Christina Yuna Lee murdered in NYC, as Assamad Nash steps up to claim the ugly prize: a tale of two cultures, one picture

Lookism is a real thing–and I will just come right out and say it:

A butt ugly bastard killed someone who was better “looking” than he is in a horrific slaying in New York City. But you know whats even uglier? How US media constantly inflames racial divides.

Assamad Nash stabbed Asian ad exec 40 times in sexual assault crime

Assamad Nash so ugly, if ugliness were a crime he would get the electric chair. He so ugly his momma called the dog catcher, and the dog catcher told her to call the veterinarian instead–dog looked too sick to catch; He so ugly that when he sits on the sand, cats try to bury him; He so ugly that when he was arrested, the cops took him to the zoo first; He so ugly his nickname in jail will be “toilet brush”….because he IS a dirty rotten animal.

I generally am not an advocate of either the death penalty, or the pile on effect of deriding criminals whose lives themselves are usually crimes themselves–by systemic design; and men like Nash have been getting the electric chair–whether they were guilty or innocent–ever since the chair was invented.

And while I do believe that he is animaliststic, so too is the “system” that created him. I am willing to bet that Assamad Nash was a “system child,” produced by a woman who got a welfare check after she had him. And, that he is also a product of the pre-school to prison pipeline too.

Which brings me to eugenics….which is another topic entirely, wherein I ask “WHY HASN”T THE BIRTH CONTROL INDUSTRY BEEN SUED OUT OF EXISTENCE YET?”

And of course I have the answer for that–governments that get loans from the banksters, and states that dole out a pittance of that to mothers who crank out babies for profit–and corporations, drug companies, and the medical mafia manipulating the female herd is an extremely powerful and lucrative black market, a hundreds of billions of dollars per year industry–I bet Assamad Nash is the product of a “ca$h cow.”

Yuna Lee on the other hand had “good looks,” a culture and a community where she fit in, and a job–a career–and many other perks that Nash could NEVER IN A MILLION LIGHT YEARS have in the USA, or any other place, ever. Opportunities were created for women like Ms. Lee.

The question is–what exactly is the discrepancy between the status of one, and the status of another in the same society? What opportunities awaited an ugly black man who looks like an Asian guy, but with nappy hair and dark skin? None–western societies have no place for men like that–see the case of Little Cleo and the New Zealand doll collector for more evidence of how being deemed ugly affects some people.

So, there’s that.

And I think of that every time I hear about waves of crime against Asian people in the US too. There are scales of injustice–and this was not a crime against Asians–it was a crime against society, due to many complex factors.

REgardless–what a terrible, horrible crime. No amount of hate for the criminal will bring Ms. Lee back to life–but certainly we must ask what led to her death?

More about Ms. Lee here.

More about Assamad Nash here.

One thing that is certain though, is that in societies that are based in “privileges” like the USA, rather than “merits” like other societies, ugly as a “value” has limits–and in societies that value merit, ugy has limited power to limit opportunity.

In western societies though, it is not that way–people deemed ugly cannot escape the value judgement. Wages, social opportunities, education opportunities, and more are so deeply tied to the western, and particularly American “way of life” thta it’s a safe bet to say that nearly ALL crime is a product of “ugly,” regardless of whether it is a crime of the person, a sex crime or a property crime–because ALL crime (with perhaps the exception of biological psychopaths) begins with value versus no value judgements, in value versus no value environments.

A man is buying a cart with just a few groceries in it. The female cashier says: “You must be single.”

The man answers: “WTF? How did you know that?”

Female Cashier: “Because you’re ugly.”

I can say with evidence, that in all societies that are commodity based, these ugly facts are evident, and have been evident since the dawn of commercial societies. This is not to deride capitalism per se, but rather to point out a simple fact: good looks have higher value than not good looks.

But I can also say that I have known men who looked nearly identical to Mr. Nash–and a good friend in particular runs a respected art school. He looks nearly identical to Mr. Nash, but with lighter skin–and he manages to not only earn a solid income, and put money away into his retirement account–but that he also has had many, many female companions in the time I have known him.

He not only manages to earn an income, but also earn the extra benefit of female companionship–because he lives in a merit based society. Such a scenario would not be possible in the west–not even close.

And again, “so there’s that.”

The element of sex in this case is quite significant–the woman targeted was not “ugly.” And, she had power, and place in our society. I personally cannot see it the way the racists from the 1% want me to see it–as another “hate crime against Asian people.”

Hell, I can’t even call her Asian with a straight face–I want to know her actual ethnicity–what culture does she descend from! All I knwo is what racists want me to know–“that an “Asian woman” was killed in “Chinatown.””

See how thta works in minds of those who own and control the US media? Not a peep about her actual culture AS a culture–and that, because the man who murdered her does NOT have any such culture to declare, anywhere–blacks are just “blacks” in the US and around the world–but ESPECIALLY in the US.

And that’s a problem for me, and a lot of others too.

ANd only then do I get to the part about sex–

A woman was once buying a very large cucumber, some condoms, and some Vaseline. She gets up to the checkout counter and the cashier says, “I can tell you’re single.”

The flirtatious woman replies, “Oh really, how can you tell that?”

The man looks at her with a stern face and says, “Because you’re ugly.”

Well, at least she has that “sex” should someone want it–because even ugly women can find that in sex-starved America–and they routinely swap that commodity for other social benefits too.

But ugly has NO VALUE in non-merit based societies. Which is why this crime happened–just sayin’.

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