Happy 02-22-2022 Twosday! More Help for Targeted Individuals repost, with commentary

My readers come from the masses of the weary–they are both victims and also the perpetrators of western gang stalking programs. The former category of people have been harassed by the latter category of people–but both are weary, especially that stalkers–carrying evil within ones body rots the core of one’s humanity–gang stalkers know that revenge is coming, and they do not sleep well–nor should they.

And, for the actual TI’s, keep this date in mind: 02-22-2022! its your lucky day! It signals a change is coming.

And, its a nearly perfect palindrome date It’s TWOSDAY!!

To actual targeted individuals, I want you to know that you are NOT ALONE. Celebrate this day with me! I will celebrate this day with YOU! DO NOT let them win–and they cannot win, as long as you are not alone.

February 2, 2022 is a palindrome date. Because all the digits in the date when written in the d-m-yy (2-2-22) or m-d-yy (2-2-22) format are twos, the date is being called Two’s Day. It is also Groundhog Day in the United States.

February 22, 2022 is a palindrome day in the m-dd-yy format (2-22-22). It falls on a Tuesday, the second day of the week in many cultures around the world. This has prompted the media to call the day Twosday.

Source: Timeanddate.com

My readers are aware that there is a certain sick and twisted group of people within the gang stalking dialectic that manipulate numbers, utilize numerology, and try to cause them to be superstitious, or to fear thigs that are not real.

I am not superstitious–and I know that all bad things come from humans, wild animals, and toxicity or calamity in the natural environment, and I urge my readers to avoid all of that. Instead–note the human value of sharing time and space with someone you have never met–me–and that we are together in this strugge against human evil that expresses itself as “bad police practices and policy” call “gang stalking.”

Bullies who utilize numerological psychological operations is a real thing in the online community–and I urge my readers to avoid that, by using this day to signal that you are not alone!

And of my readers, they form an interesting and unique demographic, and I will briefly tell you a bit about them:

-many christians who do not, and CANNOT find solace in their God of the Abrahamic Trifecta, and come here for “truth” instead.

-many middle easterners, Russians, Israeli’s, French, and Swiss–Belgium!–and Africans and African Americans–El Salvadoran’s and Viet Namese!–all who know that what I write is truth also come here. I have a very diverse group of readers

-academics and journalists who seek to understand OGS come here

-disabled and handicapable people come to my blog, because they are marginalized in our societites and aware of the processes of marginalization–and often get squished intot the Mega church milieu–that phony christianity that treats them as circus freaks.

-many perpetrators come here to lurk, and steal content–my writing has forever changed how the peretrators and gang stalkers online write about gang stalking.

-women from the various “women in leadership” tribes of stalkers–these women are particularly insidious stalkers, working from within institutions to harass people

Well, that’s just a peek at who peeks in here–and I want to wish all of you a Happy 02-22-2022!

Below I am reposting this “free tools and weapons with which to fight gang stalkers” –because the internet needs more search language that seeks “help for targeted individuals.” And don’t forget to see my post “how to build a cell phone jammer to fight gang stalkers” too.

Go get ’em–when targets learn to fight back, the world becomes a better place–learn to use numerology against those who attempt to use it against you.

Weapons for sale! Or–even free. Fight gang stalking! Help for targeted individuals, with commentary

You are here because you are being targeted by unknown assailants. This blog aims to help you target those who have targeted you–within the limits of the law, of course.

The only problem is–who are “THEY”?

YOU will have to name them–and from their, trace their webs of associations before you can take proper action, such as filing a police report with solid evidence, or filing a lawsuit, and even then, your evidence must be very good.

Because gang stalking is largely political, you will note that you will need suffer a bit while you assess your situation, and DO NOT take immediate action. While it’s tempting to strike out at anyone that you THINK might be targeting you that is THE WRONG RESPONSE, and it can get you, and other innocent people hurt.

You probably already know that the “community policing” people in your neighborhood are a large part of that stalking–but behind them are webs of other people, and other politics that expand beyond your neighborhood. But you have to act locally, before you get to the bigger picture.

