Targeted Individuals and the international relations concept of “functionalism”: competing narratives of “one world government”

When a person realizes that the people or “gangs” from withinthe institutions of government, or other institutions ranging from academia, the health care industry, the political parties, the prison and parole systems, or the draconian US court systems are targeting them, they seldom know where to look for the cause of their stalking–where to look for relief from these well organized stalkers.

After all, it seems absurd that many of your stalkers work in both government, AND non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in the seemingly noxious purpose of targeting you; and that these same are affiliated with, and even funding “dark” programs* in your local police department.

Absurd that these criminal stalkers do what they do with impunity–how do gang stalkers get away with that?

The concept of “functionalism” and its tactical assaults in the gray areas of law and society is the answer to that question.

Outflanking the Nation-State: David Mitrany and the Origins of the ‘Functional’ Approach to the New World Order

by Will Banyan · March 13, 2015

Defining Functionalism

In the dense academic language employed in the International Relations departments of most universities, “functionalism” refers to that policy of shifting responsibility for resolving various problems from the nation-state to international bodies “indirectly, by stealth.”[1] According to one key academic International Relations textbook, under functionalism “the role of governments is to be progressively reduced by indirect methods, and integration is to be encouraged by a variety of functionally based, cross-national ties.[2] As international mechanisms expand in scope and authority, “the role of the nation-state would diminish and the prospects for world government [would] become more real”[3] The functionalist approach, quite simply, seeks to undermine the nation-state and build world government, not through a frontal assault but by outflanking it.

Click on that headline–it’s everything you need to know about who gang stalkers are.

Governments gladly participate in gang stalking because their financing depends upon it. The US debt for example is an ever climbing mountain shaped diagram, and increasing debt is how the one world government people converge on nations, and consume them.

Take a look at this, from the US Congressional Budget Office–get your mountain climbing boots on!:

This is the shape of the most common types of stalking too, most visible when utilized by states and federally financed “women’s empowerment organizations”, and as we see excessively, in the “human traficking!!!” crowd. Anywhere there is one or another group deriving funding in the name of “women and children” you WILL be able to observe competing groups and gang stalking for cash and credit.

But you will ALSO be able to follow the money–and observe how “functionalism” affects local populations. Again–the :human trafficking” shitshow is just the latest xcuse for gang stalking, preceded by the War on Drugs, the War on Women, The War on Terror–all of these are what functionalism IS in practice: propaganda movements based on vaguely outlined, undefinaeable and variable truths whereby organizations derive black cash from functionalists.

Obviously, there are two basic levels of targeting, national and international, and we routinely see that military, police and fire fighters, state workers and so on are who the gang stalkers are; and all are employed to do this stuff, paid for by these black budget operations–but they do not to do it openly, because functionalism is al about doing things nefariously.

Functionalism is financed by “mystery money” and is directly associated with deep state players who are driving policy at the local level in order to create the “one world” that they envision. A quick peek at the Ukrainian situation gives us one example of a nationalist taking on global powers. The Trilateral Commission the European Union was planned long before it happened, and agents of the onew world tribe approached Mikhail Gorbachev with an ultimatum: get on the bus or get thrown under it. See this for reference.

So–why is it that two apparently opposed “world views” can be united in stalking people–who enables it–who pays them to do it?

The answer is that international “one world government” interests ranging from the United Nations, to various religious organizations, and the deep state, aka the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, etc. are doing that. And these are competing against other forms of one world theories, such as the Global Internationale’ of communism.

And, while this activity is hard to spot in the USA, which was once a democracy, somewhat governed by law– because deep state gang stalking is unexpected activity that not only defies, but actively seeks to undermine rational concepts such as due process–it has little description in common literature–we must read academic treatises on it to even name it.

But: OUTSIDE the USA, we are able to study functionalism practically, and directly. The New Zealand mobbig of Anne-Marie Brady is just one recent example, but there are literally too many high profile cases to point at–which is why I like to focus on the low-profile cases.

And e see this global activity most evidently in the US National Endowment for Democracy–the NED, and the alternative news coverage from sources such as Max Blumenthal’s GrayZone–a precisely named news outlet, because as we see time and again, gang stalkers are cowards who hide in the shadows between black and white, right and wrong–legal and illegal.

The GrayZone’s coverage of NED operations can be enlightening, because we mostly expect these CIA derved tactics to be used in “third world countries,” yet they are used all over western nations today–little more than banana republics themselves.

Take a look at this:

This is just one recent example of the NED in action–a CIA propaganda operation, training spies, infiltrators, and “professional dissidents.” You can read more about these dubious operations here. This is an “international” operation.

But we also see these tactics and training used by many institutions and NGO’s–not just government. THese psychological operations are militarized and designed to force change through various illicit means. And when they are turned on local populations it translates in many cases as gang stalking.

We recently saw this “gray area” invoked in the case of former police officer turned gang stalker James Baugh, now on trial for gang stalking a couple of writers. In pre-trial motions, he famously stated that “I was only doing the batshit crazy illegal stuff because the FBI trained me to do it! So, we see how agency level tactrics are used to target individuals.

The competing narratives of one world take on left wing and right wing dimensions, with the same goal: one world control.

So a basic introduction into the role of “functionalism” and as it applies in international relations will help the targeted individual understand the actual conspiracy afoot in their case–and functionalism as defined in IR textbooks is in fact an actual conspiracy by the very definition of “conspiracy!” Read the linked story for more.

*dark programs range from the targeted individual programs of Pasco County Florida now in the courts, to the various domestic violence and family court programs–and especially the “human trafficking” programs that all have massive funding, but very little record keeping or transparency as to what they do with that money. The case of Richard Moore in Union County Mississippi docuemnts the Deartment of Public Safety using these funds to stalk, and harass him, because he is a vocal critic of the hidden nature of how these funds are used.

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