New Zealand Mass Stabbing tipline: Ahamed Aathil Samsudeen was the product of the human rights violating western prison system “black torture” networks, and criminal conduct within the Security Intelligence Service (NZ-SIS), augmented with racist, religious sectarian violence

As we see, the case of Aathil Samsudeen, the New Zealand mass stabber, is a 100% “manufactured terrorism” event. And the evidence for that continues to accrue–the tips are coming in, and the tips indicate that the entire event was preventable, if only the police had acted within the law, and protected the rights of a refugee.

The case as it is is tainted from beginning to end–like all of these curious “counterintelligence” cases that use “high policing” the official narrative cannot be trusted, because by the time one of these cases hits the news, it’s too late to go back and examine what led up to the event that was defined as “terorism.”

Or–is it? In journalistic terms, it’s never too late to investigate these cases, in order to arrive at facts, and derive conclusions from facts. Each case presents the investigative journalist the opportunity to uncover salient details–and in the interests of public safety, to suggest better policy.

But counterterrorism programs are not designed for that–they actively dicourage discovery, and there is a the foregone conclusion that what the authorities are doing is “correct,” and “in the publics interests” of safety and security–which they provably ARE NOT, due to the losses of life involved.

We see this distortion of facts and reality in the recent case of the FBI trained “private contractor” James Baugh, stating in court “I was only doing the bad, illegal and warrantless things that I was doing because THE FBI TRAINED ME TO DO THOSE THINGS.”

More on that one case here, and here, and here and here–a real eye opener. Reading throughthese cases reveals only one thing: the terrorists are all stalked, harassed, defamed in official reports, and endlessly surveilled for many years before they go on any kind of rampage–because they are in fact, being policed for their beliefs and ideas–not their actions. Actions are cpmpletely secondary, after the fact of having their ideas “policed” and that is antithetical to free societies.

So, for example, I have a right to say “Jewish-christian zionists are all baby bombing rapist asshats, and they deserve death! What comes around goes around.”

Or “Western democracies are no longer democracies, they are police states. Communism looks more functional–we need a revolution!”

Both statements made online will get a person flagged, and likely put under some kind of surveillance, whether from a Big Tech company, or the governments of “free” nations. While neither statement falls outside the boundaries of western concepts of “free speech,” both statements will get a person flagged, because the censors in the west–Big Tech, working hand in black glove with government–seek to deter such speech, and heva even created privacy violating platforms with which to do so, most notoriously the company Moonshot CVE, which hunts “bad words” online.

These programs were sold to governments and police agencies with the idea that they can “catch terrorists,” but in actually are integral in manufacturing them–because they first intrude on the privacy expectation of the target via “policing” their words, and then follow that up with something slightly more egregious–they “redirect” the target into online materials that they DID NOT ASK for.

THis last category of rights violations is already two layers deed: privacy violations, and then mis-direction of the internet searchers requests. THat is pretty bad already, but then they add another layer, that of imputing the searchers “intentions and motivations.” So–such counterintelligence tactics–before we can even discuss their effects–are alrady several layers into un-constitutional conduct.

These programs and those who operate them deem the speakers words a “threat” to something or other, and in the west, threats are primarily a religion based metric, and the nefarious Anti Defamation League is primarily behind such racist programs, but as usual, they hide their activity behind proxies–in the case of Moonshot, an Indian developer, named

Since I started writing about this heinous targeting practice, the internet search term “Moonsghot CVE controversy” has appeared in the auto-complete section of my search engines. This is important, because before I wrote about this program, such search automation did not occur.

Search monitoring is a key feature of public relations firms, and this is one example of what is called “brand monitoring,” where a company tries to stay on top of its critics by monitoring language critical of its products..

It is also a part of what leads to gang stalking, as we see in the case of the eBay gang of stalkers now being convicted in US courts.

Here is more about the “controversy” of using such illicit racist programs, secretly monitoring peoples thoughts and ideas online: In an effort to root out extremism and supremacism within the U.S. military, U.K.-based Moonshot CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) is monitoring web searches on military bases, flagging certain phrases deemed to be potential red flags associated with White supremacy.

This is concerning for two reasons. 

First, the Biden administration is already in hot water for hopping into bed with Big Tech, monitoring social media, and deciding which types of content should be censored. Second, Moonshot CVE is only looking for one specific kind of extremism: “White supremacy.”

In their June report, Moonshot CVE revealed “1,600 indicators of interest in or engagement with White supremacism, focused specifically on anti-Black and anti-Semitic narratives being used by extremist groups.” Search phrases flagged include “George Floyd deserved to die,” “Jews will not replace us” and “the truth about black lives matter.”

So where does such monitoring end–and why is it a top-down structure, with well known racist groups like the ADL being entrusted to monitor such activity? Part of the answer is here: many Nazi’s are in fact Jews.

