What happened to Richard Stanley? He wrote the brilliant analysis “People of the Flavian Book”that explained the origins of fake-religion and its myths–and then he disappeared!

How is it that western societies and their institutions are able to skirt the law, and instead, have created secret courts and secret proceedings that have replaced jury trials in the west, and undermined democracy?

Part of that answer can be found in how elite societies of Ancient Italy negotiated power, and established dynasties; and how one tribe used organized religion to control the population–chiefly the the Sabini of central Italy.

Because so many of my readers are often lost in contrived, manufactured ancient religion–the dead, burying. and exhuming, and re-burying their dead–I thought that maybe some history is in order–some more “help for targeted individuals,” particularly those who are being harassed by church stalkers.

Well, when the student is ready, the teacher is usually in the break room, so you must do it yourself–and part of doing it yourself is learning the truth of organized religion not as a “truth” per se, but rather as a tool, and its gang stalking apparatus, which is well documented in the Jesus story details how this manufactured social scheme will indeed stalk people to death

And so, what you know as religion is in fact an ancient form of social engineering, designed by the worlds elite to dominate the masses, and prevent critical thinking, and alternative culture formation.It s also designed to destroy, and undermine existing institutions, and the law itself, defering to “customs” rather than law, and practices rather than ethics.

Just when I myself find a teacher who puts all the data in one place–the teacher disappears! WHERE DID RICHARD STANLEY, of Post Flaviana Blog GO? So it goes with wisdom–it is fleeting, almost as if it is pursued by some “unknown” entity–yet we know what that entity IS and we can name them.

And as my followers have learned–and continue to practice learning–tracing these gang stalking demons by name and associations using free tools and SOCMINT, and OSINT is the best way to name ther own unknown entities–the best way to name their stalkers.

So this post is primarily for those who come to this blog to answer the question “who are the gang stalkers,” because in western nations, 90% of those stalkers I encountered were afffiliated with one or another version of what I call Jewish-christianity.

I deliberately call it “Jewish-christianity” because the tradition of calling it “Judeo-Christianity” is misleading–the average person has no idea what “Judeo” means. It sounds like some kind of death metal ballad or something, and the use of the outdated term masks its origin–so “Jewish-christian” is more appropriate for modern use, as that is how non-Jewish-christians encounter these cults and sects, and their actions in society.

Well–back to Richard Stanley–who is/was he, and where is he now? I am working on finding that answer, because he quite accurately describes how the Jewish-christian form of society was manufactured in the time of the “Flavian Emperors,” and that the sole urpose was to create deception in order to gain power.

Let’s examine how western Jewish-christian religions were manufactured, starting back in Roman Times, through the lens of Postflaviana:

Western Civilization is “Flaviana”

The Flavian dynasty was a branch of Rome’s elite Sabine tribe. Along with what we suspect was their extended family — the Sabas, Sabians, (the biblical) tsabians, Sakas, Scythians, Ashina, Ashkenazi, and the later Savoy, al Sabahs, and Sauds — the Sabines have a much older history than that of ancient Rome, while also extending unbroken into the present, which we’ll be discussing to a major extent in future content.

Strictly speaking, the root term for this website might better be Sabiana or something similar. But since the Flavian branch of the Sabines played such a pivotal role in the foisting of what is generally termed Christianity upon the world, our specific emphasis upon the Flavian imperial dynasty seems appropriate. Besides, it has a better ring to it than Postsabiana, right? The root syllable sab has three distinct meanings in ancient texts: in the Indo-European tongues it represents wisdom, in the Semitic tongues it stands for the mystic number seven, and in Sumerian it means shepherd. This odd mash-up of sacred meanings may be the reason why this became such a widespread signifier of royal power.

At its core we assert that Western Civilization is a product of Flavian construction. To provide some background for those not familiar with the Flavians: they were a dynasty of late first century Roman emperors, who were most famous for the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and for providing sponsorship for the Jewish priest-turned-historian Josephus Flavius.

Through the recent comparative literary analyses of Joseph Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah,  it can now be definitively stated that the life of the Apostle Paul (the imagined founder of Christianity for the gentiles) was a literary reflection of Josephus Flavius’ exploits as a Roman operative. Indeed, the entire New Testament corpus is closely intertwined with Josephus’ War of the Jews, indicating a systematic effort, such that neither work can be fully and properly understood without referring to the respective context of the other. Atwill was not the first to have made such observations. However, such arguments have often been summarily dismissed with by simply claiming that the equivalence can not be true because the events of the NT and the Jewish War occurred decades apart. Atwill’s analysis shows that the widespread claims of the NT’s chronology ultimately are self-referential, despite the centuries of claims by ‘respected’ scholars, both secular and within the church. The events in the NT can be placed anywhere in time since it was only Josephus Flavius himself that provides historical commentary regarding the period and region in question. How convenient.

