Gang stalking and barking dogs: animal control

A major theme of gang stalking at the local level is barking dogs, animal control, and other animal nuisance behavior. In many cases I have read through, the police will do nothing, and often are part of the problem.

I have witnessed police-affiliated persons renting properties, and then imediate infestations with cockroaches, or bed bugs. I have witnessed police favioring one party over another in a neighborhood dispute, and the police encouraging the favored party to allow their dog t bark, stating that they would not take away their animal, or allow animal control to intervene.

And, as we recently saw in the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi, police affiliated persons even let loose some goats to approach their target. You can read about that here and here.

The question is–when is it ok to take the law into your own hands, and poison or kill an animal that is a nuisance? Because it’s really NOT ok to torture a pet or other animal with a bad owner–torture is so inhumane, and such animals are better off dead than to be owned by monsters.

Here is a recent testimonial about the connection between barking dogs and police gang stalking programs–this one likely connected to the gay mafia and its armies of stalkers–note that the dog abusers are two females. Bold-face highlights are mine.

Here is the first part of the comment, for the background (and really, the commenter is worth a read, over at their free WordPress blog!):

chaosaftermath from 2021, commenting on gang stalking-

This all seems insane yet I can relate to everything about the subject of gang stalking. It began when new neighbors moved in above me in September 2018. They owned a tiny dog which would not stop barking! After a couple of months without sleep, my neighbors and I contacted the landlord who did nothing to stop it. He suggested we call the police. Another 2 months went by, myself and one other neighbor contacted the police about the constant barking. The police said it was a “landlord-tenant” issue, they couldn’t help us. The landlord told us to keep calling the police. At the same time, the therapist I had been seeing for 9 months, also suggested I continue to call the police incessantly, until they responded.
January 2019, after three of the other five tenants complained about the barking, my landlord had the dog owners sign a contract stating the dog would always wear an anti-barking collar. The two ladies living above me didn’t abuse[abide] by the contract. I began sleeping at friend’s houses because it was impossible to sleep in my own apartment. March 2019, I contacted a lawyer, my town counsel woman and animal control. The barking never stopped.
My landlord stopped responding to me
. The police continued to be of no assistance. The girls were free to be as noisy as possible. Meanwhile, my therapist continued with helpful suggestions like, ‘blast loud music back at them.’ I believe I made it until May 2019 before finally taking her suggestion.

My commentary: Note the situation with the dog, and two females–I am guessing they are a lesbian couple, based on the data.I am also guessing they are affiliated with what is colloquially called the Gay Mafia–a huge leap on my part, but it fits a basic profile.

Notice the involvement of town council member, police, and the landlord. This is a very easy situation to solve, for any patrol cop, or council member, UNLESS it is a political sitiation.

Lastly, note the BAD advice of the therapist–a tit for tat scenario is never effective, and ONLY escalates situations. This is one reason why psychologists cannot be trusted in these situations–they are either willfully complicit, plain stupid, or biased as we see with these psychologists here–or they willingly refuse to inform themselves about what gang stalking IS.

Let’s look at the effects this has had on the victim:

I was missing work often, severely sleep deprived and emotionally unwell. Baffled at all the measures I had taken to resolve the situation and that they didn’t work! How difficult is it to keep an anti anxiety/anti barking collar on your nervous dog?
Now it all seems to connect to my current situation of surveillance and many gang stalking techniques I’ve read about. Fortunately I have friends who believe this is happening and I’m finally receiving the validation I’ve needed all this time.
I actually don’t want revenge on any parties involved. I’m typically passive. It would be nice to know why it’s happening to me. I assume my therapist has a grudge against me and wants to destroy my life. She has destroyed my life for the most part. I’m guessing she is waiting for me to kill myself over this harassment.
If you met me three years ago (before I met her), I was a different person.

It’s important to note the effects on the target–but also notice two things–1) they have a support system, and 2) they have awakened to the idea that their own therapists might be involved, or is just a bad therapists who gives bad advice.

In the post-911 era, therapists–psychologists, doctors, social workers–all were weaponized by the FBI, and turned into informants. And I have found many online who claim to be “targeted individuals” but who are not aka fakeTI’s are also psychologists too. In fact, the major source of denialism about gang stalking has its origins in weaponized psychology–look at these doctors, social workers and psychologists here for examples.

But what matters here is that we have a target who has a valid complaint–anyone who loves dogs, or other animals knows the importance of training that animal! And, if we live in societies that accept dogs as part of our society–these dogs must be trained as part of the social contract between citizens and society.

But when police fail–or worse, collude with gang stalkers, and there is a failure for whatever reason–the social contract is broken–and all the rules go out the window. While bark collar training is very important, and healthy for the dog and societ, a refusal to train a dog properly is a detriment to that dog. And, when its me or the dog? The dog has got to go.