And “who’s behind Moonshot SVE? Why stop at White supremacy? Why not monitor for anti-police rhetoric and other extremist behaviors, as well?

We can answer part of that question: Moonshot CEO Vidhya Ramalingam and her U.K.-based extremism analysis company are part of an Obama era push for greater power for non-white world citizens–but again, hopelessly allied with other racist groups, much as we saw in the last two centuries Protestant-British-Israel allied with the white supremacist KKK.

Its a bi-partisan effort regardless–a military grade psychological operation, not bound by law or practice, and it targets average citizens too. And that, alongside pre-existing New Zealand CVE programs to boot! Here’s more about NZ’s online CVE programs, and “how to report extremist content.

Such programs have enabled the lowest elements of society to create a snitch culture, where anything that offends their low-culture sensibilities can be reported as “extremist content,” bringing the full weight and oppressive force of government down on individuals.Samsudeen was that individual, according to all the pre-event records in his case.

In Samsudeen’s case, they began targeting and tormenting him nearly from the day he came ashore–his ideas, his web activity, and his “beliefs” were such that he was thought to be ideologically dangerous to the Jewish-christian form of society of New Zealand–that society, it might be added, descending from the Anglican-Protestant British prison-slavery schemes that routinely genocided the native populations.

Here is NZ’s definition of violent extremism: “Violent extremism refers to an individual or group who justifies the use of violence, or advocates for others to use violence in order to radically change the nature of government, religion or society.

So, for example–if I say ” I hope that someone kicks New Zealand’s government in the face, and knocks the CVE tormentors out of their jobs to overthrow the Jewish=christian hegemony and its bullshit definitions of what is and isn’t “radical,”–I myself can be classified as a “violent extremist,” according to that law. SO please–report me immediately, I encourage you.

So, lets again look at how these elements all conspired–in the literal sense of conspiracy–to occlude Samsudeens hope for justice of any kind. Here’s a post event headline:

Ahamed Samsudeen: New Zealand knife attacker named as Sri Lanka refugee jailed over extremist material

And what “extremist material” did Samsudeen possess? He “was found possessing a series of images which depict extreme violence, cruelty, death and graphic war scenes.”

What a strange thing to be jailed for! Because in an era where western “democrqacies” are bombing and burning all over the non-white world, news media has largely all agreed to not show the carnage–to act as if it isn’t happening.

Then, men like Samsudeen are being asked–indeed being forced–to not notice it, even of they find it online. They are being instructed to look the other way, and ignore who it is exactly who is doing te carnage creation! In that light, Samsudeen was said to be an “ISIS sympathizer,” whatever that means–and it really means nothing. Because ISIS is a western inteligence agency creation to begin with.

SO, in New Zealand, I could be put before a judge for posting this first image but not likely the second image of the Australian genocide in action:

The image above is political cannon fodder–one of the many images of an “ISIS beheading.”Like so many other fakenews items, such as chemical attacks, and so on–it was these staged for the camera scenes, created by western intelligence agencies that drive policy in that region. In New Zealand, I could be imprisoned for posting that image. Here’s more about these fakenews events.
The Australian Genocide reached into all the satellite islands, and decimated all of the local cultures and tribes Image “The Battle at Shore,” AllThatsInteresting

Well–you get the idea–manufactured terrorism is NOT about the actions of any one individual, but rather, can western intelligence agencies confirm their biases by creating terrorists, which is the real issue.

And here below is one sources opinion on how they do that

1) I can’t confirm 100% it was the Mob, it could have been the Crips NZ branch lackeys since they are one of the most violent prison gangs in this country not biggest, but right after the mosque shootings that killed 50 Muslims by that psychotic Neo-Nazi in Christchurch before my country turned into a police state, the Mongrel Mob with many other gangs helped the Muslim local community and comforted them, they don’t hate Muslims!

2) The thugs that smashed him up were likely paid Weed or Smokes by a pissed off jail guard or the dirty cops or NZ SIS, with maybe a reduced sentence, there was no hit on him , he would be dead, he was intimated through violence coz they were paid I believe. In a maximum security prison, I would have done the same thing just to cope with that kind of isolation, these thugs would have been very, very most ruthless of them all full members. But maybe these guys could have been middle men/loose associates/lone wolf crims who robbed a few places, stole a few cars, who have dealings with the Mob/Crips/Rebels or other Gangs for recruitment or protection I believe who are not full members may have done this and smashed him up so there could be no evidence which crew conspired it and did it to him…..

3) I believe so because this government lobbied the Mob 2 Million dollars trying to ”Help them with Meth addictions”, this is how fucked this country is as well as the politicians being heavily lobbied by China. And the Mob and losing ground due to having beef with some of the Ozzy 501 gangs like the Mongols, that’s why a lot of their of branches are teaming up with Black Power. Gang violence has gotten pretty bad here.

