How to build signal jammming equipment to disable a gang stalkers telephones–a fun, do-it-yourself experiment!

By now, most victims of community policing stalkers have figured out that stalkers are using tracking APPs and other technology to stalk them, using their cell phone signals. And, victims have figured out that cell phones were designed by the 1% to monitor and stalk us. To whit “WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERY PHONE HAVE A CAMERA FACING THE USER?”


No “conspiracy” here folks, right?–those camera’s on the face-side of your cellphone are there because obviously they can keep you safe,* or help you take “selfies” –a term coined around the same time Big Tech and it’s CIA backers dropped the curtains on civil rights and due process in collusion with undermining the contract process by “terms of service agreements” and so on–imagine the safety possibilities of your cell phone*!

Well-you can buy cell phone signal jammers, but there are laws that prohibit the use of such equipment in most of the USA and the rest of the world (check your own state or local laws). But, like the surveillance state itself, its a “Catch Me If You Can” legal environment–just have the thing in the off position should you ever get stopped while experimenting with it.

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And of course, cell phone tower spoofers, aka Hailstorm and Stingray boxes all jam phones when the sneaky police/DHS/FBI use them without warrants too. There are mountains of evidence that they do it in Boston, and in New York, and in Canada too. Especially in California, the San Bernardino sheriff used these cell phone jammers 300 times that we know of–and that, around the time they were manufacturing a mass shooter too.

Police are using these cell phone jamming cell phone signal tower spoofers all over the western world right now, without warrants, and far outside of civil rights, and due processes of all law. I cannot imagine how many little old ladies and children die each year because they cannot dial 911 when cops are out prowling neighborhoods using “cell phone jammers” like the Stingray devices, but I am sure its a few.

Well, as you see, the key is to not get caught using such equipment. This way–you are the functional equivalent of the Catch Me If You Can police themselves–one more criminal with a purpose.

Obviouly you can buy heavyweight cell phone jamming equipment online, from places like the Jammer Store, but mst TI’s cannot afford this kind of technology.

TITAN – 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W) is one of the most pwerful on the market

And of course, you wouldn’t want to break any laws–because then you would be called a “security company” or an “FBI private contractor”, all of whom are encouraged to break the law according to the “not legal but necessary” standard established at America’s new legal authority, in Quantico Virginia. And as we have learned, the FBI teaches these illegal tactics to its recruits, which was revealed in the eBay gang of stalkers case now before the courts.

And many TI’s are harassed by drones too–look at this drone zapper!

Available for purchase at the Jammer Store

But again–what TI can afford such gadgets? Well–you might not be able to zap the folks who are zapping you with this high tech, but there is low tech available–here is one of my posts where I point you to free or low cost gadgets that TI’s can use for, you know–whatever you want.

And–the DIY cell phone jammer is a fun experiment too. Take a look at it here.Such gadgets take a bit of technical know how, and some tools, but you can assemble it yourself with little effort.

Image: DIY Culture

Remember: cell phone jamming is illegal, and can get you jailed–but science, and experiments cannot! The key is to know what to say, and how to say it should your experiment “go wrong” and actually work correctly. SO study the law, apply it to your experimentation, and have fun with the asshats who are stalking you–remember: they depend on having access to your cell phone and computer–so take that access away from them, and take their access away from each other too. Then, go guerilla if you can, where only the law of the jungle will apply–use your imagination.

Hahaha, lol, just kidding–

I am not advising you to do anything illegal–but I AM pointing you to cool toys and tools whereby you can study some science, and educate yourself about the kind of stuff that gang stalkers are doing to their victims all over the “free” western nations right now

And here is a component list from another source, with easy to assemble instructions, in case your country blocks these links.That site also has a cool laser trip wire that you can make, and because gang stalkers are routinely breaking into peoples houses–and law enfarcement will do nothing to stop them–maybe consider these gadgets, in sync with an automated lawn sprinkler system, wired up to your hot water heater. These filthy gang stalkers could use a bath, all of them.

Hardware Components

You will need the following parts to build this project.

1)PNP transistorBF4541
2)Ceramic Capacitors1uF, 102pF, 15pF, 4.7pF, 5pF8
4)Enameled Copper wires3 meters
6)Resistors100K, 39K2
7)Soldering Iron45W-65W1
8)Soldering Wire with Flux1
9)DC Battery with clip3.7V1
12)Jumper WiresAs per ned

*For example, you are driving your car, and you crash over a bridge into a rushing river! As you scurry to grab your cell phone (which was flung into the backseat due to the impact of the crash– and dial 911, it occurs to you that snapping a selfie and sending it to your local Fusion Center is WAY more easy! So, as your car begins to sink, you punch in your six digit password, and acces your phones main screen. Then, you click on the “take a selfie” APP, and you get your second login screen, whereby you punch in your six digit password, and the selfie APP pops up, just as your car is totally filled with water….riiiiight.

Those camera’s on our cell phones have NOTHING to do with safety folks. You have between 30-60 seconds before your car is filled to the roof with icy-cold water. Imagine dialing out under such conditions?


More from “How to Escape From a Sinking Car” here at WikiHow.

And cell phones have NOTHING TO DO WITH SAFETY Have a look at this adorable little family that died on a hike–because their cell phones couldn’t “get out.” .

Or, maybe you are a stupid female who has never studied saftey–much less gotten her “mental illness” in check–and you are about to be killed by the guy you are pressuring into marrying you. Oh, wait, never mind–THAT girls was ALL OVER THE INTERNET POSTING SELFIES and her damned phone selfie snapper ddn’t do shit to help her, when the guy she was battering finally snapped.

Necessary Legal Disclaimer: This post is for scientific, educational purposes and entertainment ONLY

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