New Zealand stabber Ahamed Aathil Samsudeen harassed in prison by dirty cops, PSYOPs, snitches in biker gangs, and counterintelligence agents, BEFORE he went on stabbing spree

One of the recent cases that has provided a glimpse into the dirty, ugly world of “counterintelligence gang stalking” is the case of Ahamed Aathill Samsudeen in New Zealand. My source informs me that the NZ Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) stalked and monitored and harassed him from the very minute he came ashore as a refugee.

I would like to thank the tipster and Richard Moore for this information. Please contact me at my contact feature if you have further information.

“I am not a fan of a man who commits treason in my own country….but the cops are even more despicable for provoking him”

@Twitter ANon
Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association fielded this anonymous tip about how counterintelligence agents in New Zealand have weaponized the justice system, in order to create crime and manufactured terrorism–their salaries depend on it.

The Samsudeen case is extremely important for researchers of gang stalking, because it demonstrates a few of the claims of targeted individuals, with scientific evidence:

-that “gangs” of “stalkers” will harass a target, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, aka “24-7” In this case, the target was followed for 53 days, by police from several departments, 24-7, UNTIL he finally went on a stabbing spree, killing or maiming several of his stalkers. Have a look here at that case, where we assess the evidence.

-that PSYOP’s are deployed on these men in order to manufacture terrorism. Psychological Operations litter the dialectic of gang stalking–there are literally too many examples to choose from, ranging from simple media “influence operations” to the more widely known facts about PSYOP being deployed on mass shooters. Use my search feature “influence” “influence operations” “PSYOP” and “mass shooting” and “mass shooter”

-that nations that use such tactics are not in fact democracies, but are in fact theocratic police states

-that the claims of targeted individuals have scientific validity, and these cases continue to verify and validate that, as well as the ROGS Hypotheses using ROGS Analysis

Below is a typical New Zealand Mongrel, the kind of biker that police used to stalk, harass, and intimidate Samsudeen in prison. However, my source informs me that the Mongrels are generally very kind to Muslim immigrants. It is the rats, informanyts, and snitches that are the problem. Police are heavilly involved in gang society, and use them to “enforce” social policiy and procedure that is against the law–such police-gang alliances form a hidden, anti-democatic second tier of the justice system. Image from Rebels Ride

SInce 9-11, the British-Israeli, FVEY’s alliance has waged psychological operations and conformity campaigns on nations. These conformity campaigns target the dissenter, the dissident, and the speaker of ugly truths–and the extreme outliers in these cases are pressured into acts of violence, those acts preciptated from the actions of police who break the law of the nations they reside in.

To give you an idea what goes on inside western prisons that target these Muslims who fail to conform to the “speech prohibitions” of the western nations–take a look at this previously classified hand drawn image from the case of Abu Zubaydah–and all of these cases reflect that.

It is quite possible Mr. Samsudeen endured something like this in New Zealand’s prisons:

The western nations can hold no claims to be upholders of democracy, or human rights, and have caused a world wide situation of moral equivalency–that there are no longer nations that respect the rule of law.

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