Convicted gang stalkers: Don’t Be a Dick! Hubbard Ohio firefighter sentenced–meet Richard “Dick” Wittkugle–he ain’t dick….what a dick…. he got dicked….

Richard “Dick” Wittkugle was sentenced in 2018 for calling in fake fires, and stealing from the town till. He was part of a “gang of fire fighters” who “stalked” Rick Krlich and his wife Cindy in Hubbard, OH. The fire chief at that time, John Ckemente is a total piece of garbage, who ld a gang of stalkers to honk horns in front of Krlich’s house at all hours of the day, for over ten years–you can read more about that case of “Small Town Terrorism” here, which was covered by CBS News.

I have also written about Dick Wittkugle before, and seek to keep his case in the public eye as long as I can, because he is a Dick. He deserves whatever bad luck comes to him going forwards, not just because he is a criminal, but because he is a criminal gang stalker who used his position in the fire department to commit crimes against targeted individuals. Read more about this dick here.

Gang stalkers are first and foremost, criminals, and its your job as an attorney, a journalist, social worker or psychologist to understand that there is no good reason that a free society should tolerate criminality from state actors–none. And, its your responsibility to your trade or craft to be aware of who these stalkers are–that there is no LEGAL reason or basis that gives these people a green light to do what they do–and that you are making a conscious choice to enable them, every time you deny the claims of targeted individuals

To reiterate the headline, and help others answer the question “what do gang stalkers look like?”:

Hubbard firefighter sentenced for pocketing cash

A Hubbard volunteer firefighter has been sentenced for using his position as treasurer with the Eagle Joint Fire District to pocket payments for fire calls. Richard Wittkugle, who pleaded guilty to petty theft has already made restitution to the fire department

A Hubbard volunteer firefighter has been sentenced for using his position as treasurer with the Eagle Joint Fire District to pocket payments for fire calls. Richard Wittkugle, who pleaded guilty to petty theft has already made restitution to the fire department in the amount of $2,160. I ask my readers “what do gang stalkers look like? WHo are the gang stalkers? In this case, this asshat looks a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog, or a beaver about to shed fur. Just look at that guy! What an ASSHAT.

Notice the charge–petty theft. It would be an understatement to say that pettiness is the hallmark of ALL gang stalkers. They are insignificant people doing petty things.Insignificant, petty people, doing insignificant, petty things adds up for targeted individuals though–which is all the more reason that these gangs of stalkers should be prosecuted for ANY infraction EVER.

There is never just a single maggot in the porridge, a single rat in a nest, or a single cockroach under your cupboards–and so one stalker means there will be many more. And so, based on my many years of research, I have found that the internet does not have enough of the search language “gang stalkers convicted,” and I seek to change that. I advise my followers to use SOCMINT and OSINT tools to trace, track, and trap gangs of stalkers.

I ask my followers to find examples of gangs of police and firefighters who have been convicted of crimes–and to post these cases on your blogs, and other social media, using search terms like “gang stalkers convicted,” and “gang of police convicted of stalking,” and so on. Here is a good example of how to do that (h/t Richard Moore), as we watch an entire police department come under scrutiny for stalking “gangs,” using illegal and unconstitutional practices.

The more the internet and its search engines register that language, the more people will feel safer pursuing lawsuits and other legal channels–and journalists will more easily find these stories, and psychologists et al. will have a hard time denying that such things occur.

Well–don’t Be A Dick!

This post is a reminder to targeted individuals that you may NOT be able to get your stalkers convicted of “gang stalking”–but you CAN get them targeted, investigated, and convicted of other things.

As most actual targeted individuals know, fire fighters act as gangs, and are wel documented all over the web as such. One of my journalism mentors, Chris Ison also won a Pulitzer Prize for writing about how many of these asshats use their positions in the fire department to commit crimes like stalking, insurance fraud, and other crimes many decades ago too.

Here below is a short list of other cases where firefighters have been charged or implicated in gang stalking:

The Alpine Fire Department in Union County Mississippi is stalking people, and its all caught on film

The curious homicide of Abe Dabela near Sandy Hook includes one of his last text messages asking for help, because a gang of firefighters was stalking him at a bar, shortly before he was murdered.

Here is one of the well known cases online that documents firefighters and their webs of asshats in the community stalking people.

Here is a guy who has both EMS and firefighters stalking him in Canada-– the victim records these stalking events, and captures the bizarre activity on cell phone and Go-Pro films. Because one of the claims of fakeTI’s is that there is no evidence of gang stalking, or that there is no science behind the actual TI’s claims–this anonymous TI makes predictions about silly gang stalker behavior–, and then, within minutes, his predictions are validated–pure science! Actual proof of gang stalking.

These are just afew of the well documented cases online, but there are many more.

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