Dear New Zealand: the problem is not the “Chinese Communist Party”–the problem is your dirty NZ-SIS, and cops who take black cash from just about anywhere

I recently got a comment, and I will occlude the source:

No matter what a person experiences, there’s NO excuse for these kinds of mass killings. As a victim of cruel and merciless 24/7/365 ‘Targeting’ myself for almost 10 years now, I would not consider, even fleetingly, carrying out such an act. However, as a Christian I believe that vengeance belongs to God and not to me: ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.’

Yeah–good luck with your Lord and vengeance in these cases. He’s never there when you need “him” is he–get all stalked up your ass, and then, after you die—a life in the clouds!

Not my deal.

I prefer a good life here, as I live–I am TOTALLY OK with rotting in hell later–or as I knew it last time I died “freedom,” much like that last scene in the movie Gladiator.

Gladiator melts into the ether

That’s why I am not a christian. Or as I like to call it a Jewish-christian–these two groups are inseparable in their attrocities across the globe since before Roman times.

Have a look here, where I myself cannot tell the difference between a Jew and a Nazi, in the case of the “most censored website in internate history, a so-called “altRight neoNazi” site called “the Daily Stormer,” run by a hippy and Jewish hacker--two of my favorite writers, BTW.

Or, have a look at how Israel supplied weapons to the so-called “neo-Nazi far right” of the Ukraine, long before Putin invaded yesterday. Riiiiight. Jews and Nazi’s are inseparable companions in international crimes.

I have always been flummoxed by this idea that all people should somehow worship a mythical Jewish street preacher who was murdered by Flavian Emperors and their banksters. I mean–why look that far back in the history of mythology, when these people are still at it, doing the same things century after century? It just rings hollow, and makes ordinary Jews look responsible for what the bankster class perpetrates.

There are many flavors of Super Jesus–try them all, before restoring yourself to sanity, and reaching back into YOUR tribes ancient practices Image: Renee’ Dubucs at

The writer had written to inform me that only “The Lord” has a right to vengeance–a meme that has been percolatiing among the asses since the times when the Flavian Emperors of Rome took over Judea. You can read more about how these Roman’s and their banking class created the Jesus story as a way to control the “heathens and pagans” who threatened their financial power.

So–in modern times, this class of people translates to “The 1%” whoever they are–and they are brutal, horrific monsters, every one of them. Most people in modern times call it the British-Israel confabulation, augmented by the FVEY’s spying apparatus. Imagine that! People of great “faith” creating the largest spy apparatus in human history! Great faith indeed–you won’t catch me waiting around for bread dropped from heaven folks.

Yup–I am a perosn of ZERO faith, and 100% do-it-yourself problem solving.

Related Story: Who are the 1% exactly? The internet returns one after another list of “the world’s wealthiest people,” and all kinds of data about wealth distribution–even some disinformation that claims that anyone who makes more than 35K per year is in the top 1% of the world! Total bankster bullshit designed to deflect attention away from their heinous power structures–and none of it is relevant to the question. In order to understand the 1%, you must know that it isn’t merely “monetary wealth” that defines these characters. Take a look at The Bilderberg Group, and the Club of Rome–the Committee of 300 –there’s a big part of your answer.

I advise my readers to read a neo-Pagan’s thoughts on that, a guy who writes at Renegade Tribune, in order to understand Christ-cuckoldry, and the machinations of manipulating the masses into complacency. While the guy is a white supremacist, as we see there are many version of racial supremacy afoot in such dialogues–what is relevant is that his information is solid.and based in historical facts.

As we see with the Pulitzer Prize winning journalists whose careers are destroyed after we take on “the narrative”–we get our information from FACTS and EVIDENCE–not “narratives.” If you want narratives, ask a white woman, or any of the many “diversity journalists” who gladly do the backdoor bankster reach-around in any toilet that serves as a news source today, glad-handing for a salary.

Secret handshakes indeed!

Here–have a look at how the ruling classes and their banksters organize under the Free Masonic banner to subvert human freedom with trickery and malice–look at who your “Lord” really is: “Christcuckoldry, Celibacy, Psychopathy, and the Daily Stormer” Keep your eyes open towards the end of the article, where you will find the Mason–the wind beneath the sail of the racist dialogues online.

NO…,that’s not my deal. I am a person of action, a non-racist, and a non-sectarian–and having traced a few of my stalkers as high as US agency asshats who are gang stalkers, and NGO stalkers, and “women’s empowerment” stalkers–I know with certainty that we must fight back. But in order to do that, we must first gain allies, who have power, and can help us do that–because that’s EXACTLY what “Your Lord” does.

