Examining “women’s empowerment” through the lens of domestic disruption and the international relations term and practice of “functionalism”

This post is dedicated to that red-lining destroyer, a lovely warrior Queen in Virginia

I am going to put forth a reductionist argument–not always a good form of argument to be sure–so I will let the reader decide its utility here. Feminism and its closely related concept of women’s empowerment is itself a reductionist form of argument, extremely racist, gender biased and false–so I think it’s safe to use this form of reductionism for my purposes.

Lets take a brief walk through history, and watch how the horseshoe shaped pliers of international finance, utilizing functionalist tactics, has plied its craft, and plucked the apple from the tree of American freedom–that faint notion of possibility that seemed so real, yet was betrayed by its enshrinement of slavery–and then, the hollow re-enshrinement of slavery and prison labor under the 13th amendment--both forms of slavery benefitting primarily, the corporate body of organized white women.

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A secret Army of Karen’s? Wow–Its a sort-of-but-not-too-hard thesis, right? SO let’s just skim through it.

A Free Mason lugging George Washington’s bible to a Free Mason soiree’ in Rapid City. Guess what’s covering George’s weinie? Yup, a “skull-n-bones’, lol. Have you ever wondered about the term ‘boner?” Research “Free Mason apron” for a school project!

Martha Washington, mother of the first US President was a single motherShe the People indeed, sounds a bit like “we the sheople” doesn’t it?–Martha was a slave owner–a wealthy white woman, whose plantation was worked by over 250 slaves who were tortured in various ways, not least of which is that such white women inherently(and inheritedly) viewed them as less than human.

. A lot of “myth work” was poured into the official narrative of Sweet Baby Martha by asshats like The Good Men Project over the years–and especially as Hillary Clinton failed repeatedly to win power (due to her huge throbbing. slobbering. oozing hate boner–her white woman ‘phallus’)–but the narrative that Marty Washington as a victim of convention–as a woman beset by circumstances, who had no choice but to own slaves in a patriarchy dominated world– is all total white woman bullshit.

Sweet Martha was a slave owner who said “The Blacks are so bad in their nature that they have not the least grat[i]tude for the kindness that may be shewed to them.

Ah! White woman kindness! It’s just one slight stanking ranking rung below “mercy” at the hand of the slavers whip–or patriarchal and paternal love, directed at black women’s vagina’s because white women are such globalist tools and frigid sexless shrews. Classic white woman quote. These days, they don’t say such things quite so openly, but the phenomenon of the Jewish-christian Karen’s–and the Kate’s–says it for them.

Sweet Baby Martha–a slave master.

Now I will zip through a few related issues, just to save time: the declining borth rates of western nations–and China; the rise of the Gay Mafia around the world; the attacks on heterosexual sexual relations in general; the specific and targeted attacks on fathers, and black fathers primarily, gun control, and the penalization of belief in secular law, and the modern prison system as a form of slavery.

Wow–yup–its complicated! So here we go:

Since Mother Marty, her son George waged a revolution which primarily benefitted men who look like him–but ALSO benefitted their mothers, mothers like HER. And that system lasted for about 90 years, when the Civil War told women like Marty that she might have to get a real job.

And so, those women began to organize against those who they saw as threats to their imagined jobs–they organized against natives and waged genocide–they limited freedom for black, brown, and Latino people.

Then, they formed the Women’s Auxilliary of the Ku Klux Klan to protect their “values system,” which included nosy Karen’s poking their politics into every situation, and forcing their moral paradigms on everyone else (no sex, no drugs, no rock-n-roll–and no alcohol!). They did this for another 90 years–from the end of the civil war until the 1960’s (notice these 90 year cycles–quite important throughout history).

Then, the cat was out of the bag–and these women went international. In short order we saw the rise of the Kate’s from the Prohibition era, until today–white women of two distinctly different flavors, united in the prudery, and gendered privileged narratives–Karen being a Jewish name, Kate representing Catholics who arrived in great number from the civil war forwards–all being united by “protestant values.”

And those, in short order, raising the gayest generation in human history, saving perhaps the Roman Empire, where the Flavian Emperors (not that there’s anything wrong with that….) were all pederasts and we arrrive where we are today: a nation of single mothers, raising gay sons, and all of the men locked up in systems of slavery that range from child support and its associated debt bondage, to the prison system and its related assaults on the rights of men.

