Ideological splits over media bias claims echo the fractures within post-Abrahamic white culture, as the security state takes on new customers: Christina Yuna Lee, Asian activist groups, and Free Masonry behind the scenes

When one first encounters gang stalking, the purpose of which is to stalk and destroy people, few know where to look for their aggressors. Myself, I always knew, and still do. When I wrote things during my brief near-career in journalism, I wrote things that upset the 1%, while protecting the interestes of the other 99%–and that will get a guy the boot really quickly from any media outlet, because what you will soon encounter after that is the full force of the craftsmen and women who speak for the 1%.

And so, when they came for me, I knew who they were, by name, and by association–and by their tell tale signatures in various narratives–by their attempts at provocations of all kinds. I knew who they were by the serpents that crawled into my path–their telltale entrapments, and their anti-democratic corruptions of process.

They came into my newsroom as “the Anti Defamation League,” and with zero doubt, left their oily hoof prints everywhere. But it wasn’t merely them–because the ADL is merely the tip of the dagger that is British Israel and its satellite FVEY’s alliance.They are why their is not a real American left, nor can their be–they stop all progress at all times–we see their signature in how they attack Progressive senators like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and oh-so-casually accuse her and others of “anti-semitism” when they point out British-Israels wholesale destruction of Palestinian lives.

As we see most strikingly in the domestic sphere, they waged a fake terror event using the FBI in Michigan–the ADL-FBI will stop at nothing to create false manufactured terror events. And that follows a long pattern of “hate hoaxing” that requires examination by rational people.And, rational people are not always who you are told that they are.

LIke that fake terror event in Michigan, there are international events daily, where we see stalking and provocation on a macro level–most recently in Australia, an attempted provocation of the Chinese military saw lasers zapped at a few pilots, after those pilots had dropped “sonic listening devices” near Chinese ships. Zapping! Electronics! Sound weapons!THE CHINEEEEESE!!!!!!

And the Ukraine of course–Putin taking back his property gets swords rattling all ofver the FVEY’s and NATO alliance that has crept up Russia’s asscrack for the last ten years.We hear the fakenews about “Russia is bombing daycare centers!!!!” but we never hear about how the Jewish Oligarchs of Ukraine are instrumental in the corruption there–and assisted the CIA in overthrowing an elected president.

SO, yeah….if you live long enough, you can see right through it all.

But what is really behind this attack on whites by the FBI and the need to manufacture terror events? While it echoes the race rhetoric of the Obama era FBI, it has other features that seem less than genuine–namely that while the KKK has lost power, other race groups have arisen–and only ONE racial supremacist group is allowed to still be standing, because they are in deep cahoots manufacturing racial narratives.

For my raders who mihght not know–Jesus was, first and foremost, a Jew–and a lot of Jews find it offensive that the 1% have dragged that memetic around for millenia, blaming Jews for everything from race wars to banking scandals and even Holodmor….wait, check that last one…yeah, the Holodmor was nearly 100% Jewish leadership.

Wel anyways–the so-called white cultures have been awakening to the British-Israel cabal since forever, and most ordinary citizens resent the British-Israeli confabulation.

I suspect that it isn’t merely a black and white issue, as Asians of all kinds are co-opting power that ws never held by blacks–that all power is in fact racially biased against blacks, with poor white trash a close second after that.

In the recent murder of Christina Yuna Lee, we see the ugliness of the police state selling itself to Asian communities–that the women are mobilized not by the “thinker” but rater by the stinker–that women are like herd animals who only stir when a wolf is near.

Except–the man who killed Yuna Lee was no wolf–he is a human being who has been treated like a dog, in a ociety that treats men like him as dogs–a :problematic animal to be tamed or caged.” And all of that has roots in Talmud, Torah, and bible teachings–and the Free Mason background of those who create and recreate that situation one generation after the next.

But who are “they”? Most informed sources point to the many secret societies such as Free Mason’s, and indeed, there is much evidence that these are active

Obviously, most people want to be on “the winning team”and its very easy to side with the British-Israel and FVEY’s world confabulation–but that confabulation isnt moral, ethical, or even lawful–it is not a system based in equality whatsoever. It is a sysem of slavery, and few legitimate scholars will argue otherwise.

