Who gets gang stalked? Professor Julio Pino was on the Anti Defamation League “radar” long before an FBI hit team entrapped him in the bogus charge of “lying to the FBI.” So was rakem Balogun

Lying to the FBI is one of those charges listed in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights under “Indicting a Ham Sandwich,” Section “make it up as you go along,” sub-section “because we don’t need no steenking badges.” And that’s exactly how the ADL-FBI got Julio Pino too.

If conspiracy WERE visible, there would BE no conspiracy.

Helen Peters, writing in “The Union Lack” 1970

And, doing so will arouse the ire of the pre-Flavianists, whose social confabuation depends upon the total and tyrannical control of all narratives of culture–those having gone so far as to have invented Jewish-christianity for the sole use and abuse of their elite, backed by their secret police.

It’s OK if you don’t know what a pre-Flavian is–most people don’t and never will.

But right here–click this link–and be prepared to have your eyes opened into PostFlaviana, and into the sordid world of culture co-option by the wealthy elite, in a complete theft of culture, and an inversion of narratives–which you might know as and the last couple millenia of bible narrative, and societies that were “manufactured” from nearly whole cloth by these elites.

Related Story: Read Black Collared Magic, By Richard Stanley that attempts to inform the “broader ecumenical Christian audience that the British-Israel movement is the primary, if not sole, cause of the modern world’s major problems….a fascinating view into economic, political, and religious false dialectics, and how they fuel the engine of Western civilization’s endemic religious and cultural angst, distracting us from what is really important” and that fueled by “contrived controversies.”


And for those who refute my thesis that the FBI et agency is merely an extension of western religious fanaticism and pre-Favian fascism, it is instructive to read the Talmud, Torah, and any version of the bible you choose (there are so many to choose from!–freedom!!!) and find that the mythical hero of the story was gang stalked, because he said words that pissed off the very real scribes and Pharisees–aka “the Jews,” who then turned him over to the Roman’s, aka “the FBI.”

That’s not conjecture–that’s how western “free societies” work. All words are vetted by a pernicious and toxic group of racist cabbalists, and punishments aka gang stalking are meted out by religious fanatics from the various agencies. It really is how it works.

And the icing on the cake is that these fanatcs follow cpmpletely contrived confabulations of religion–100% of which is stories, myths, cosmologies, and

Follow along to see it in action, from first charade to final product–and picture the Pharisees stalking Jesus. It really is that simple–those books are cover for the always-on-always-crimially-stalking crimes of the 1%, starting at policing words:

Kent State professor charged with lying to the FBI, banned from campus

A controversial Ohio college professor who has been accused of being an ISIS sympathizer was suspended and banned from campus after he was slapped with federal charges.

Julio Pino, a Kent State University associate history professor known for his fiery anti-Israel rhetoric, became the focus of a 2016 FBI investigation after he was accused of using his position on campus to influence students to support the Islamic State, FOX 8 reported.

Pino, a pro-Palestinian Muslim convert, was charged on Monday with lying to the FBI, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Ohio...A Kent State spokesperson told Fox News that Pino – who has worked at KSU since 1992 and specializes in Latin History and the Third World – was suspended and prohibited from entering the Kent State campus Monday after charges were filed in federal court.

“The university continues to cooperate with the Department of Justice on this matter, and all inquiries about this case should be directed to that office,” the statement read in part.

According to the criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, Pino lied to an FBI special agent about communications he had with a Facebook friend, J.E., who was arrested for making threats against a judge involved in a child custody case.

These stories never start with the headlines of an indictment–because these events are leaked into the press long before the actual arrest of a “target,” scripted from the very moment one becomes a target of this international racist organization mafia–the free speech monitoring racket of the ADL.

Here below is where it actually began, in 2011, many years before the indictment–from Yeshiva World, we see that Pino became a target the minute he used first amendment protected speech to denounce a the racist, theocratic apartheid state of Israel, long before that was fashionable:

Kent State University Islamic Prof. Shouts ‘Death to Israel’

Kent State Professor Julio Pino shouted out “death to Israel” during an event in the American university hosting Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi, who is the first Bedouin serving as a member of the Israel Foreign Ministry’s foreign service.

Professor Pino asked Khaldi how Israel continues to give aid to countries when the money is ‘blood money’ from the ‘deaths of innocent Palestinian babies and children’. The professor was addressing Israel’s recent aid to earthquake struck Turkey. Khaldi was apparently caught off guard by the ferocity of the professor’s question, stating it was not respectful.