Take a look at the classic case of highly localized gang stalking that was featured in mainstream news–Small Town Terrorism. It was a case that is what I would call “typical” gang stalking, by the police chief, his deputies the fire chief, , the fire department, and then, all of their frends and associates.

You will want to set traps, buy a sniper rifle, and throw tire spikes–maybe poison their pets when they let them out at night, or do a few late night tire flattenig runs-but that is A LOT OF TROUBLE for you, and, its never ok to harm innocent pets.


Instead, assess your situation for the following features:

-political target?

-religious target?

-family target (your family is targeting you?)

-gender/sexuality target?

-target of a criminal or civil probe?

-real estate related target?

-workplace reated targeting?

These questions are just a few of the questions you are asking yourself right now. And, no doubt, you know the answers to these questions–but you don’t have “proof” and you need it. But what is MOST IMPORTANT is that you are asking yourself “how do I fight back? How can I get justice?”

And the answers to those questions are very difficult, so I will walk you through a few things that will work for you–and truthfully, not all people can fight back. In fact, most targets are low income, marginalized people with little to no resources with which to fight back.So, you will have to be resourceful–and here I provide free and low cost resources that you can use to fight back.

And, by fight back, I am not urging you to violence, or to destruction–I am urging you to merely feel–to feel the possibilities around you, and empower yourself within your own body–to take back what they are taking from you, and to feel the power of possibility, a major step to overcoming the hatrassment you are enduring..

And in that light, simply contemplate that you COULD use the following tools, in any way you choose–including violence if you so choose it–but that I advise you to first, try other things.

To be clear--I am NOT advising you to break the law, or seek revenge, although you can, if you decide to do it–and IF you do it (which I don’t recommend) do it ANONYMOUSLY, using throw away phones, and anonymous email, and so on ANONYMOUS is ANONYMOUS for good reason.

Here are over 100 cool ways to get revenge–most of them low cost, and effective. And, in that, the author includes this golden nugget of wisdom:

How to Avoid Vengeful Thoughts and Actions:This may seem like a tangent, but you should always consider the flip side of revenge. These are words of wisdom a mentor once bestowed onto me. Remember that by seeking revenge, you are giving that person “the victee” power over you. Power over your thoughts, over your emotions, and potentially power over your actions.

There’s even a Wikihow on how to get revenge–and it has the best advice! Advice such as get on with your life if you can, and the best advice is always to simply LIVE A BETTER LIFE despite these asshat gang stalkers.

Well–these gangs are organized at a very high level, as we see time and time again. Stalkers are nearly ALWAYS 100% current and former police, firefighters, military and intelligence agents, working in our communities exactly as Nazi Brownshirts worked in Germany, the way the Israeli IDF works in Israel, or the way freedom in British society is undermined by what is called the British National Intelligence Model–or any other repressive regime throughout history has done.

Someone, somewhere, has mobilized against you–an act of war–and you must take action for the sake of self preservation.So–identify your stalkers by name and face–get camera’s, dash camera’s and “drop camera’s”–hidden camera’s that are portable–and collect evidence while you plan the bigger battles.

Check your local laws about “first and second party recording laws” and prepare to collect lots of video–a huge task, but it will help you identify your assailants. Don’t be afraid to break the law a bit, because that’s what your stalkers are doing too–your job is to keep cool, and don’t get caught–but get even if you can to regain what they have stolen from you.

Well–before you embark on revenge, keep in mind what my poppa always said about revenge “Before the sword of revenge can pierce the heart of your opponent, it must first pass through your OWN heart.”

Ouch….too much thinking–you came here for the DOING didn’t you?

Well, here are free tools for you to begin researching your stalkers, and here are more free tools, and a base tutorial on how to use them.I advise everyone to do this–its your best bet to begin a lawsuit, or file a police report with evidence.

But guess what? Police have been militarized, or as many call it “Israelified” according to the British-Israeli model of manufactured terrorism, and their goal is to make sure you never get into a court room, and once they know you are going to sue? They step up their game against you. They use psychological operations (PSYOP) straight out of military playbooks–and will try to lock you up as a crazy person if you do not have solid evidence of commuity stalking.

