Examining the Recovery Industry role in gang stalking through Nikos Kazantzakis’, narrator: Bouboulina and Zorba, broken economies, taboos, gossip, and murder preceded by stalking in novels and films.

The recovery industry has replaced actual industry in western nations, and mirrors to some degree the failed post war economy of Greece, circa 1945-60, as the banksters devoured the entire country, and began their magic to “rebuild it” just after Hitler nibbled on it.

Sin, An Imaginary Disease

To the Reader: Please see this cast of characters from the EXCELLENT website GradeSaver for a full ensemble of the characters discussed below, and see this for a chapter by chapter analysis of the novel/film Zorba The Greek. Read this from the World Bank for stats about Greek economy 1960-2019. Then, see my posts about “scapegoats” search terms “Richard Moore, scapegoats, goats,and witches.”

And, we see similar cultural failings, economic predation, and religious or moral decay in the story of Zorba the Greek that we see today in the USA, as the medical mafia’s work hand in black glove with the international drug trade to destroy America via addiction, and then, “save” all the heathens via the addiction recovery industries. This interplay most evident in the Purdue Pharma scandal, where a cabal of actual criminals skated from charges after directly causing the opioid addiction crisis.

And we see states and the federal government not as heroic protectors of the people, but rather, as exploiters who jump onto the international cabal’s pirate ship, and grab what spoils they can until people die into the millions–and ONLY THEN do they wage awsuits, and point fingers at the criminals. We are ruled by a form of tyranny that has a name, and yet no one wants to call it what it is: human trafficking, in the form of cabbalist corporations, slaving our peoples in new, and heretofore unimagined ways.

See the source image
The Widow, from the film Zorba, played by the stunning and fierce Irene Papas. She was a character that was preyed upon and finally murdered by the entirety of her society. More context here. Image source: el Final de

SO, various forms of modern stalking have replaced the olden times slavery, and the slave catching systems, followed by a ritual whipping, stoning or slaughter of “the sinner” in favor of more expensive and lucrative forms of ritual abuse–gang stalking is that, and we encounter gang stalking especially when we examine the Alcoholics Anonymous model and its spawn in NA, SA, etcA.

Have a look at misandry Angie’s work in that area circa 2010.Some might recall that Misandry Angie was raised in a far right cult, run by matriarchs. Then, she broke free, and the internationalists courted her for awhile to see if they could use her, and put their words in her mouth, as they used Fred Phelps’ daughter in this example here.

But she wasn’t having it–she stuck to her guns and called it all what it is–cult acrtivity. Indeed, Misandry Angie came out of the closet, and got left in the cold as a writer, because she had her opinions–and those pinions weren’t favorable to the cult and trance formation of the cabbalists.

We see many films where gang stalking is a main theme, if not the central theme, and many online mock their targets with references to the Truman Show being the most widely discussed, but there are so many other, better examples. What is important to note however, is how the stalkers literally feed off of the target–in the Truman example, hundreds of jobs were created in order to stalk him daily, and suck the life out of him–the entire economy was a bubble built around his fake life, fully exploited by all.

And that is what gang stalking is too, whether its the local asshat police, EMS and fire trying to drive someone crazy as they did in the Truman show,–every time he tried to leave the gang stalker bubble, they were there to threaten and stalk him, and put him back in “his place,”–and in so doing, keep the gravy train rolling.

But these are no longer just metaphorical plots from Hollywood, full of hidden agenda’s–because these plots have overtaken the American, and indeed the “free western world’s” entire reality.

See the case of Real Gang Stalking in Vancouver for one example of this ungodly and amoral Masonic cult stalking, where the victim makes scientific predictions about “what will come next” in his stalking, exactly as TRuman began to do in his awakening, and then that TI from Vancouver verifies his predictions and uses his cell phone to document stalker shenanigans. Really good science on the part of that one actual TI, and really obvious stalking by the cultists of Vancouver–they have no shame, a necessary component of being human.

Then, there was a recent event in one of the western FVEY’s natins, New Zealand, where what is called “high policing,” or “political policing,” or “intelligence led predictive policing” led directly to a mass stabbing event. The “suspect” was followed online and off for over seven years, from the very moment he stepped off a plane as a political refugee, until he was finally shot by a “gang” of 30 police, and their weaponized, Truman Show community policing assets who had followed stalked him “24-7” for 53 days solid.

Richard Moore’s case provides another glimpse of that hidden-but-now-revealed mechanism (use my search feature, KW Richard Moore) of gang stalking in video after video, including actual goats abandoned on his front porch by stalkers, days after I wrote about him and called him a scapegoat. YOu simply cannot make this stuff up–gan stalking is every bit as ridiculous as Chrstos Kristoff micro-managing Truman’s life.