Look at the Ukraine as one recent example: the banksters, the Brits, the Rockefellah’s and their cabal destroyed Russia back in 1917, and waged the Holodmor after that. Its all documented historical fact–not supposition at all. How the 1% manipulate and derive profits from both sides of the political spectrum is quite striking.

Compare that with what you see in the Ukraine today–ask yourself “what is freedom?” and go from there. Freedom, my friends, is where you find it on that day, in whatever place, wherever you find it–because as we see with the Hegelian materialism–there is no freedom on either side–each side is :ruled” by one group of “lords” or another. One persons White Russian Dictator is another persons Jewish Oligarch–the names, races and faces have not changed in two hundred years of modern history.

They give you the disease, and they sell you the cure.

The wealth of the worlds billionaire class has risen three-fold or more since the virus “appeared” in the US financed Wuhan lab, at the same time Bill Gates was patenting similar viruses–what a coincidence! And President Joe Biden was doing business in the Ukraine at the same time Donald Trump was doing business there too! Win-win for the banksters–and the hookers of course, who were paid quite handsomely for the sex tapes with Hnter Biden.

So–on one side you have the religious fascists, and on the other, the godless communists–there is NO SUBSTANTIVE DIFFERENCE of any kind. Take a look at the Kyle Rittenhouse case–its a perfect Horseshoe shaped narrative of what these people do. Here is Horseshoe Theory for Morons, in case you don’t know about the Rittenhouse case.

Regardless of which side you are on, the bankster classes win, and you submit to them–they are your “Lord.” You have no say in it whatsoever, no matter which side you are on–and that is NOT freedom. And as a bonus, get this: religion thrives in communist countries–it is everywhere. These Jewish-christians are in Russia, China, even Myanamar and Venezuela–all of the countries that you are told christians are “persecuted” are countries where they are thriving–much to my own chagrin.

So–you have no say in it either way. Sure–you can open your mouth, and drool out the words “oppression, and persecution, and “My Lord” all day and night–but the reality is that you are only a mouthpiece for the 1% and their bankster classes–you are not experienceing “freedom” whatsoever, only cowering like a sheep in a pen, on one or another side of the horeshoe.

So–is vengeance only for the Lord(s)? I think not. I think sane people seek allies, and then, seek tools with which to extricate themselves from oppression. And I provide that here–I took my own advice!

I give you FREE TOOLS to fight gang stalking, and gang stalkers–FREE TOOLS to fight them legally, in court rooms and with lawsuits. FREE TOOLS with which you can begin to name them, and target them back. Free advice and fun science experiments to chase away gang stalkers that you can experiment with too. There IS in fact, help for targeted individuals, and I offer that.

No amount of praying, begging, kneeling, or muttering out Hail Mary’s is going to stop gangs of stalkers–but as these lawsuits come forwards in the courts, yes, there is HOPE for targeted individuas.

And, failing that, I think it is fine if a few actual targets get the chance to kill off a few gang stalkers too, within the laws of self defense in your countries of course. Gang stalkers are a threat to public order everywhere they are allowed to do what they do–and so far, western “democracies” and their occulted theocracy are reluctant to prosecute them–so the targets exist in a bubble, created by these stalkers–so pop it of you can, and do whatever it takes to do it.

Check the laws in your area to find out when you can legally kill, maim, or otherwise harm gang stalkers who are stalking you–stalkers are dangerous, as we see in every study about stalkers ever!

In the US, citizens still have a right to own guns–and they can kill intruders on their property. So I advise them to do that if they have no choice–and wow! I bet that would feel great! Very liberating for victims of all kinds to be free from their stalkers–very empowering.

Related Story: Many gang stalkers are affilliated with “social , fraternal, and sororal societies” aka “secret societies,” like Free Masons, Rotary Club and so on. Here is a recent story where a Rotary Club affiliated asshats stole a TI’s electronic recording equipment. Here’s that same story, where that TI implicate Free Masons in his stalking–with solid evidence. Use social media monitoring to find them, and trace their networks of friends and relatives.They are who gang stalkers ARE.

The problem however, is that this is what they want you to do! And there are SO MANY STALKERS that you can’t kill them all, which is why I generally advise other solutions. But if you know ONLY one thing, the “Lord” won’t do shit to help you–because in 99% of cases, it’s “the “Lord” and his mindles minions doing it. And for my part, I am OK with rotting in hell–because, in fact, hell is also a creation of these same demented people.

New Zealand shelters one of the biggest criminals of modern history–Peter Thiel, who created and sold demonic programs to surveill and harass citizens around the world–and yet your people are silent about that.

