ACT OF DEFIANCE! The moment when the Ukraine situation began to look like the American protests against the police and surveillance states in “free” democracies

The headlines from the recent Russian Ukraine restabilization campaign are starting to look like the USA during the Black Lives Matter protests–before they were coopted by the Protzger family and the LGBTIetc. narrative (rights for gay people!).

Its comical.The western democraqcies overthrew a democratically elected president in the Ukraine, and now they run with buttery smooth narratives about freedom–western democracies that are underpinned NOT by the people, but by the actions of intelligence agencies have no business telling anyone else what a “democracy” is.

Much less–after the Iraq war–telling anyone else in the world not to “invade” another country. And the US gulag system and its prison labor industries…and the FVEY’s alliance targeting US and other world citizens with attrocious acts of violence after surveilling them online and off….and the FBI as a secret police who break the law according to the ‘not legal but neccessary’ standard of law enfarcement….

Yeah, seriously. Democracy in the west is a joke–a world wide joke.

And Hunter Biden in the Ukraine, smoking crack with his Israeli “neoNazi” handlers of course, as Israel sells arms to the so-called “far right”–can’t forget that.

And Kyle Rittenhouse in the USA during the Kenosha protests–protecting the property of East Indian car dealership owners, lol–‘Merica so far right and white!….just….lol.

Act of Defiance!

Defiance is always coopted–and then, the real activists are chased out of the movements. Only fascist remains, regardless of which side you are on


Defiance of what, exactly? The world on either side is run by totalitarian invasions, and brutal state control–but in Putin’s case, he was invading in his national interests–AFTER the US and its shadow governments had undermined a democratically elected president–in a white area, much as they have done in LatinX countries for over a century.

THIS IS the moment a brave Ukrainian woman confronted heavily-armed Russian soldiers hours after they invaded, demanding to know what they were doing in her country.

The furious woman shouted: “What the f*** are you doing in our land?” and told them they would “die” if they remained in Ukraine. A number of Twitter users hailed her courage after footage of the confrontation went viral.

In the short clip, the woman asks the soldiers: “Who are you?” before they respond: “We have exercises here. Please go this way.”

After demanding to know if they are Russian, she then says: “So what the f*** are you doing here?”

Trying to calm her down, one of the soldiers responds: “Our discussion will lead to nothing.”

Furious, the woman replies: “You’re occupants, you’re fascists! What the f*** are you doing on our land with all these guns? Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.”

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine.

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