4) Since John Key, this country has gotten so corrupt. But this was 100% dirty cops and the SIS. The Auckland region has the most crooked cops of them all in this country. The inmates just wanted those smokes after hours and hours of isolation past those life long sentences.

This is coming from someone who’s studied a lot about gangsters and NZ crime for a hobby. I have no beef with these gangs I am just saying the truth but 100% beef with these dirty cops who slandered me, and this crooked justice system and government and NATO-Five Eyes-Rothchild-Rockafella Demonic Filth who sacrifice kids and take money from the Banks and Big Oil and from the CCP for doing this cruel surveillance Nazi MK-Ultra shit on me and many of us. The Mob and other gangs who are the informants are mostly Ex-Convicts on parole, new recruit wannabes/kids who had nothin better to do or the gang members sons.

9 thoughts on “New Zealand Mass Stabbing tipline: Ahamed Aathil Samsudeen was the product of the human rights violating western prison system “black torture” networks, and criminal conduct within the Security Intelligence Service (NZ-SIS), augmented with racist, religious sectarian violence

  1. No matter what a person experiences, there’s NO excuse for these kinds of mass killings. As a victim of cruel and merciless 24/7/365 ‘Targeting’ myself for almost 10 years now, I would not consider, even fleetingly, carrying out such an act. However, as a Christian I believe that vengeance belongs to God and not to me: ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.’


    1. I disagree.

      Gang Stalking is designed tobreak the mental and physical boundaries of a target through constant violations.

      At its core it IS a Jewish-christian theological assault on individuals–and the fact that you are christian indicates you have been broken–that’s what they want.

      If you want the mass killings to stop, then become active and aware of who is actually doing them. It is the British Israel model of social control, exhibited as no touch torture directed at individuals belief systems.

      They perfected it in Palestine, and many if not all of the Palestinian suicide bombers were products of this torture.

      To say that there is no excuse for mass killlings is just another way to say “I wash my hands of their blood.” A typical christian reaction.

      Al of that idea about vengeance is only half the picture–these men and boys who do this stuff are not seeking attention, or vengeance–they are seeking justice in a society that has pre-empted the individuals right to justice–what options do such peple have?

      In case after case, the pattern is clear: there are sick perverts working in counterintelligence who are creating mass shooters–and the victims who are targeted by these demented criminals deserve justice BEFORE they are forced into a corner.

      So: what would your Jesus do?(WWJD) if his every option to speak, slepp, eat, walk, was taken away from him?

      Right: he didn’t live in the era of 24-7 gang stalking–and that narrative of Jesus was merely a warning from the 1% to the masses–that if they stand up and speak truth they will be stalked and murdered.

      Are you yourself willing to accept that fate? To mbe stalked into the dirt, endlessly?

      If so, you are making a silly choice. In such societies–not free at all–what choices do such people have?

      But sitting down and praying to the same ideology of a god that is torturing you is insanity, by definition.


    2. And: there is a good excuse for some of these killings: sometimes, the stalking victim gets to kill those who persecute them–so many of the so-called “victims” in these cases are actual stalkers themselves.

      The world is a better place, every time a gang stalker eats a bullet and goes to straight to a hell of their own making.

      Imagine that–christian gang stalkers CREATING HELL.

      Yup–its been this way for millenia. Only by destroying that form of culture can liberation occur.

      You, by simply “believing in Jesus” are contributing to the perpetuation of their myths, and excuses.

      The real solution is for actual TI’s to band together, form alliances, and fight back, using technology, and SOCMINT, OSINT, etc.–and getting these cases in court rooms, which is starting to happen now.


    3. Carol–just one more thought: have they tried to run you off the roads–or crashed into your car as your three year old child sat in her car seat–and just after these Masonic demons do this stuff–within 30 secnds, there is a cop to take the report?

      Right: we neither forgive, nor forget these people and we do what we must do to get them locked up, or otherwise immobilized.


    1. Richard–please re-read that post of mine about Hiram Abiff, and Free Masons.

      This one: For Richard Moore: Owl of Wisdom: Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Schlaraffia, James Gordon Bennett Jr.

      There are clues in there that can assist you–please contact the guy who gave youthe radar zapper–that guy is your brother.

      I can work with him.

      His Gmail is “Bereanbrother” or something like that–I am not a christian nor will I be–but that guy might be able to help you.

      He deleted his “follow” right after I wrote the post about ” A Berean Baptist and a Taosits walk into a bar”…..

      I watch like an owl, brother–do not let them destroy you.


    1. Hi, Roy.

      Well, feel free to share what you know. I am fielding tips all year on that topic.

      As for my local law enforcement agency? I am international–so no local agencies anymore.

      But I DID document all of the things that I wrote about when I was involved at the local level.

      If you have any stories–please share!

      Also–I dojn’t recommend you use your real name online–in gang stalking blogs, that can be either an asset or a liability.

      And–your name sounds familiar–are you related to Stephen od Sylvia Carillo?


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