How to spot gang stalkers in traffic: Duck Twacy, from 2004 documented weaponized “asshats”–firefighter stickers on vehicles, stalking him in traffic. Its quite common

It is well documented all over the western nations that “gangs” of “stalkers” are nearly 100% current and former military, police, and intelligence trained “asshats,” and their webs of associates in the “community policing” scheme. That scheme goes by many names–just as US Fusion Centers* do, because these anti-constitutional harassment campaigns are designed to be hidden, and hard to identify.

But in the age of the internet, perpetrators cannot hide–see this thread from Indymedia which documents “gangs” of police and firefighter’s who are “stalkers.”

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Their targets are diverse–there is no “one size fits all” description of a gang stalking target–but there ARE identifiable features that TI’s identify, and document with photo’s and cell phone video’s–and one stand out feature is that firefighters are deeply involved in harassing US citizens–I cannot speak to the other nations involved in this “British National Intelligence Model” form of “community policing” but I can say with much evidence that in the US firefighters are documented in the most famous stories of gang stalking.

And–they are indeed a gang. Have a look at the story below, from 2004, just after neocon’s and their banksters encouraged this form of domestic terrorism in police and fire departments that are dependent on black cash to continue doing what they do.

IMHO? Let it all burn, and fire these people–get them off the taxpayer tits, and replace this form of culture–these asshats are never there when you need them anyways, and only show up after the fact of any fire or crime. When they aren’t out starting fires, or manufacturing terrorism that is. And learn to protect yourself–here are fire safety tips from the American Red Cross, and here is a fire safety equipment checklist from Raising Children AU.

And what they are in modern times is largely a disruption of the political processes of democratic societies, funded as they are by sources outside of our communities, and they should be prosecuted as such. These are domestic terrorists of the most cowardly, and insidious kind–the “bad guys” masquerading as the good ones.

From Duck Twacy, in 2004:

NWO Goons stalk activists: How to Pick Them Out

by Duck Twacy Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2004 at 4:57 PM

Traffic jam? Not hardly. Crowded? Not really. Polluted skies and clogged freeways? You bet. Nothing is what it appears to be: learn how to pick out the gangstalking mob backed NWO perps in YOUR city.

Note the fire fighter decal in the upper left rear windshield. Notice the missing rear license plate–a reuirement of law that gang stalkers routinely skirt, making this state-level crime. This is standard in gang stalking, and the blogger documents it repeatedly–there are so many stories on the web of firefighters harasing people that it could be its own novel–and this form of culture and the gravy train that feeds it needs to end.
One version of the firefighter decal/sticker

Duck Twacy writes:

Learn how to SEE them, PICK THEM OUT, and do COUNTER SURVEILLANCE on the NWO cabals little “minions” roaming your streets and freeways, stalking patriots and activists.


These clowns they hire are little gopher no bodys. Mind controlled idiots. But they are paid to do this.

Learn how to spot them. In some cities, corrupt cops and firemen are deeply involved in this.


More from that author here.

These groups have formed gangs all across the US, and do criminal activity wherever they are. They need to be investigated, targeted, and tracked. They are why the political process in America is totally broken, and why deocracy has died.

Related Story: Rick and Cindy Krlich were stalked for over ten years by asshats from the fire department, and the police. Their story was documented in major media as “Small Town Terrorism“. The stalking started after they bought the property next to John Clemente and his asshat wife Mary Clemente was the Fire Chief of Hubbard Ohio, and his minions waged a ten year long horn honking campaign in front of the Krlich’s house. Krlich caught this on film, and sued variously, obtaining years long restraining orders against well over a dozen “gang stalkers.” One of those asshats gang stalkers, Rich Wittkugle, was later convicted of calling in fake fires, and stealing from the town till. The entire post-911 gang stalking apparatise mirrors that as a cash grab too.

*Fusion Centers in the USA, all go by different names. Like evil itself–it cannot be named directoly, and always changes its name once properly identified.

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