Taking a stand in support of the Wiggers of China: end repression of Wiggers NOW!

You might have heard about how China is oppressing Wigger people’s around the world, and I would like to add my tencents. In Chinese, Wigger is spelled “Uyghur” but also “Uighur,” depending upon who you ask, or what news article you read, because the Chinese have never mastered linguistics.

But its pronounced “Wigger” in English, in case any Chinese linguists are listening in.

The Wiggers are an oppressed minority, who come from the sheep herding and cotton producing regions of northe and west China–and the Chinese Communists are forcing them into concentration camps, and toruring them until they learn to read books!


Here are some repressed Wiggers, fleeing persecution by Chinese authorities, and finding accomodations sleeping on in the couches, porches and backyards of the world because their homeland is under threat by CHINESE PERSECUTORS IN THE CCP!:

These wiggers are being denied basic education about the good works of the Lord Jesus and his hench-helpers in the Greater British-Israel world confabulation–the Cinese are denying these Wiggers a basic human right! Wiggers can be found throughout the Chinese gulag system, undergoing Manchurian brainwashing, via Hip Hop muzik, and poor diets of gubmint cheese. Their rights to a Fawty-Ounce and free, or market controlled, government subsidized weed are being restricted in China. Typical CCP hypocrites are denying the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT of cheap weed!

While most people can only view the situation from the outside, it’s important to note that many of the civil liberties that American’s and others from “free nations” enjoy every day are NOT allowed for CHinese Wiggers, most of whom are born to single mothers whose babay-daddies are all incarcerated, or otherwise caught up in systems of oppression.

Here are some Wiggers in happier days, before the COMMIES forced them to pick cotton all day for free.Image: Uncoy.com

Here’s another photo of a happy Wigger before the Communist Party forced them into slavery–note how healthy, happy, and comfortable the child was before the CCP takeover of Wigger culture:

The baby couldn’t have it better! Look at the wealth of that child, displayed around his neck!The guy on the horse was always there to help the parents care for the child, until THE COMMIES took over!

And the oppression is very real–Wigger women are forced to have children by many babay daddies, just to gain capital for the cities and counties in which they reside, or seeks to the limit the breeding potential of Wiggers, and force these poor helpless Wigger wimmins to use birth control.

Here–look at the product of a Wigger household, where all the babay daddies have fled, or been caught up in the Chinese Gulag System, and notice the bruises, and scarrification from TORTURE all over the guys face:

End the Oppression of Wiggers NOW!!!

The average US and western nation citizen needs to be made aware of this brutal activity of the evil, goddless Communists–and become involved in fighting the takeover of these peoples native rights, and culture.

And what a culture it is!

Wigger Rights NOW!!!

Well–that’s my tencents for whatever that is worth–FREE THE WIGGERS NOW!

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