Israel being what it is and all: a contrived nation state, based in social constructions of race based in mythological texts– no fifferent than all nation states thta are backed by the legacy dynasty royal families–it cannot “die” per se, though cretin’s from the press did in fact attempt to equate Pino’s words with death threats to human beings.

And so, Since the time when Professor Pino was slanderd by the ADL and “put on a list” in 2011, we can watch the progression of this charge in the press–a rare opportunity to see how pre-Flavian Jewish-christian ritual slander becomes the lie that travels the world, and then comes home to roost on some free thinkers intellectual space, causing real world damage to that individual–this is what targeted individuals ARE.

See the case of Stanley Cohen for just one example, and contrast that example with this other KKKohen from Israel (with dual nationality in the US, of course. In Texas–where so many kmass shootings are happening now that it defies imagination–of course!) and who believes Europeans are a base inferior “race” and that the world should be ruled by his type of shtreimel wearing KKKohen–The Koming Kohanim Kingdom!

Well, that’s the Israel shitshow in a nutshell, and so after the incident, where Pino practiced first amendment protected free speech in his workplace, during a hosted public forum, the ADL was sounding alarms about the guy, and singing psalms to the president of the university who condemned Pino’s speech.

With little doubt, the ADL is the type of carrion that combs over battefields seeking eyes to pluck out from the stiol-living, while failing to heed its own advice about lashon hara and bad speech, prefering to work behind the scenes to ritually murder people, or otherwise impede their progress–and they are allied with the Abrahamic Trifecta of manufactured religion, Zionism, and the entire bible narrative in order to coopt all dissent–just take a look at what they did to activists in 1993, pre-saging the total surveillance state that we have today. They are the poison seed that grows poison fruit.

Search this blog you are reading for posrs about the ADL, which is the spiritual equivalent of the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK poison squads. Then, as the ritual slander begins, slaps on the back (and lots of auto-felatio) go all around:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today praised the president of Kent State University for his clear statement condemning the behavior of Professor Julio Pino

All Hail Condemnation! All Hail Apartheid! All HAil Noahide Law’s of Lashon Hara!

Down with Nazi’s! Down with Racists Anti-semites! Down with segregation and apartheid a two state solution!

To imagine being born into a world where the Ku Klux Klan ruled over a vast majority of our citizens was a horror–all children between the era of 1960-today have been indoctrinated that the great evil is the KKK, and this guy, Dr. David Duke, who has gained some wisdom since his days as a KKK Grand Wizard.

Honestly–reading Dr. Duke and anything by ADL type Jews is fairly interchangeable stuff–jsy switch the words “Jew” and “goy” around, and you have the same identical philosophy. And, watching how these types of Jews target blacks, and keep them barely above slavery is an eye opener too–which is where we encounter this narrative of Professor Julio Pino, targeted by these people.

SO, after the the ADL mobilized the behind the scenes outrage machine, Professor Pino was now “on the FBI radar,” because that’s what these people do. Have a look at the fancy radar that the FBI uses to target people.Such “gadgets” take on purely bizarre proportions when an individual is targeted.

The only problem though, was that they couldn’t use that version of “radar” because Pino had a network of friends and allies who could serve as witnesses to what he would have endured has such “gadgetry” been directed at him. So, they chose a different route–speech crimes.

And, with little surprise, we see that his “crime” was advising a father who was going through a custody dispute, and whose child was about to be netted into the child support system–where have we seen this ADL-FBI involvement in the child support system before? Oh yeah–another runaway slave, Rakem Balogun, who was similarly caught up and slandered–the ADL-FBI works extremely hard to separate fathers who have intellect from their children.

Here’s a quick look back at how Rakem Balogun was labelled–quite publicly, and quite famously–as a dangerous second amendment advocate–though the narrative never called him that exactly. No–these total cowardly back-stabbers called him a “black identity extremist,” and then stole his home, and locked him up for awahile, and tried to destroy his life, and connection to his children.