This is not hyperbloe–this is fact: the commuity policing scheme labels anyone who complains of it as “delusional,” and/or the police will attempt to criminalize the complaintant, going a far as false arrests and torture in jails.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the case of Richard Moore in North Mississippi–they have tried to frame him for crimes, had their informants kick down his door, had caravans of trucks rip through his yard, and threaten his life as they did it; they ran his car off the road, and sent a big-talking stalker to him, who worked with the sheriff–and she stole his electronics, and tried to blackmail him later!

Commuity policing, aka gang stalking is an insane, anti-democratic practice, and it is happening all over the west now.

Stalkers come from many walks of life, but generally, they are all mobilized by police and agency level players–FBI, and state patrol, and so on are all involved in the harassment.In many cases–family court, divorce court, drug court, parole court, or child support related cases all have state level players–but also agencies like the FBI/DHS do interfere at a micro-managing level in such local cases too when politics are involved–have a look at the case of Professor Julio Pino for one example.

The main players basically come in two varieties–have a look at two actual stalkers below who I am well acquainted with (feel free to write and ask for details), one of whom gets paid to do what they do–and one of whom works for free like a punk–the latter is what is called an informant, aka a “rat” snitch*” etc.–every stalking crew has actual “shot callers” in the agencies, while their community assets range from old grandmas and state workers, to guys like this scumbag below:

An actual agency stalker whose career started at the coroners office, and he stalked his way into an agency position. Details available on request.
An actual agency informant, a seriously deranged asshat with a tattooed face, issuing a threat to a targeted individual, Richard Moore, from North Mississippi–a freakish product of the Single Mother Society–note the sexual focus, and predisposition to sexual content. Reference this post here.

Policing in the west is insane. It’s anti-constitutional–and it echoes the worst practices of totalitarian states anywhere, ever, including torture. So–file internal affairs reports in police departments, every time some cop fails to take your complaint. Some departments have an “early warning system” to help flag bad cops, and your report is in the public’s interests–you filing a report helps others later.

And use language that makes these types of cops sound predatory and perverse–because they are. Did the cop look away and fail to make eye cntact with you while you made your case? Yeah–file a report that says he was “constantly looking at my breasts.” Did he reference that the “neighbors said this and that?” Yeah–file a report that says you have seen him regularly at that neighbors house. Did the cop wear too much aftershave–say that he smelled like alcohol.

While this may seem unethical (and really, after one becomes gang stalked, the rules and lethics are thrown out the window), it is not–that’s what these type of cops are doing themselves. Their reports will be FULL OF such things about you. And, Internal Affairs rarely investigates the side talk–but it will become important later in that cops career, or in a later lawsuit. This same advice canalso be applied to city, county and state workers too.

Have a look at how they tried to murder a black activist by trying to frame him as a terrorist–and tried to force a barricade situation because he had invoked a civil right that is enshrined in law He asked police for a warrant, and they didn’t have one, so they tried to cause a situation whereby they could murder him. Yet the US is a country with no respect for law when citizens invoke rights, and lots of law enforcement directed AT citizens who become their targets–or what I call “law enfarcement” that covers illegal police activity.

Yup–gang stalking is a brutal form of social dysfunction and repression–and it is going on all over the west right now.If you cannot leave, you are forced to play by their rules–those rules not laws, nor even accepted democratic practices. no–the west is undergoing a hard right, theocratic assault at every level of culture, and society, never seen before.

Maybe you have some time on your hands ow? WEll–learn to be a hacker! Here are free hacking tools. Don’t have time for that? You can hire a hacker all over the web.

Here are some more cool tools from Masters of Revenge, where you can do a lot of cool things to othrs that are being done to you, such as: Nuisance Calls, Fake CallerID SMS,.Fake Emails, Sick & Twisted Gifts, and more.

Keep in mind the latter link is EXACTLY the type of sick and twisted stuff that the FBI trains stalkers to do at Quantico, and that the eBay “gang” of “stalkers” also used these exact types of tools to annoy and harass their targets–but be careful–the fed’s are finally indicting gangs of stalkers who do this stuff. Its just nuts what the FBI and its armies of private contractors are getting away with in a “free society,” but hey–its what they do, and they do it well.