“I often think and am asked about what I think would’ve happened to Truman when he goes outside the wall. And it took me a while to realize that basically, he was alone out there too, because everybody went back inside. They all wanted to be in the dome.”

Jim Carrey, in reference to a sequel to the Truman Show

They All Wanted To Be In The Dome–because stalking is a huge and profitable industry, and it consumes its victims who then have nowhere else to go, and serve the social purpose of the scapegoat once they wake up

The reality is that these cases are not so new, as mob stalking, its characters, its lynchings and murders and ostracizations have always existed, but in the technological era, they do stand out as antithetical to democracy at every turn, and are far more difficult to hide from public view. It is ritualized activity, and it has real victims–a form of spiritual cannibalism.

I touched on the practice of actual cannibalism and the pratcice of “incorporation” here, where we see a social model where the target is preyed upon much as head hunters prey upon other humans, and yet the practice as regards actual targeted individuals, it is the soulless stalkers eating themselves and their victims alive, while some targets do manage to get outside of that narrative–often fleeing the United States, where the gang stalking stops EXACTLY as if one had flipped a light switch.

So–nothing new here per se–these are the new mobs, hidden behind the gloss of capitalism, its shiny, oily Hollywood narration machine, and capitalist enterprises that literally view humans as a herd to be capitalized on one way or another–a true hearkening to the evil Noahide laws that the hidden Jewish-christian society (radical Zionism and covert Free Masonry) wields with hideous power against the individual who resists their illicit stalking and its associated shenanigans.

In short, targeted individuals represent life, which is a threat to those who follow old mystical books, rife with cult activity and superstition–and they are as their teachings teach us that they are; they are “the dead, burying their dead,” each and every one of them tied to one or another industry gets caught preying on human lives for sustenance.

The eBay gang of stalkers now working its way through the federal courts gives us one example but there are hundreds of thousands more yet to be exposed–and even then we see scapegoating of biblical proportions. And of course, the case of little Christopher Bowen and how the medical mafia that used his flesh for profits, carving him up for the first eight years of his life with 13 totally unnecessary surgeries! As his father said “How do you not catch the (fraud and abuse) at the fifth surgery? –the sixth?!” All of that enabled by Noahide law–the boy is just a sheep to those who sheer him of his life.

Well–Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzaki’s sketched out the rough draft of this type of desperate, clawing, and primitive social structure too, and in the pivotal event of the book and film, we can easily see that a religion/superstition/morality/binary paradigm themed murder, precipitated by gossip, and the brutal machinations of “real life” surrounded by false religious notions of right and wrong are in fact what gang stalking is too.

And in the gang stalking dialogues online, slander, defamation and libel are all staple’s as symbols of the oppression of targeted individuals, but so too are issues of suicide, homicide, incarceration and pseudo-rehabilitation or liberation. Zorba has it all in that regard too–each character could easily be written today as either the stalked, or the stalker–the complicit and the innocent and so on. It’s a template for future writers on this topic, as gang stalking replaces democracy all over the west.

The Template, and the Characters

The narrator is a nearly anonymous builder, as we all are, a writer with a story that he himself does not fully comprehend, but faithfully tells, despite his impulses to withhold interpretation of some facts in order to protect the reader–his obligation to allow the reader to arrive at the proper interpretation of facts. And yet, he too is caught in a spiritual desert, contemplates the eastern versus the western philosophies, but like Prometheus, trying to free himself from christianity and its cabbalistic contradictions–a rock tied to his back that he must free himself from.

The central character, Zorba is the essence of life itself–the spark of humanity that survives against all obstacles to human freedom, and a man willing to face life in its ugly face, and come out smiling– but also who bears the burdens of the evil within the society surrounding him.

Then there are the clear moral imperatives within the structure of life-morality expressed as a causation-correlation, or other binary paradigm such as good v evil and so on, with each character representing one or another avenue of change or stasis–one or another path in life.

Peopled with characters such as the crazed monk with a split personality, Father Zaharia who burns down his monastery; and the village elder Uncle Anagnosti who stolidly resists change or enlightenment, regardless of evidence, and too, there is a representation of innocence in the village idiot who unquestioningly serves the courtesan, all of them that serve for the author to express the binary moral dillemas, and the false, or conflicting imperatives of organized religion v reality.

But it is what is written about the female characters that is most striking–outside of Zorba, they are the only characters with a sensual presence, or a throbbing and passionate symbolic purpose; they too are the life unexamined, yet accepted at its own level of base, and sexual purpose–or the banality of faithful and chaste femininity, surrounded by hounds and wolves at all times.