How can a nation stay strong under such conditions? It can’t–this is what functionalism IS and what it DOES to nations. But what has all that got to do with functionalism–a doctrine of “doing good” in the wider world?

It has EVERYTHING to do with it–and because many have implicated organized stalkers from groups that have religious (political) affiliations, or nation-state actors, and institutions such as the “save the women and children” organizations as their tormentors, it applies to cross border situations, and the NGO’s that derive profit–and political power!– from such international dialogues of “one world order.”

Let’s take a look at how the globalist functionalist doctrine (and neofunctionalist doctrine) has gradually chipped away at the ability of people to relate to one another, has dirctly sought to circumvent existing laws and national institutionas, and led to the phenomenon of gang stalking that goes unpoliced because one or another functionalist organization has the local police on its payroll.

Primarily, functionalism has replaced usurped the individual human right, the nationalist sovereignty, and the nation state actor and claimed higher moral ground–its practitioners believe they are literally better than everyone else! Which is not surprising when we also compare such teachings to the Torah, and the bible–both of which claim a higher moral right to existence, and also claim the right to cause existential crisis for others.

In other words–regardless of how the progression of “single mother feminism”has played out, the end is the same: biblical patriarchs re-establishing their dominance over “the masses” regardless of national borders or institutional structures.

functional-ism and international organizations are typically depicted as a-political or, more
accurately, as a force for good and therewith a-political – after all, organizations are
expected to contribute to the ‘salvation of mankind’, in Nagendra Singh’s words, 3 and
who could object to that? Therewith, international organizations can do no wrong.
Since in real life organizations can and do wrong, this assumption is ultimately derived
from the highly abstract proposition that international organizations embody coop-
eration between states.

Ah, a force for good! Cooperation between states, salvation, who could complain! Except–in this it is in fact an “exceptionalist” doctrine–no individual can have rights under such a doctrine, because the individual is suspect–and deemed political!

And this is why we have non governmental organizations (NGO’s) that utilize gang stalking–because all NGO’s ARE political. We see this most strikingluy in the case of the United Nations, or the CIA National Endowment for Democracy (NED)–but all nations and churches–all border crossing international organizations are inherently political!

functionalist thought does not distinguish between entities such as the highly technical Universal Postal Union and the far more ‘political’ United Nations, the global World Health Organization or the regionalOrganization of American States, at least not in ways that have legal relevance. 4 Functionalism works on a one-size-fits-all paradigm: all international organizationsare treated alike for the purposes of applying functionalist thought. There is but one acknowledged borderline case, and that is the European Union. The EU, with its vast
legal powers and the far-reaching effects of its law within its member states, is often
treated as sui generis: an indication that it is difficult to reconcile with functionalist

…to be continued……check back later

Related: We have all heard about Emmet Till, lynched in Mississippi by white Free Mason’s–but who has ever told you that his FATHER was also lynched? In ITALY of all places!!!

And–notice the restraining order too–a major feature of wold calling white females, and those they seek to herdlike cattle–it’s their go-to weapon of choice to murder men, or perpetuate inequality and slavery.

Till enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1943 after a judge gave him a choice to enlist or be imprisoned for violating a restraining order against him by his estranged wife Mamie Till. Born on February 7, 1922, Till was killed on July 2, 1945, aged a mere 23 years.Till, together with McMurray, were court-martialed, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

Also, have a look at the lynching of Frank Embree–a major money maker for drug stores of his era were his photo’s, stripped naked, tortured, flayed, castrated–photos taken just before he was burned alive. Then, take a visit down cuckoldry lane by stopping in at our neoghbor Alana Boltwood’s house of horrors, and then, take a look at how white females perpetuate this system of horrors, as we see them stalking Richard Moore,the “other” dark meat in Mississippi.

The story of Frank Embree is a very horrifying one that exposes the vulnerability of being born black in the U.S. especially during the days of slavery, it’s abolishment and the Jim Crow era. Its also a tale of white female bullying, father-daughter emotional(and sometimes physical) incest, female attention seeking, and tribal dysfunction. Image and story from face2faceAfrica

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