New Zealand shelters one of the largest criminal spying operations in world history–the FVEY’s spying alliance–that spying the cause of persecution, torture and death for tens of millions around the world EVERY DAY.

New Zealand has within its SIS spy apparatus and its policing bodies some extremist, deviant, fanatical and criminal networks of agents who terrorize people in warrantles camaigns of oppression, as we saw with Ahamed Samsudeen–and who have provably caused sevral mass shootings and stabbings, with Samsudeen being the latest casualty of police systems that are more broken at their core, because NZ police agencies take cash from just about anywhere–and will use that cash to violate the rights of anyone who they are requested to target. Your police systems are as oppressive (or at least AS broken) than anything in Russia, China; Romania, Belarus-Myanamar, etc.

And so–New Zealand has rightly refused to say that China is waging genocide in Xinjiang, because New Zealand remembers ACTUAL genocide waged on Maori and Moriori peoples. and rightly knows that the word salad that makes the news about Xinjiang is just more Jewish-christian confabulation–false narratives designed to benefit “the Lord” of British-Israel, and her banksters long range goals.

It’s a situation of the pot and the kettle–both blackened, both with no fingers to point anywhere but BACK AT YOU, for what you are enabling in the world via hosting one of the largest human rights violating spy centers in the history of himan kind.

And Xinjiang, for the most part, needed revitalization, much as the US waged the Appalachian eugenics program, or how the British long slaved and impoverished the Irish–the Indians, and so many other colonial “subjects”; or how your “good neighbor” Australia battered the natives into near extinction.

China is doing NONE of that in Xinjiang, though we can probably agree that Wigger culture is a world wide problem. Wiggers, as we know, are a direct byproduct of British and US bastardization of other cultures–and an ongoing human rights issue, caused by the western Single Mother Societies. Seriously–sweep your own house first.

You can read more about Xinjiang from Max Blumenthal, and his excellent Gray Zone publication, and more here, from a Chinese analysis of that war of attrition waged by western intelligence agecies, using Uighurs as a proxy population to wage “the Lord’s” war.

Xinjiang is NOT undergoing a genocide by any stretch–they are undergoing liberation from “the Lord” who demands that women stay uneducated, never use birth control, and always stay at home chasing after children who literally crawl in the dirt of the streets–no different than those same “Lord’s” encourgaed for the Irish, the African, the Maori, or the related Pacific Rim tribes to live in squalor and filth until they are fulluy capitulated and colonized–even genocided–that these “Lord’s” always come with a carrot and stick, beating their “faithful” into submission with one, while never quite giving up the other.

Well “vengeance is passe'” sayeth I. Taking action against gang stalkers is the way, the truth, and the light. Feel free to join me–or continue persecuting/being persecuted, under the western model of “freedom.”

So–when can you kill/poison/harm/sue/defame/target gang members in the USA within the law?

Here is a tutorial based in the law of the USA–your country may differ, but the search language will not–but be careful, because as Ahamed Samsudeen learned the hard way–gang stalkers do not act within the law, and will twist your words and intentions into “threats.” So for example a search for “self defense for targeted persons” becomes twisted into “how ISIS jihadi’s can assault and kill the “good guys” who are stalking them,” and so on.

Samsudeen, we might recall, had complained about people entering his house, and stealing his belongings, LONG before he went on any kind of “stabbing spree.” And–police did NOTHING to pursue the criminal stalkers who were doing that to him. Then, they used his internet history, where he sought to ascertain the legality of owning a knife against him.

The guy tried at ALL times to act within the law–which we see is USELESS in nations like New Zealand, where the law is a trivial thing to be thrown out the window by cops who take black cash.

Not all cops are total criminal shitbags like the people who caused the New Zealand mass stabbinghow to file a police report?

Examples of police reports

How to get rid of stalkers step by step guide ( Hint: I followed most of those exact guidelines EXCEPT calling the police–because my stalkers were local, state, and federal police, and their associates in the community policing scheme–so I turned their names and other data over to foreign police services instead. Its really a great list of How To Tips!)

How to deal with stalkers

You can sue your stalkers

How to deal with Facebook stalkers

When does gang stalking become a federal jurisdiction matter?

How to recognize stalking–Know it , name it, stop it: US CDC.

US Department of Justice recomendations to report gang stalking

Stand Your Ground laws in the USA

Self defense laws by state, USA

Who can own a gun in the USA?

13 Best self defense weapons that are legal!

Can you legally own a flamethrower, a katana, a mace or a flail–or other interesting weapons in the USA?

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