Of these two central female characters, the dame is the crone, the mother, and the whore all in one, and the temptress of the widow is another–she is the scapegoat in that form of culture, a desperate and proud beauty, trapped in her own body, and also a witch if you will, but only because others desire her charms–she is eventually devoured by the fires created by the static and brutish society around her.

But who will help the widow, trapped as she is in her faith!? No one can save her! The outsider is to no avail, as we see how the social mechanism works in such societies–She dies, throat slashed by the father of a boy who was too stupid and local to know her in her proper context–and that, precipitated by the writer seeking her consort.

The Widow: Beautiful and pursued ravenously by all the men on the island, the widow is known as a heartbreaker, as she ends up rejecting each one. This rejection naturally leads to an animosity directed towards her; she is demonized after Pavli, a local man who was in love with her, takes his own life. With a push from Zorba, the narrator pursues the widow for a one-night stand. Soon after this, she is cruelly cornered by a mob of local men and killed by Mavrandoni. Though she drives many of the main events in the story, her character is left mostly undeveloped, remaining more as an archetype of seduction

And then, playing to her moral uprightness that ends badly for her is the real whore–Madame Hortense (couldn’t have picked a better name myself, lol) who has lived a full and lusty life, yet who worries that her death will have no meaning–and who plays to Zorba as the grand financier, and the underpinning of his gigolo existence, of his life of love and passion.

Madame Hortense is an older woman who owns a hotel on Crete and who provides housing for Zorba and the narrator when they arrive. The Madame is a Frenchwoman with a slew of colorful experiences as a traveling cabaret singer and a mistress to many important men. Now in old age, she finds comfort mostly in reminiscing about her past. The character of Madame Hortense brings out many themes of death, as she is constantly talking about her fear of aging and the loss of the beauty that gave her a sense of identity. This clinging onto her youth is most obvious in her thick makeup and garish attire, as well as her romantic pursuit of Zorba as a husband. Zorba gives the Madame the affectionate pet name of “Bouboulina.”

We see, ultimately, how Madame Hortense’s life as a courtesan has not brought her true happiness, but rather insecurity about her own worth beyond her status as a sex symbol. It is only the contagious spark of life within Zorba that ignites her own passion for living and allows her to die with a smile dancing on her lips.

Source: GradeSaver https://www.gradesaver.com/zorba-the-greek/study-guide/character-list#madame-hortense

Ah…but the addiction recovery industry! What has all of this got to do with that!?

Richard Moore has implicated a certain sect of christians as exploiters of the narrative of addiction, as a way for them to pimp this false, international bankster, Masonic world order type of religion. Specifically, he implicates the World Famous, Come One, Come ALL! Celebrate Recovery, a Pastor Rick Warren Production–a mega church affiliated addiction recovery program that teaches its followers how to gang stalk people!

And in that, we see the paradox of the women above, and the cast of characters is present behind the curtains in every locality where the international cabal, its medical mafia’s and its “saviours” come in one form or another to exploit save people–to herd the heatens; but also, that the spark of life is EXACTLY what these people seek to extinguish–the Roman’s and the Maccabees come to mind–or Bouddicca; or Crazy Horse, stabbed in the back in a ritual slaughter by a cowardly American soldier.

These recovery industries are just one more way that “the faithful;” are complicit with the banksters exploiting people, and doing it in the name of some social good that has no name, other than its proper one: hidden religion, and its destruction of freedom by nefarious means, and for the benefit of a select few.

Mega churches, and other religions are all implicated as stalkers, and they target, bully and harass individuals who stand against their false prophecy. My readers know that I am a non-theist, and that my higher power is my guinea pig “Hoot.” That I am a slave to her every need, and a devotee of her teachings. Her truths are simple–she wheeks and hoots, and I find some cabbage, a crisp carrt slice, or a cruchy corn chip–she is my only stalker these days, liberated as I am from these insane dogmatists and cult members.

Like Hoot, I too seek shelter when loudness is near. I hoot and squeak when those who seek my message come to the bars of my (rather luxurious, well stocked, two tiered) cage, and I write without a filter, lest I be taken for a fool. And even then, I am aware of my inferiority before this wheeking deity–unlike the deity, I cannot merely bend over and eat my own turds for sustenance, every day, millenia after millenia, like she can.I require facts and evidence, in my faithless state–heathen that I am, I ask for evidence–and the cases above provide it.

So–all of this above is background for the larger story–but the characters in Zorba the Greek are universal, and apply completely to any gang stalking situation–especially the insane monk, burning down his own church, as his flock murders people because they don’t know what to do with their own damned horny impulses.

Preacher–Heal Thyself!

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