There are SMS text message bombers, and revenge packages too.

As for actual weaponry that can be used–I don’t advise it generally, but you may feel different. Obviously in many US states, you can shoot an intruder, and kill them dead. I myself understand that gang stalkers deserve no less of a fate, and I laugh every time the news has headlines about some gang stalking target killing off a few useless gang stalkers–take a look at the Publix shooting in FL–the guy “just happened” to kill of a saintly old grandmother–whose son works in policing, lol–NOT a coincidence. Gang stalkers get what they deserve, and I laugh when they do.

Now–below are a few things I have read about(….) or heard about (….) that others are doing to fight gang stalkers:

-carry a large leather sewing needle or an ice pick, with feces on the tip, and use it if stalkers crowd you in a market place–and obviously don’t be obvious, and be aware of cameras–use them to your advantage!

-carry a syringe needle loaded with sulphuric acid, for, you know, whatever purpose–but be careful it is hazardous

-there are many kinds of poisonous chemicals that gang stalkers use–I once read about a police chief in a small Iowa town who was poisoning his neighbor with lawn chemicals. That guy had a dog–I am surprised to this day that hs good neighbor who he was harassing never dropped rat poison in a steak and tossed it over the fence.

-carry a sharpened key on your keyring to discreetly leave long scratches on gang stalkers cars, or for self defense

-bear spray, in large canisters can be used if you are being crowded on a freeway, as we see in Richard Moore’s excellent Youtube videos at North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association –or to use if you can make a case that you were being attacked–remember, there are camera’s EVERYWHERE in public these days, so be careful to manipulate the perception of anyone who will view the footage later

Image from Missoulian

-if you are like Mr. Moore and others, your “perps” will try to get close to you–in his case a perp got so close that she was able to steal his recording equipment ad his underwear–but had he been thiking, he could have brought along a bag of dogshit, and left it in her car. A dead fish tucked under the seat, or even a leaking bottle of acid could have had some fun results for that stalker too. Use your imagination.

-defensive driving takes on an entirely new meaning in gang stalking. See the case above because these stalkers include professionally trained harassers, and often retired police, military too. Read this from the US State department for tips on driving.

-tire spikes can be made from many materials–chain link fencing, nails and screws, etc–but also can collect your own DNA, so be smart when using them (and of course I DONT RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE THEM)

You can buy tire spikes on eBay–go figure, lol. I wonder if these guys are selling them

-many companies–especially Israeli companies whose founders are former Israeli Intelligence agents are selling gear that can incapacitate people in various ways. Here from New Scientist is one such company that sells a MEDUSA or “Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio” sound device that can break eardrums (your own or your targets)

-here are more pain causing devices for sale–electronic weapons are real, and nefarious groups are using them for various purposes (think real estate disputes, or localities where major international banks seek to buy entire neighborhoods–like what happened in Manhattan back in the 1990’s; or what is happening in Venice CA, and Seattle WA today.)

Well–as you see, the sky is the limit in these cases–methods of revenge are endless. But in societies that have foregone the rule of law, and most citizens no longer have “rights” per se–what will you do?

I always advise that you get out of there before it gets worse–history has patterns, and this type of suspension of civil rights in the US-FVEY’s nations indocates a pattern leads to anti-democratic totalitarianism.

So–seek asylum elsewhere, and find allies to help you fight back in other ways. And, build your case from a safe place, with new friends.

After all–in the west, you are far more likely to be killed by the police, according to both right wing and left wing sources–which makes one wonder, who exactly is financing these insane policing policies if both right and left wing agree that police murdering citizens in bizarre homicides are a leading cause of death.

You are eight times more likely to be killed by police than terrorists in the US–Cato Institute

YOu are 58 times more likely to be killed by police than terrorists in the USA-The Freethought Project

This image was classified top secret by the US government, and it was drawn by a CIA “high value detainee.” It shows what he witnessed in his time as a victim of “mind control and tirture” at US facilities. Ask yourself–was he delusional? Then ask yourself what kind of anmals do such things–in the name of “Jesus.”

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