You have probably never heard of the Flavians, which only goes to show how successfully and systematically they have deflected attention away from themselves and onto the religion they invented (Christianity), as well as its institutionalized poor cousin, Judaism. This unique religion, of course, existed as a creation of political statecraft much earlier — but Vespasian, Titus and Domitian took control of its institutions and re-invented it in a new role: the Chosen People cast upon their identity pedestal as eternally privileged ‘scapegoats’, the killers of Christ.

For this key aspect, for those so inclined, we highly recommend first, James Carroll’s Constantine’s Sword, specifically for its exposition of the Roman Church’s consistent theologically driven dialectic treatment of the Jews as living examples of evil (the killers of Christ) amongst us, and (as such) too valuable to extirpate as with the case of lesser heretics and heathens. Secondly, the late Israel Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion, focusing especially on Chapter 4 regarding the Roman de jure creation of a Jewish buffer class, to insulate the emergent Euro nobility from the masses. Third is Shlomo Sand, whose Invention of the Jewish People  provides an historiography of the multi-generational program to justify the creation of modern Israel, modeled upon the previously concocted foundational narratives that form the basis of European nation-state identity, and enters into a valuable discussion of tribal identity and genetic legerdemain. One irony here being that the Book of Genesis specifically lists the Ashkenazi (most of today’s Jews) as not being Semitic; and that the modern Palestinians must be the descendants of Herodian era Jews — as the claimed (Flavian caused) Diaspora was vastly oversold.

We are well aware that many of our readers will be quite positive and adamant that the Flavians — and more broadly, the Caesarians and Sabines — cannot possibly play any role in current society and events. Such grand meta-narrative is impossible (or is that rather – to be avoided?) beyond more than a few human generations, or so says all convention and institutionalized Postmodernist cant. Everyone knows that the Roman Empire collapsed long, long ago.  ….  Or did it?  Perhaps the common and superficial understanding of the parameters and context of this “collapse” are obscuring what is actually important to comprehend?

Curiously, the so-called barbarians that invaded the Roman Empire were not ‘pagans’ as typically inferred, but rather Christians. It’s just that they were not Trinitarians who insist upon the triune divinity of Jesus, rather they were ‘unitarian’ Arians who held to a more mundane tradition that Jesus was a purely human, albeit ‘noble’, shepherd of sorts. By shepherd’s hook or crook, the Arian case lost again, and Europe and the West became unified under the divine Trinitarian schema. Apparently in order for the Western social scheme to unfold to its current vector, Jesus needed to be fully acknowledged as a divine entity, rather than as a mundane and typical human rebel seeking temporal power in zealously ‘delivering’ his subjects from the oppressive dominion of Rome. The Hellenic graft, ala Romans 11, upon the Judaic Root of Jesse took centuries to fully take upon the collective western mind.

Besides being a convenient fiction, Nicene Christianity, at least, is a diabolically ingenious amalgamation and political reworking of the prior ubiquitous Mystery Cults. These cult’s functionally equivalent rituals served to reset the prior mental framing of the initiates via a process of purification, via confession of sins, followed by a phantasmagorical ceremony of shock and awe, and a brief ‘audience’ with the salvic divinity. But, because Christianity became the operant paradigm from cradle to grave the shock and awe conversion was no longer needed and as such was replaced with the mild sacrament of baptism, and the carrot of Heaven and the stick of eternal Damnation. Fear is the most powerful motivator of the brain, and it serves to cause the subconscious hard wiring to knee-jerk override a calmer and conscious state of mind where rational processes take place.

In any case, we encourage you to open your mind and consider that your contextual framework of understanding has been too programmatically constrained. Or perhaps you have other motivation for being adamantly opposed? For some, the current paradigm has been profitable to a greater or lesser extent, but even for those that have not materially fared so well their existential social ‘identity’, if not their delusional sense of eternal fate is slavishly tied to a concept of a cartoonish concept of cheaply gained Salvation. We assert that an essentially fear driven adherence to a faux salvation is a devious form of self-regulating slavery built upon layers and layers of bad contextual framing, aka conventional history and especially its interpretation.

Our overarching thesis is that what was put in place by the Flavians et al. as the central and crystallizing social motif that binds us loosely together within the western global oecumene is what is much more important than the temporal status of waxing and waning empires and states. What cannot be denied is that globalization is occurring at a rapid pace. Is this good or bad? Perhaps this is not the best framing of the question, and perhaps it should better be, under what terms should such ‘harmonization’ occur? Will the new global boss be the same as the old boss, i.e. the scions of the Flavians, the Caesarians, and their Sabine clansmen?

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