrators father, a CEO of BLue Ocean Strategy–and so there is a link between the guy and the program.

      On the surface its just a marketing strategy, right? But behind it are two other things:
      -a CEO who goes on Methosist missionary trips to Asia, and then, the origanal author of that book he, the “inventor” of the strategy, himself from East Asia.

      In turbulent times, a valid link between policies that affect trade, and who can do the trading–market strategies for a polarized world, right in line with globalist strategies of tension.

      As you likely do not know, a major part of the New World Order is a horseshoe shaped battle between the fake-religion cultures and the pseudo-communist structures of culture–a huge marketing ploy by the One Percent.

      So–for each action, an opposite reaction–unless of course, one hass access to “Blue Oceans” of goods and strageies to deliver them.

      Now–as for your paranoia–only you can decide if it was a contrived coincidence, or an actual one.

      Life has both within it. But again–who are you, asking me? And why me?

      So–as for TI’s–fake TI’s use language like that you are using “remote neural monitoring,” and so on.

      The dialectic is part barainwashing, part time sucking, and 100% full of bullshit terms to confuse people with gibberish.

      Terms like :
      -I’m bein fried right now!
      -remote neural monitoring!
      -directed energy weapons!
      -flat earth, lizard people, FRee Masons!!!

      Look–those people have yammered on and on about those things online for decades, making zero progress, whereas calling the above what they are, bu their proper names has helped initiate some lawsuits and federal prosecutions.

      Terms like-
      -Fusion Ceter monitoring
      -wiretaps, and “electronic implants” on my cell phone and computer
      -data theft, via internet

      And so on.

      BUt as for the Red/Blue, I can tell you with certainty, that the way I write about gang stalking fills a void in the big Blue ocean, because all those asshat perps who talk about the above gibberish have polluted the internet with nonsense and garbage about this topic, and I expose them for doing it.

      Most of them are religion tainted shills, as I demonstrated above.


    2. BTW: I don’t do ANYONES “bidding” unless there is a payday involved.

      In which case, the start point is about 1 million USD, because that’s the kind of money it takes to play in that game.

      Feel free to contact me privately if you seek such an arrangement.


  4. Sure, I’m paranoid or delusional whichever you. But I’m being subjected to gangstalking and I do feel phantom touches. There I mixed up the language but ultimately it means the same thing. Was I reverted to your post, certainly not you popped up in my feed. Could they be monitoring by when traffic certainly. But this came off as a heavy coincidence. Not but a day later. I still don’t get your explanation of red and blue oceans but whatever. The points been made, hopefully people see this and if you really are a perp then people have another of your posts to reference if you’re not then sorry for the trouble.


    1. Well, you said it, I didn’t. You are acting paranoid though.

      Most TI’s don’t have the faintest idea how Big Tech and algorythms work.

      I urge you to study an actual “mind control” program–Moonshot CVE. It is designed to alter your choices–and your word chices–online.

      I am willing to engage with you over the red/blue, but not until I know more about you–who are you and why did you write–you didn’t answer any of my questions.

      So–why spend the time?


  5. I think I gave you enough information to figure out where I’m coming from. We know that there are people online that work for these organizations. I’m simply trying to tell if your one of these people. By the way saying I’m paranoid. Is often what these people use to gaslight others, but whatevers🤔


    1. Dude–abide already.

      I am writing you off at this point. You didn’t tell me shit–I absolutely despise the paranoids that come here playing tike wasting games. You giys are one notch above the “OMG!! The lizard people are zapping me with satellites!!!”

      I don’t care what you think–listen: only perprs call me a perp–that’s across the board. The last one who did so robbed an actual TI, Richard Moore, stole his lectronics, and assisted a dirty sheriff to hinder his ability to broadcast.

      Now–if you are not a perp–go donate to Richard Moore’s GoFund Me.

      That is my litmus tetst for who is an actual perp and who is not.

      But I am certain I know your direction–go over to Targeted Justice, or Ramola D.–they love your type there.


    2. Hi–I just did a bit of research on your problem–and I will give you an uninvited opinion.

      First off, if you come at peopleparanoid, you will get weird responses, ok?

      Second–here is my advice: there are real cases of schizophrenia, and they can and should be treated with medication.

      But it’s my opinion that a person should get second, and even THIRD opinions, because most diagnoses of that problem is bullshit.

      And: DO NOT GET ADVICE FROM INTERNET FORUMS or anyone that you do not know–the internet is full of paid shills for the drug mafia’s, and industry grade prescribers, like the VA, and Big Health Care.

      SO–what to do?

      Use all of the free resources available to you–and there are even free mental health clinics out there where you can register with a fake name–get second and third opinions!!!

      Now–I have known cases where someone is faking mental health in order to get a state paycheck–SSI/SSDI etc.

      Be careful of that is your case–because once you are on the prescription drug wagon, its hard to get off–which is why an accurate diagnoses is important.

      That said–before you get all paranoid–I researched you online using the very little data that I could find about you. Yes–if that makes me a perp, have at it.

      But I get a lott of cases looking in here ranging from drug addicts, to people caught up in AA.NA/GA etc.–I research what I can, and try to help.

      So–presuming you check back here, I am open to dialogue–but as I said–alys get 2nd and 3rd opinuons–because VA doctors are total drug company shills.


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