Have a read through this for context:

Dallas Activist Rakem Balogun May Be First Labeled ‘Black Identity Extremist’ by FBI

The case was eventually dismissed, but only after actual damages had been done–and these are just the cases that make the news–a small sliver in the margin of the 1% of such cases, with 99% being merely “business as usual” for these agencies, targeting men in that slavery system. Watch how the son of Balogun was also targeted:

When militarized FBI agents clad in tactical gear raided the home of Rakem Balogun in December 2017—forcing him and his 15-year-old son outside in their underwear on the cold and windy night as agents ransacked his residence—he thought it had to be a mistake.

In an exclusive report by The Guardian, Balogun explains that he was stunned to later learn that he was under investigation for “domestic terrorism” and had been under law enforcement surveillance for years. Incredibly, Balogun’s arrest and the FBI raid on his home were partially due to a simple, and constitutionally protected, Facebook post that was critical of police.

This is what is called “Israelification” because the British-Israeli confabulation has been doing EXACTLY thos to Palestinians since 1948–terrorize the father, terrorize the son as a warning.And they have been doing that in Northern Ireland, and so many othr places across the globe that it flies under the US citizens radar–until it begins to happen more and more–and usually its too late to notoce that the British-Israeli model, and it associated National Intelligence Model have destroyed liberty for all.

What set these two cases apart–and indeed many more I have yet to explore–is that these men were vocal, and recognized the white supremacy, and the white, Jewish supremacy directed at them as men, and as philosophers–the full weight of a system of oppression, which began because they used “words”–and those words protected speech. But especially, that such a system destroys such fathers ability to raise critical thinking children, and such a system repkacing fathers with systems of slavery. The case of little Christopher Bowen is instructive on this point–child sacrifice, and ritual abuse INDEED.

As we see time and time again, neither the FBI or thre ADL have any respect for the democratic ideals that made America a great nation. That both organizations share a total revulsion for first amendment protected speech is typical–but that they are allied in destroyin men who expose these institutional collusions is appalling. The US is in its final days as a democracy of any kind, and these two agencies are why that is so.

Black identity extremists, white identity extremists--but nary a peep about this highly organized group of Jewish identity terrorists–why is that? Image Source: AsherUnderwood.com

So, in the faction fractured FBI (that fracture directly caused by the ADL and the British-Israeli model), what we see is that the narrative takes on distinctly racist proportions, regardless of politics–both (D) and (R) FBI are whacked, as we see in the rainbow dildo/lesbian wife beater story.

So, depending on which faction “makes the case,” we see the same types of smears–and everyone so smeared is on the ADL’s hit list long before they get the third degree from some dirtbag in Eddie Bauer loafers. And, this factionalized FBI was very evident in the case of FBI whistle blower Terry Albury. You can read more about that case here.

But what reveals the case ofpersecution against Pino and Balogun as identically motivated is that both men were involved in the child support racketeering of various state agencies–Balogun had children in that system, and Pino sought to provide solace for a man who was caught up in that system–the ADL turned that into a smear that he was an ISIS supporter.

No irony there–as ISIS is a 100% a western intelligence agency creation, assisted by the FVEY’s little pal Israel. And all Zionists fundamentally believe in slavery. Don’t believe me–take a look at this One Guy Here if you are in doubt.

The favored slavery system of these racist tribalists is the child support system–the “third tier” of a two tiered society

What links both of these cases together is that we see repeatedly, the FBI has crept into the family courts in insidious ways–as has the ADL, which has also crept into school curriculum everywhere too.This is a highly organized grab for children at every level, in evry decade since the VAWA era, where the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) rendered women and children the property of the banksters.

Never mind equality, throw shared custody out the window (someone musst pay!), gender all violence as “male initiated” and throw out the science proving otherwise–because what these slavers wanted was a foothold into the lives and minds of children–and they wated men like Pino and Balogun OUT of those childrens lives. Seriously–in the lower second and third tier of such societies, women and children are chattel–but men are slaves. The system echoes actual American slavery 100% with the same patriarchal-hidden matriarchal structures undergirding that form of society.

SO–Pino was targeted because he spoke against that form of slavery.

Here we see a case of an FBI agent assisting his child trafficking mother in a hundreds of millions of dollars children for sale enterprise. Here we see how most domestic terrorism is financed and carried out by the ADL-FBI in what sane people call “manufactured terrorism,” with the bonus that the dirty FBI agents in this case were all “compromised assets”–seriously, read these stories to understand how agents become assets of anti-democratic forces.

And that is what these cases are about. WHite, and Jewish supremacists, cloaking talk of terrorism, and inserting it like a dagger into the backs of men who speak agaist that system.

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