Hello to my reader from Seychelle’s! How is that CIA drone airbase doing–comfortable? Cozy? “Climate controlled?” Lol

Hi, my Seychelles reader! However do you get my blog way over there in the Seychellois Creole/ French speaking regions of the world? I seldom if ever use the keyword “traque de gangs,” or “harcèlement criminel” or even “traque par les agences de renseignement”here at my blog!

I don’t speak Seselwa at all, much less any of the various dialects of Creole in that area, but I do know that you are a primarily Catholic country, with other forms of black magic practiced there–so be careful! religionists of all kinds are very dangerous.

Oh, never mind–you are here, aren’t you? Well, I have lots of advice for gang stalking targets. Use my search feature “help for targeted individuals,” and “free tools” and “fight back” and so on–you CAN escape gang stalkers, and fight back for your own safety.

And, I am happy to have readers like you! After all–what good is a world without drone strikes? Take a look at how all the “good people’ and their “good religions” are bombing the shit out of the “other people” and some of that coming from an airbase near you!

A little known fact is that a shadow war has been raging all over Africa since the New World Order was declared. And, a lesser known fact is that many African nations are taking black cash from both eastern and western nations to host various infrastructure projects, including the building of airbases.

And, those airbases are used to target citizens of many nations with drone stikes.

From Counterpunch, in 2011, lest we forget:

Counterpunch is an alternative news source full of factual, non-partisan, non-intelligence agency planted reporting


OCTOBER 17, 2011

America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases



They increasingly dot the planet.  There’s a facility outside Las Vegas where “pilots” work in climate-controlled trailers, another at a dusty camp in Africa formerly used by the French Foreign Legion, a third at a big air base in Afghanistan where Air Force personnel sit in front of multiple computer screens, and a fourth at an air base in the United Arab Emirates that almost no one talks about.

And that leaves at least 56 more such facilities to mention in an expanding American empire of unmanned drone bases being set up worldwide.  Despite frequent news reports on the drone assassination campaign launched in support of America’s ever-widening undeclared wars and a spate of stories on drone bases in Africa and the Middle East, most of these facilities have remained unnoted, uncounted, and remarkably anonymous — until now.

Run by the military, the Central Intelligence Agency, and their proxies, these bases — some little more than desolate airstrips, others sophisticated command and control centers filled with computer screens and high-tech electronic equipment — are the backbone of a new American robotic way of war.  They are also the latest development in a long-evolving saga of American power projection abroad — in this case, remote-controlled strikes anywhere on the planet with a minimal foreign “footprint” and little accountability.

Using military documents, press accounts, and other open source information, an in-depth analysis by TomDispatch has identified at least 60 bases integral to U.S. military and CIA drone operations.  There may, however, be more, since a cloak of secrecy about drone warfare leaves the full size and scope of these bases distinctly in the shadows.

A Galaxy of Bases

Over the last decade, the American use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has expanded exponentially, as has media coverage of their use.  On September 21st, the Wall Street Journalreported that the military has deployed missile-armed MQ-9 Reaper drones on the “island nation of Seychelles to intensify attacks on al Qaeda affiliates, particularly in Somalia.”  A day earlier, a Washington Post piece also mentioned the same base on the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago, as well as one in the African nation of Djibouti, another under construction in Ethiopia, and a secret CIA airstrip being built for drones in an unnamed Middle Eastern country. (Some suspect it’s Saudi Arabia.)

Post journalists Greg Miller and Craig Whitlock reported that the “Obama administration is assembling a constellation of secret drone bases for counterterrorism operations in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as part of a newly aggressive campaign to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen.”  Within days, the Post also reported that a drone from the new CIA base in that unidentified Middle Eastern country had carried out the assassination of radical al-Qaeda preacher and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.

With the killing of al-Awlaki, the Obama Administration has expanded its armed drone campaign to no fewer than six countries, though the CIA, which killed al-Awlaki, refuses to officially acknowledge its drone assassination program.  The Air Force is less coy about its drone operations, yet there are many aspects of those, too, that remain in the shadows.  Air Force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel John Haynes recently told TomDispatch that, “for operational security reasons, we do not discuss worldwide operating locations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft, to include numbers of locations around the world.”

Still, those 60 military and CIA bases worldwide, directly connected to the drone program, tell us much about America’s war-making future.  From command and control and piloting to maintenance and arming, these facilities perform key functions that allow drone campaigns to continue expanding, as they have for more than a decade.  Other bases are already under construction or in the planning stages.  When presented with our list of Air Force sites within America’s galaxy of drone bases, Lieutenant Colonel Haynes responded, “I have nothing further to add to what I’ve already said.”

Even in the face of government secrecy, however, much can be discovered.  Here, then, for the record is a TomDispatch accounting of America’s drone bases in the United States and around the world.

….follow the links! Connect the dots!

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