ANd so, as we focus on how privilege and the police state is now being sold to Asian Americans, we ust also look at the predecessors who bought into those same systems–lets take a look at the split in the altRight white nationalist movement for clues that

  1. Free Masons can be found behind the scenes and in the lineage of most altRight bogeymen
  2. that Jewish Free Masons are specifcaly involved

Such extreme–and even extremist claims reuire extreme proof, and for that, I look to one of the Odinist sources online–the Renagade Tribune, for an excellent analysis of the race comedian Andrew Anglin, publisher of the hilarious Daily Stormer, which is quite likely the most censored publication in internet history–a living testament to the power of the 1% to distort the publics perception of their activity..

Andrew Anglin, race comedian Image: EurofolkRadio

Anglin shares a close working partnership with famed hacker and likely FBI informant Andrew Auernheimer, aka “Weev”, who is the Daily Stormer webmaster. Fair disclosure–I find Weev and Anglin to be two of the most interesting people of the last two decades.

Weev is an amazing hacker–and related to none other than Theodore Herzl, the “Father of Zionism.”

Look out!!!! NAZI’s!!!!!!….ooops. Hold on a minute….

This is Andrew Anglin before he was a web-famous neo-Nazi. Not exaaaaactly a Nazi. Read more here

And here is more about Weev–BEFORE he was a “Nazi” and before he went to prison for hacking a few things–and came out with a YUUUUGE Swastika pinned to his chest.

!00% Jewish nerd kid

Well–that’s a really long introduction for the following excellent bit of web-sleuthing by Renegade Tribune–keep your eyes open for the Jewish Free Mason! Hint: towards the end of this excellent biopic of Anglin and Weev.

Well, anyways–fuck it. I get tired of writing sometimes–make up your own mind about the One World British Israeli confabulation–but know this: that confabulation redirects, asaults, and undermines freethought at every gate post and outlet–they try to trap you into their bizarre narratives that ONLY benefit the 1%.

I myself imagine there are other options–a Tri-Polar World, for example.…more on that later. Read this, “Christcuckoldry, Celibacy, Psychopathy, and the Daily Stormer” about how they stick their hand in the asshole of your narrative–much like hyenas, or wolves eat a target from the asshole inwards–and have fun with the stereotypes, which as they say “exist for a reason.” Elite-class Jews and Nazi’s are inseparable companions everywhere you look.

And read this, about how Israel has been supplying weapons to so-called “neoNazi’s” in the Ukraine, long before Putin invaded today. Then, see Putin Launches “Special Military Operation” In Ukraine, Kiev Calls It “Full-Scale Invasion”

Finally, take a look at this cartoon, which explains a bit about British-Israel, and its use of Jewish-christian religion to target audiences by racial categorization–and with utter racist hypocrisy:

The cartoon figure of the stereotypical Jew has often been called anti-semitic. But thereality is that it serves as a ballast in the cargo ship that is British-Israel, and its variations of divide and conquer racial conquest. What is often missed is that most political satire mocks white leaders to begin with–thw case of Donald Trump being portrayed as “Orange man” is just one example which drew no criticism of the racist portrayal.While whites have long bee the primary targets of these race games, today, we see these same selling that power to other racial groups. The fact that anyone who is NOT Jewish would even adopt such a narrative is beyond me to comprehend. See PostFlaviana for more discussion about that.

Finally, here is Weev’s grandfather, a Free Mason, from the REnegade Tribune article:

FRee Masons and Jews are synonymous–but so too are other race based groups, like the KKK

And here is Weev, compared to famed poet Allen Ginsburg:

Irwin Allen Ginsberg and Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, juxtaposed

So, more often than not, what we are seeing with both racists and Nazi’s is in fact a creation of Jewish-Israel, and its warring factions of racists of all ethnicities–there simply are no “Nazi’s” per se, just another confabulation of Jewish-christian, British-Israel Free Masonry.

All of that said, I find Andrew Anglin hilarious, and Weev quite brilliant. Two of the best writers and most interesting characters of the last several decades–and both of them were and remain highly targeted individuals, by any definition of “targeted.”

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