Kim Potter Sentenced: Why “the Rape of the Sabines” reminds me why I am NOT–and cannot be!– a “feminist”–I cannot cry “white woman’s tears” no matter how hard I try!

This “feminism” is only for white women, and the meaning of it is that “white women cry, many people die.”It’s a 100% invention of the British-Israeli mafia, a post-Flavian form of herd control, and a major reason why the KKK rose to power–and why white Jews and hard right evangelicals and cults have a lot in common too.

Not my deal.

Women have their jobs, their privileges, their “equality,” and their gazillions of government programs to ensure that they are “just a little more than equal” to everyone else—in every place except criminal law–they get away with murder, and worse, and sit as the inheritors of slavery, as the US prison system stands as a memento to their privilege.

Kim Potter Cries White Woman’s Tears–Nearly Gets Out of Jail FREE!

Kim Potter is not merely any white female cop–she was also the police union chief–and that makes her worthy of derision, because police unions are MAJOR gang stalkers, law breakers, bullies, and trolls. She deserved a full ride to prison–but her political connections guaranteed her an easy trip–two years, because she has one of her sistah’s behind the bench–a mutant hybrid Asian-American woman, felt that white women deserve empathy when they murder people.

Go Dieversity!!!

I wonder where Judge Chu was at when former officer Mohammed Noor kiled a white woman who was attacking his squad car? Yeah–not so much “empathy” from these types of women when a black man is doing the self-preservation. It cannot be missed that Noor was shooting at someone who had attacked his car, whereas Potter was shooting at a fleeing person. See the origins of why police shoot men in the back, and why they are “back shooting cowards” here.

Lately I have been writing about how the Flavian Emperors of Rome invented the christian story, aka the Abrahamic Trifecta as a way to further colonize outlying regions, infiltrate, and “invert” the narratives that held those cultures and tribes together.

These emperors and their descendants were total incels–they had no women amongst them, much like the more orthodox sects of Jewish-christianity–they couldn’t get women to marry them, Oh, sure, they asked their neighbors “hey can you spare some virgins?”–and the neighbirs were appalled of course–so they coudn’t get brides.

And, failing to do that, they threw a big party, and then, kidnapped and raped the Sabine women–and western society was born!

Statue portraying the Rape of the Sabines

But they KILLED men and boys–I do not have enough tears to cry for the brides of Rome, nor Kim Potter, sentenced to two years for taking another mothers sons life in an unprovoked murder.

And here in our modern era we have women warriors, with modern weapons who weigh in at around 80 kilo’s–who still turn n the tears every time they do evil bad shit, like murdering other mother’s sons. Grow up already lady–that’s what you signed up for–be all that you can be!

You might remember KIm Potter this way:

Whitey got caught doing whitey stuff–this picture is what she looks like in reality

But THIS PICTURE is what her audience saw when she kwied on the stand in an Emmy Award contending performance–and won the booby prize! Only Two years for whitey!

Hermione rhymes with vaginy, crying on the stand; Judge Chu was trying, because whitey was crying, to give her a loving hand! Aww, how cute! —white-bastardized Asians, helping the poor helpless white wimins! Suastahs ah doin it fo themselvez!

Well- I sure have my detractors–but none of them are people who feel sorry for crying helpless white women. And, my detractors are all crying white women, who look just like this old hag:

I don’t know who this old white woman is, but she looks and thinks like white women everwhere.

Inversion of culture is also “co-option” or “co-optation” depending on the form of the verb used as a way to express the theft and misuse of a symbol, idea, myth, narrative or other cultural artifact.

The classic examples of post Flavian co-optation of such are the winter holidays–how the winter solstice became “Jesus’ Birthday!” and other seasonal festivals and celebrations were stolen by the hidden religious workings of Rome and its elite bankster classes. See this chart for original “pagan” holidays, and coordinate that with their Jewish-christian remakes.

Related Story: The term Pagan is a derogeratory term for people from the outlying areas–it means “people from the country,” and has a generally slanderous meaning.

Well–every time some white woman loke Kim Potter in Minnesota gets a slap on the wrist for murdering a young man, I am not a “feminist.”

And for every white woman that can’t control her own violence or deal with ther own mental imbalances–I am not a feminist.

Because “feminism” is merely a construct crerated by the People of the Flavian Legacy–the 1&–and it is itself cooptation of women’s rights and especially–their OBLIGATIONS to soociety. Modern feminism then, is likely a Roman concept, designed to separate women from men like herd animals.

Which, they kind of ARE. For sure. No, really–they are like cows, in a herd. Udderly ridiculous the animal nature f these “people,” and their “empowered” peers.

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