Wild Fire! Hoot Owls!! Examining the lyrics of Michael Murphy–with a teachers laser pointer as a “human barcode scanner.” And “She ran calling Willlld Fire!

You probably don’t get the letters/emails/comments in your blog that I get–and that’s OK–you don’t want most of them. Its all “internet pollution” for the most part.

Well, what has that got to do with bar code scanners, right?

There’s been a hoot-owl howling by my window now. For six nights in a row. She’s coming for me, I know. And on Wildfire we’re both gonna go

Michael Murphy, Wildfire lyrics

So–yeah, “both gonna go” sounds like a murder-suicide doesn’t it?–some weirdo with a coopted owl story and a murder-suicide, or something possibly more weird than that!

Related Story: Owl symbolism, the common interpretation of the “owl,” CIA symbolism, and other interpretations of owls from Native American folklore, warning children away from owls–a major source of trauma when “night stalkers” and CIA trained personel invade childrens lives.

Well–.there’s this car ” outside my window now” and while it hasn’t been “six nights in a row,” that car is “calling to me,” I knoOOOOw.

It’s no hoot owl per se, but wow! When I scanned it, it had NO PEOPLE within it.

Wait–scanned a car outside your window? Yeah-its possible, with every day types of tools.

So, here is a tutorial on how to use a simple “teachers laser pointer” as a tool to scan an automobile with tinted windows. And, it’s a fail proof assessment tool–it requires the skils of observation, perception, reception, assessment, and re-assessment of an object.

Meet the Gattling Laser, 30000mW of fun in your pocket:

Not the average teachers laser.

Have fun with people who are targeting you–but check the laws in your area first–and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do;-)
If you can’t get fun toys like this where you are at, try foreign internet platforms, like Alibaba, and other e-commerce sites
The Gattling Laser can be used as a gang stalker deterrent

Well, anyways–none of that is difficult–try it yourself, next time “they” park a car/van/ other vehicle outside your home.

About that: the agencies are using vehicles loaded with surveillance equipment and parking those vehicles outside of peoples homes/apartments/other abodes, and collecting signals intelligence from private citizens WIFI, no different than any “commie countries” do–SIGINT from devices loaded into those vehicles goes straight to Intelligence agencies, no matter what country does it–and wetern governments are doing it EXACTLY as eatern governments do-no sane person can separate communism from modern democracies at the macro or micro level, because both forms of governmet depend upon rummaging through citizens private data to further intelligence agency agendas..

I will state the obvious: not all parked cars are created “equal.” Let me eleborate:

Imagine an automobile of ANY KIND parked outside your domicile–then imagine that vehicle in a “no parking” area–but that somehow gets a “free pass” from the authorities, who ticket ordinary citizens cars.

No cops come along to tow it, or ticket it–it sits there hour after hour, and day after day–and no government agency ever targets it! Yup–you are probably dealing with a “ghost vehicle”loaded with electronics–the kind of car/truck/van that is being used in deep state intelligence operations.


Until you buy a simple, easily purchased ” teachers laser pointer,” and begin to scan such vehicles–top to bottom, left to right–preferably from a dominant position, such as from high above that vehicle, and a big bonus to you if said vehicle has a dark tinted sunroof–lasers can “see” through that.

Top to bottom, left to right–what you might discover is that such vehicles are in fact occupied at times, not occupied at other times. And, they are occupied by people who GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE, once you scan them with a simple teachers laser pointer.

Top to bottom, left to right.

Make a grid with your hand–and note the bumps in your minds eye. Your laser will reveal high and low spots–spots where the beam is bright, and then not as bright. Those “bumps” are from the prominent and recessive traits of objects in a vehicle. Those objects might appear to change place–to move. And these D-R are either equipment, or personel, hunkered down in that vehicle.

Obviously, this post is incomplete, and the method explained quite bold–it could get you killed, or imprisoned. But–DAMN–it doesn’t lie.

And neither do i. That car bolted about the time the grid became obvious–as if I needed to even say that, lol.

Reminder: Check the local laws in your area, and act within the law. While there are laws about pointing lasers at airplanes, the law is less clear as pertains to zapping gang stalkers , private contractors, and undercover sloths.

The Gattling Laser is also available on Alibababa, Aliexpress. And while you are there, don’t forget your bear spray, in case gang stalkers aren’t repelled by the laser trick. And–get heavy duty gel spray, to give them a taste of their own medicine they won’t soon forget

Research “gel bear spray” here: https://eclats-antivols.fr/en/gel/24403-defensive-spray-paralising-gel-cs-gel-spray-self-defence-2-75ml-lachrymatory-bend-tear-gas-bear-spray-cs-spray-chemical-weapon-3663275004233.html

Disclaimer: this post is merely a scientific analysis of self defense methods that can be deployed on “gang stalkers”–but because the authorities all agree that “gang stalking isn’t real” no harm, no foul! You can read up on those “authorities” here, and here.


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