I am not like some dog people–I believe there IS a time when the animal must gom by whatever means necessary. Just as we have herd animals that we eat, there are also pet animals that we must kill, or otherwise harm, for the good of the animal, or society’

True story: a boy hitch hikes across the United States in his wayward youth. The boy is pursued by dangers of all kinds: state patrol who shake him down for contraband–or try to frame him for crimes; security guards who invite him into the basement of a chain store in order to frame him for a crime; creepy old pedophiles who stalk him across cities trying to give him unwanted rides; truckers who steal his wares at trucktops while he catches some shuteye; drug dealers who try to hook him on “free” dope; lonely gay men preying upon his youth; hippie girls from Canada who save him with wild rides and tag teaming make-out sessions in the back seat (GO CANADA!!!)–and dogs! Lots of barking dogs who think they own the roads and highways.

True story: there is a reason hitch hikers carry bear spray, and ankle blades.

Look at this beauty!

CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath: Everyday Carry Boot Knife, Double Edged Powder Coated Stainless Steel, Contoured Handle, Nylon Sheath with Strapping for Carry Options 2020, on Amazon, $71.90

You might have guessed that I am “that one guy” who laughs every time an adopted pit bull eats its owner, or the owners child–yup, I am that guy. However, I am also that guy who believes that those who own pits should be imprisoned if-and when–those dogs hurt people. Its a breed that should be bred out of existence, or that should require special licenses, insurance, and so on.

The truth is, I don’t know a single pit bull owner with an IQ above that of their dog. I am also that guy who believes that when its me or the dog? The dog has got to go. There are solutions to the barking dog problem that you might not have considered. I will go through a few–and solve the problem that police, political figures, and “therapists” cannot’

Solution 1: There are many sonic devices all over the web with which you can train a neighbors dog–and NONE of them are loud music, which will only exacerbate neighborhood conflicts. From Dennis Beaver and The Law, here is an article about long range sonic weapons to silence barking dogs. Its a bit dated–but gives you an overview of how to solve the problem within the law.

Solution 2: Use sonic devices to cause the dog to bark. Only use the devices that can cause pain, so that the dog will bark–and ONLY use those devices when the dog’s owners are home. Here is more about frequencies that are painful to dogs. This way, the dog owners will be forced to acknowlege the problem, and train thir dog. You can even use such sonic devices to train the owners, i.e.when you can hear them admonishing the dog, turn your device off–this way, they will think the dog actually listens to them, lol. And–you can train those owners like dogs themselves–because that’s what they are. But keep in mind–you might ALSO be training an entire neighborhoods dogs, lol.

Solution 3: Get sound activated gadgets that turn on and off automatically when they hear the dog bark. And leave those devices attached to absurd things, like sound activated LED lights and LED strips that you can shape into a middle fingerpointed at your neighobors–sit back and have some laughs every time their dog barks, and your neighbor gets an automatic Sutherland salute! Maybe try a sound activated fart machine along with it.

Solution 4: As we see with the commenter above, getting the neighbors involved is important, but not always effective. So this is where a combination of approaaches might work better, such as solutions 1-3, along with getting neighbors involved. And maybe, some fireworks, if they are legal in your state, or a siren that gies off every time it barks too.Sound activated toys are fun, and give you a legal out–“well, officer, it only goes off when the dog barks.” Chicken/egg.

Solution 5: This is rather cruel, but it is common. Observe those neighbors habits, especially as relates to the dog. When do they take it outside? What is its schedule? And be sure to pre-empt any dog walking with a poisoned bit of meat (rat poison), or other dog treat laid in its path.

Use your imagination, and have fun training the bad owners of otherwise good dogs. And remember: if its your sanity versus a couple of asshats and their Kewt Wittle Pet, fuck them both. Option 5, if you must.

Now–about the “firefighters and gang stalking” problem all over America and the west in general, one recent story that made the news was a firefighter who was killing the neighbors pets–a very common scenario. Here are more fun frefughter stories that make you say “D’oh! Don’t Be a Dick!

Firefighter Puts Plates of Poisoned Pet Food All Around His Neighborhood, killing many pets. We all know why he did it too–spay and neuter your f@cking pets, people–having adopted over 100 cats and dogs in my life, I myself am not against taking out spraying cats who shit and spray in my gardens.

Firefighter killed by her Mastiff–a mastiff is one of those breeds that people with ego and overcompensation issues always get involved with, similar to pit bulls.

Ohio Firefighter Kills His Dogs to Avoid Paying Pet Boarding Costs–WTF is wrong with firefighters in Ohio?–or Ohio, for that matter?

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